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Cedar Point Roller Coasters...Please Rank them

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Millennium Force (A)

Blue Streak (A)

Magnum XL-200 (A-)

Raptor (B+ - That damn Cobra Roll hurts)

Wicked Twister (B+)

Gemini (B+)

Disaster Transport (B+)

Corkscrew (B)

Top Thrill Dragster (B-)

Wildcat ©

Cedar Creek Mine Ride ©

Woodstock's Express ©

Mantis (D)

Iron Dragon (F)

Mean Streak (F)

Jr. Gemini (F)


Iron Dragon is just horrible, and Corkscrew is actually quite enjoyable. Magnum would rank hire if it didn't have injury potential for guys .. some learned that the hard way last CoasterMania with me ...

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Coasters are in order of my personal favorite:


1. Millennium Force™-Wonderful ride, very smoothe!

2. Mantis- Not the tallest or fastest and a tad-bit bumpy but very enjoyable!

3. Raptor- True classic, best inverted coaster besides Alpengeist, IMO!

4. Top Thrill Dragster-Despite the delay it's a true breath-taker!

5. Magnum XL-200- Yet another classic, very smoothe and great airtime!

6. Mean Streak-One of the best woodie's i've been on,, awsome layout!

7. Wicked Twister- Fun ride, although I prefer full-cuircut coasters...

8. Iron Dragon-Truley a nice overall coaster, it's so underratted!

9. Gemini- Nice woodie, racers are always a plus, although even better when they're steel coasters!

10. Corkscrew -Nice and simple.

11. Blue Streak -Classic out & back, again, Nice & Simple

12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride- Very enjoyable ride!

13. Disaster Transport- Awesome coaster, love indoor rides!

14. WildCat -Another Classic, can't beat an old wild mouse type coaster!

15. Woodstock Express-Okay ride.

16. Jr. Gemini-Haven't ridden yet, Probably never will.

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  • 7 years later...

Maverick - A- - A good fun coaster, first half nice and smooth, few neck choppers in the second half

Top Thrill Dragster - a- - just the one trick, but done really nicely

Blue Streak b+ - Good airtime, underrated little ride!

Wicked Twister b - Prefered this to the dorney impulse

Millennium Force b- - fun, but very overrated

Magnum XL-200 b- - some good air, if a bit jolty in places

Raptor b- - decent bandm invert

Iron Dragon c+ - don't quite get all the hate - enough fun, and a bit of history

Gemini c

Cedar Creek Mine Ride c

Disaster Transport d

Corkscrew d-

Mean Streak e - so shakey!

Mantis - e - OW!

Woodstock Express - e



Haven't ridden:

Jr. Gemini


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Top Thrill Dragster A+ -It may be a one trick pony but that one trick is amazeballs. The only coaster that has made me scream that much in years.

Maverick A -Amazing coaster that is top 10 worthy but a little neck choppy in places. They need to put the 305 restraints on this.

Wicked Twister A -A really fun launched coaster but if you have ridden the other impulses then this is much the same.

Millennium Force B- -This ride is REALLY overrated. Almost NO airtime and just speed which does not impress me. 305 is light years better.

Gemini C+ -Great ride for it's age. Lot's of airtime but a few little rough spots.

Mantis C+ -Maybe I caught it on a good day but this thing is really underrated. It is my 2nd fav stand up, right behind GA Scorcher.

Blue Streak C+ -I was caught off guard by this. It was a great little woodie with some decent airtime.

Disaster Transport C -One of the better bobsleds I have ridden.

Magnum XL-200 D -Ouch, this thing was much rougher than I was expecting but gave some ejector airtime.

Raptor D -VERY disappointed in this invert. I expected so much more from what I had heard but it was very rough.

Mean Streak D -Better than I expected but still sucked.

Woodstock Express D -It's a kiddy coaster so what can you expect but at least it is super smooth.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride F -Terrible mine train.

Iron Dragon F-- -Ugh, worst suspended ever!

Corkscrew F------ -Really? Absolutely horrible! When you would rather ride a kiddy coaster than an adult coaster, that should tell you something.


Wildcat was already torn down when I went and I couldn't ride Jr. Gemini.

