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Gas Prices where you live

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The least I ever paid for gas was 72 cents a gallon in 2000 when a new Wawa opened up in the area and had that as a promotional price for about a week. Under normal circumstances, the least I can remember paying was $1.01 when I was visiting relatives in Chincoteague, VA, while in high school.


By the time I was in college, gas had "skyrocketed" to $1.25 a gallon, which everyone just found appalling. I mean, it cost almost $15 to fill your tank! When I graduated, it was around $1.50, and everyone vowed to "teach the oil companies a lesson" and stop driving altogether if gas ever reached the monumental price of $2 per gallon.


Those were the days! I filled up yesterday at that same Wawa that once had the 72-cent gas for the bargain price of $42.75 (at $3.59 a gallon).

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sjeesh.. you're all so lucky..


here's what i'm paying at this time..


1,75 euro per litle..

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litre

1 euro = 1.44 dollars


so that would make 9.54 dollars a gallon..


and don't get me started on how much of that price goes to our government..


basically filling up the car (for me weekly) is 65 euro (93 something dollar)



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^Uh oh! All the Americans are gonna yell at you, Hanno!


At least that's what happens to me when I bring up the topic of gas prices in other countries.



time will tell, time will tell..


i'm alway amazed when i hear these debates and compare prices.. but yeah.. if you really want it cheap.. go to one of those producing countries in the middle east..


for the rest.. stop wining (or do something about it)

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^ At least the difference between regular and mid-grade is only $0.10, the increases between grades went up to $0.15 here several years ago


I'm of the age that I can remember paying right around a $1/gal while in college doing road trips up to Wild Adventures! (Georgia had cheap gas) In Gainesville, I was getting like $1.15. Oh those were the days...

I remember when we (along with TX) used to have some of the cheapest gas in the country! Now, we're still pretty cheap (I think its around $3.60), but we're not much different than the rest of the south (save for FL)


It was around $1.25 when I first started driving, and I remember gas prices being in the $0.70 range as a kid..

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The Cheapest I ever remember paying for gas was in college- and that was .86 a gallon across the street from campus for about four months- and yet, I was cheap (HOW CHEAP WERE YOU!) I was SO Cheap that I'd put only four or five dollars in... all I needed it for was to get to BGW!

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