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Gas Prices where you live

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I am just wondering what the gas prices are where any of you live (Just to see how much money we get robbed in Southern California.) Because here in Carlsbad its $2.69 per gallon, and yesterday I on the news that the prices 30 minutes south of me in San Diego were $2.96 per gallon. And I never thought it would get to $3.00 per gallon!


Funny I should come up on this topic today. I do not normally scroll through the random boards, but the Twilight topic got me for a moment. Anyway - I live in Queens, NY. The prices went up to almost $4, and I think even hitting that in the highest grade before dropping. Then, they went down to $1.89 last year for regular. Now, this week, I noticed the prices were $2.69! The same price as the price listed in the first post of this topic. Felt the need to share it... so how long will it take before the prices get out of control again, or are they just spiking it for the upcoming vacationers?

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Gas is pushin' the 3s around here. But for some reason, gas is more expensive in the San Fernando Valley than it is here. Usually it's the other way around.


Unfortunately, I drive from here to there every day, so I'm using a lot more gas.



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Converting UK prices (as we pay per litre) to US and per gallon, we are typically paying between


$5.50 and $6 per gallon.......


Last time I filled up my car, it was £1.32.09 per litre, it is exorbitant at the moment, yet they are never going to go down!


Recent Petrol Prices near my home


I remember the good old days!!! Even this at the time was considered expensive, when I started driving in 2000, I was paying approx 60p per litre!


This gives you an idea of how quickly the prices have increased for unleaded and diesel over the last 10 years, if they keep increasing at this rate, we will soon be paying £2 a litre, which is roughly $14 a gallon!!!!

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This morning gas prices was above 14 NOK per liter in Bergen, Norway. According to my calculations this equals to $9.54 per gallon. To fill the 60 liter (15.8 gallons) tank on my car would cost $150.

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