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  1. I know a lot of people here travel around the country and even the world, so it would seem that TPR would be a great place for a little questionnaire and maybe a little bit on why. I am preparing for a persuasive speech in my COM 231 (Public Speaking ) and writing a Argument Paper in ENG 111 for my classes at CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College). The topic I have choose for both assignments is Amtrak or more extensively Inner-City Rail. For the purpose of these I would like to focus more on travel that doesn't involve going across the ocean. Also if anyone has an opinion on Amtrak or personally I would love to have it to be able to reference in parts of my speech and paper. I really wish I would have thought of asking TPR this sooner but it is what it is. I would like to thank anyone who responds to my questions and any feedback in advance. Edit: Also I would like to know a little about experiences compared to using the airlines vs rail? and if anyone has used rail in other countries other than the US what was your experience... such as being on schedule, staff, ride comfort, station aminities, and other stuff.
  2. On all the tracks I have tried downloading (about twenty, I just went down the list on the main page) I get an File I/O Error Could Not Load Track. So I then went and tried a few from the Forum and they worked fine. I just tried to download "Coaster A" by Jose Eber just as a random test and had the same results, download from forum worked and downloasd from Game Exchange did not. I am trying this on Windows 7 64 bit.
  3. Since I can't seem to be able to sleep tonight I decided to build a launched Vekoma Mine Train Coaster. It's layout is pretty simple and some may find it quite boring, but the most important part is that once it hits the required 88kph... I doesn't go through time.. .. I wasn't paying attention durning class and forgot that kph and mph were different , just kidding guys I know the difference... but anyways heres the download and a couple of screenshots. Mine Train HL.nltrack YAY
  4. This looks really great and I love Dubai, I would love to visit that place. The size of this park looks like something that they would be building out there right now.
  5. Thank you Sir. I think I fixed the turn you were refereing to and I hope that the download got fixed to that one.
  6. Sorry to "double post", but I add a download to the first post of this coaster as a eurofighter. Pleas let me know what you think of the style.
  7. I swaped it over to a eurofiger on my computer.. and it worked great! So I'm going to look at some photos and seeing about trying to do some correct supports for it. rckrazy06 .. Thank you for suggesting the eurofighter, that was an amazing idea. monkeyoverlord71 .. Thank you. i didn't like it at first, but its because my original file the midcourse slows the train down to 25 kph. and its super slow going threw the helix.
  8. Thanks, I never thought of it being a eurofighter.. I'll have to copy the orignal file and try it. And figured it would fail the "tunnel" test, but that wasn't my biggest concern, but I will try and fix that as well. Was it supports or track?
  9. ^ I figured that much. But how? And that was a pretty slick coaster, the only thing I personaly didn't lke was how the lift jerked the train onto it.
  10. I have one question for you.. Whats that yellow line that goes along your track?
  11. Heres a little coaster that I worked on and off for several months. Its not the best thing in the world and I hate trying to name stuff. The main thing was that I tryed using the AHG, It was pretty hard, I don't fully understand how it works, so well heres the download.. (edit) I figured out how to change photo sizes to fit on here.. so here a couple of pictures. Chupacabra.nltrack Chupacabra Euro.nltrack This is it as a eurofighter! Fixed turn.
  12. When I went last year, I finally got to ride it, it was way worse that the one at Carowinds. I think for me it might be the trains, Carowinds seats were more padded and felt softer. Also Rebel Yell was, for me, worse than T-Road... again the same thing with the train.
  13. I don't want to sound rude, but why do you say that? I have not ever seen anyone say why they think that. Personally I believe Carowinds is a far better park than KD. Some of the reasons I think that, well one theres not an ugly totally fake looking mountain at Carowinds, all Carowinds, for the most part, are open. I've been to KD twice and both times the one ride I would love to ride has been closed. I do like how KD is more spaced out, but having a lot of the rides on a path for themselves thats way out of the way, I do like to that to an extent, but I don't know if some people do. Also I like how both parks have lots of trees, I think it is nice shady and keeps the overall feel cooler (like temp. wise).
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