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Indiana Beach (IB) Discussion Thread

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Still looks like a giant flop to me.


I think IB is over hyping this one, they'll be disappointed when everyone hates it.


Slow down there Tiger. At least ride the thing before you bash it.


One thing Indiana Beach knows how to do is surprise you with underwhelming looking rides. I'm trusting that they know what they're doing until my personal experience says otherwise.


And even if the ride doesn't work out, I'll still want to hit IB 2-3 times per year. I would have gone even if they didn't add anything this year.

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^ So you actually read the first post in the thread where it says exactly where the new coaster is going. I like your style. I find it much easier to just post random questions several pages into a thread that have probably already been answered. Just saves me the hassle, you know?

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Sorry, I was trying to bait someone into posting a picture. guess I'll just drive the four hours and take one myself. Saying it's near the log flume doesn't really nail down its location. Will some of it be above the water, or completely in the circle of Cornball? I was just wondering how the view of the park from the payed parking lot will change.


-James Dillaman

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QUEENSBURY, New York - Morgan RV Resorts today announced the acquisition of Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello. The purchase includes the northwest Indiana resort's entire operations including the Indiana Beach Boardwalk and Funway amusement park and water park, Indiana Beach Camp Resort, Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Indiana Beach, The Beach House Inn hotel and motel, Lakeview Penthouse Suites, cottages at The Beach Club Resort and Hoosier Pointe, the Shafer Queen paddle wheel boat, The Fun Zone, a lakefront sandy beach, the Skyroom Restaurant and multiple dining and retail operations. The resort complex will open for the 2008 season on May 3.


Numerous improvements are planned for Indiana Beach Amusement Resort including the addition of the amusement park's sixth roller coaster, Steel Hawg. The new steel roller coaster, Indiana's first custom steel coaster, features multiple flips and inversions as well as a 120-degree first drop.


Steel Hawg will be in great company, joining five other roller coasters at the park including the "Grandfather" of Indiana roller coasters, The Hoosier Hurricane.


Also new for 2008 will be an extended operating season providing guests with more opportunities to enjoy the park's exciting rides.


Morgan RV Resorts is the country's largest private owner and operator of RV parks and resorts. The company's collection of regional destination resorts provides clean, fun, affordable family vacation getaways offering multiple accommodation options, activities and events for all ages, playgrounds, swimming pools and entertainment.


"We are thrilled to be welcoming this historic Indiana family destination to the Morgan RV Resorts family," said Bob Moser, co-owner of Morgan RV Resorts. "Superb hospitality and exiting destinations are hallmarks of every Morgan resort. Guests of Indiana Beach will continue to take pleasure in the quality experience they have come to love over the past eight decades and enjoy an ongoing commitment to improving the destination year after year."


"This is an exciting time for Indiana Beach," said Tom Spackman Jr., grandson of park found, Earl Spackman. "With the recent upgrades to many of our accommodations, the forthcoming arrival of Steel Hawg and now the purchase by family-owned Morgan RV Resorts the future is brighter than ever. In the years to come, Indiana Beach is certain to remain the home for all the fun things you love to do."


Guests can learn more about Morgan RV Resorts by visiting www.morganrvresorts.com and stay up to date on the latest happenings at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort at www.indianabeach.com.

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This... Sucks...






And to a resorts corporation nevertheless, they'll probably try to commercialize it and make it more widely known by making some out of character changes tot he park. It'll lose it's current diamond in the rough(or in a corn field, for that matter) appeal if that happens.

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I must admit that although this is sad to read, I think it's a bit dramatic to assume the worst right now. Time will tell. If the new coaster and a few improvements increase the number of visitors (longer ride sessions will do that too), then they may not need or want to change too much. Hopefully (seriously, my fingers are all crossed for this one) the place will retain its charm and atmosphere. I guess I'm not particularly optimistic that the park will be as awesomely charming as it was on my first visit last summer when I next visit, but at the same time, there's no point in worrying right now, we'll have to wait and see.


Fascination must stay. And so must the shooting dark ride, which is the only one I've EVER won!


Great little park.

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^ Seriously, it's probably a good thing they didn't open late the day I was there, I could have spent hundreds of dollars playing that game! We played for half an hour, then when Scott arrived it was like "Ooh, there's a new person, I must play Fascination with everybody, let's go back!!!!!!".


I miss IB. *sigh*

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