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Indiana Beach (IB) Discussion Thread

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I'm pumped! I'm only 2 hours away from Indiana Beach... I may try to take some time to go there and take pictures of Constructions and do some Steel Hawgin' Podcast! Whoo hoo!


I like the idea of making it accessible for all park patrons regardless their size but I'm not sure if this will be accessible for anyone over 6'5? Another word, is it Casey the Gaint friendly?

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I like the idea of making it accessible for all park patrons regardless their size but I'm not sure if this will be accessible for anyone over 6'5?


My first thought on these restraints was how well they will be able to fit tall people. I wonder what the max height for those restraints is.


Also, I didn't think of a Togo death machine, but I thought of Alien Encounter when I saw these. Is that strange? I guess they're sort of similar.

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I'm willing to bet Steel Hawg's Trains won't be much different, besides the Stadium Seating, from those on the New Second Generation Screaming Squirrel, Afterburner.


Afterburner look delicious! I don't think the ride layout will be like that since it will only be 96 feet tall and hopefully wider in the horizontal layout. I don't know how in Indiana Beach. I'm sure they have someway since they are able to fit all their other rides at the park. And on top of that, 3 inversion baby! Whoo hoo! We will have to wait for the track layout!

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Hey peeps... Indiana Beach have been teasing us terribly! here is the latest post on the blog... They will reveal the "ULIMATE" teaster today @ 2:30! WHAT-CHA!


Caw! Caw!


OK, here I am with the ultimate teaser for everyone out there. This Saturday, January 19, 2008, there will be something very special loaded to the Indiana Beach website. What will it be? Well, all I can tell you is that it’s for the all new Steel Hawg, and it’s something many of you have been waiting for.


In the meantime, I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on our website. All kinds of new things have been popping up. The 3D Motion Theater now has it’s own page (under the “POP Rides” section). In addition, the 2008 accommodation rates have been posted and you can start making your summer reservations immediately! Even the “Group Services” section is in the midst of its 2008 update … ready to book your family or company outing? Not only that, but all over the site many of our photos have been upgraded with the new “enlarge” feature! More is changing everyday, so keep an eye out!


Also, don’t forget to keep those stories and memories coming! They’ve been fantastic so far! So much can happen here, so many memories and experiences have been captured, it’s amazing what one little sand beach in the middle of Indiana has become to so many people!


Talk with you more soon … and definitely see you on Saturday with that “Something Special!”


-IB Crow


And second posting today was about the cottage... whoopie doo... If you care... just go to http://www.indianabeach.com/blog and read on... there is A picture of it. Not 2 or more... just A picture. Can't wait until 2:30 EST! WHOOT!

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Indiana Beach just reveal the ULTIMATE TEASER for Steel Hawg! It is an video of the Steel Hawg! It looks fun! Check out the video on the site! Just an fyi... it is Flash 8 player with 4 MB! Whoo hoo! It look wicked!




Your old pal IB is in a great mood today! For the first time ever, all of my friends and guests of Indiana Beach will get a chance to view the exciting elements, moves, flips, twists, turns, and excitement that is the Indiana’s first custom steel coaster - the Steel Hawg!


Click on the video below to view a special treat, the “teaser trailer” for Steel Hawg! It’s a wild ride that’s been put together just for IndianaBeach.com! This video debuts today, right here! In a couple of days, it’ll be viewable both on our main page and on Steel Hawg’s own page, but for this weekend it’s making its internet debut on the View From The Crow’s Nest!


If you’re one of the precious few up at American Coaster Enthusiast’s NoCoaster Con in Chicago today, you’ll also get to view the video first hand as part of Indiana Beach’s presentation there. Those of you watching here, however, are getting the world premiere (by an hour or so).


ONE CAUTION: The file is about 4MB, so it may take a minute or two to load for some of you. You’ve waited this long … another moment or two won’t hurt.


Get ready … get set … prime your engines … and HERE WE GO!!!


Are you ready for the summer yet?


-IB Crow


Source: Indiana Beach's Blog

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ehhh... looks like a modified (improved that is) Screamin' Squirrel. Last year, I rode the prototype, Sequoia Adventure, in Gardaland (Italy), and it was not only boring (it's flip, straight, flip, straight , repeat X2) but the OTSR's were insanely painful. Seriously, that ride left wide, red marks on my shoulders for a week or two, making it painful to ride anything with OTSRs, like the 2 other loopers in the park. I'm hoping for the best, but this ride looks hella painful.

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I think IB is over hyping this one, they'll be disappointed when everyone hates it.


Ha! So they aren't supposed to market their new ride because you think it's going to suck? Come on dude, what do you expect? And seriously, at least give them the credit for having the balls to risk their money on a ride that hasn't been done before.


Anyway, I'm hesitantly excited about this. I have the feeling it's going to be either loved or hated. I kind of wished they would have made an improved version of the video instead of splicing Steel Hawg graphics into the S&S promo video, but at least it confirms the layout of the coaster so I won't complain too much. I'm really lookin' forward to riding this thing this year.

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Even as painful as it looks, I must give a hand to innovation. I've never seen inversions or track movement quite like what's shown here. If anything, it's one of a kind. For now at least. I've gone from having no care at all to at least being interested to see how this one comes out, so I guess the teaser worked.


I agree with you Stuart! This is one crazy roller coaster... the teaser is getting me to crave for more information about Steel Hawg! I hope this is not what people think as a painful ride, I hope this will bring out the new era of unique and beyond the limitation of the past roller coasters in the history...


4th Dimension already made it debut... there are 4 roller coasters that I'm aware of that is out now but I'm looking forward to see new types... I know I haven't ridden over 1,000 roller coasters yet but I like seeing something new and creative!


Indiana Beach has brought my attention about Steel Hawg and I'm looking forward to the outcome!

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