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01. Maverick - 10/10

02. Top Thrill Dragster - 9/10

03. Millennium Force - 8/10

04. Raptor - 8/10

05. Magnum XL-200 - 7/10

06. Mantis - 7/10

07. Blue Streak - 7/10

08. Wicked Twister - 7/10

09. Disaster Transport - 6/10

10. Gemini - 6/10

11. Iron Dragon - 6/10

12. Mean Streak - 6/10

13. Corkscrew - 5/10

14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - 5/10

15. Wildcat - 5/10

16. Woodstock's Express - 3/10

17. Jr. Gemini - 2/10


Maverick, TTD, and MF are easily my top 3 for Cedar Point, with Maverick being a contender for my top coaster overall.


I would say the most overrated are Magnum, Blue Streak, and Gemini. There's nothing "really" wrong with them, though; they simply had less (or less extreme) airtime than expected, and otherwise lacked major thrills.


While all the rides have their fans, I'd say the most starkly underrated is the now-gone Disaster Transport.

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I don't like letter grades, I prefer the 1-10 scale


1. Millenium Force 10/10

2. Magnum XL-200 9/10

3. Maverick 9/10

4. Raptor 9/10

5. Top Thrill Dragster 8/10

(I estimate Gatekeeper will be here)

6. Mantis 7/10

7. Wicked Twister 7/10

8. Blue Streak 7/10

9. Gemini 7/10

10. Mean Streak 7/10 (ran well in fall 2011)

11. Corkscrew 5/10

12. Disaster Transport 5/10

13. Wildcat 5/10

14. Iron dragon 4/10

15. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 3/10

16. Jr. Gemini N/A

17. Woodstock Express N/A


With 10 coasters being 7 or higher in my book, I'm lucky to have Cedar Point within 3 hours away.

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My order:


1. Top Thrill Dragster-great launch and ejector on the top hat sometimes

2. Magnum-Airtime in the third seat!

3. Maverick-Would beat Magnum and Dragster if it had better restraints

4. Wicked Twister-Best impulse out there

5. Millenium Force-Overrated no forces except in the 1st high banked turn and the last hill by the station very smooth still

6. Raptor-Pretty good invert till the head banking part at the end

7. Gemini-Very smooth and a great racing coaster

8. Blue Streak-Good floater air but its too simple (if it had buzz bars like the Phoenix I think it could be great)

9. Wild Cat-Nice Schwarzkopf and a great family coaster pretty sad to see it go

10. Iron Dragon-not enough swingness to it but still a great family coaster

11. Woodstock Express-Pretty good kiddie coaster

12. Disaster Transport-Mediocre ride with cheesy theming like the Alpine Bobsled at TGE better

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride-WORST MINE RIDE EVER

14. Jr. Gemini-Boring and painful great historical value (Intamins 1st coaster)

15. Mean Streak-Rough but can live through it if you keep your back off the seat back

16. Corkscrew-Rough painful cool to look at

17. Mantis-Awful stand up but not the worst I've ridden (that goes to Le Cobra at La Ronde )


*Magnum and Maverick are interchangeable.

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Here's my ranking, broken up into the categories I use for my rating system.


A (Worth visiting the park just to ride):


1. Maverick

2. Top Thrill Dragster

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Magnum XL-200


B (Must ride if you're already at the park):


6. Wicked Twister

7. Gemini


C (Worth riding, but not worth an extended wait (>20 minutes)):


8. Mantis

9. Blue Streak


D (Only worth riding if there is <5 minute wait):


10. Mean Streak

11. Iron Dragon

12. Wildcat (now defunct)

13. Corkscrew


F+ (Would ride again with someone else, but would skip if visiting on my own):


14. Disaster Transport (now defunct)

15. Cedar Creek Mine Ride


Three coasters at Cedar Point (Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Millennium Force) are on my top ten steel coasters list. One coaster at Cedar Point (Mean Streak) is on my bottom five wood coasters list. Five coasters at Cedar Point (Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL-200, and Gemini) are my favorite of their type. Three coasters at Cedar Point (Disaster Transport, Corkscrew, and Iron Dragon) are my least favorite of their type. I did not get a chance to ride Woodstock Express on my visit, and unless I visit with a kid I will likely never ride Jr. Gemini.

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Ah, the coasters of Cedar Point. Isn't that a DVD?


I always think of where Imwant to run to first:


Millennium Force



Wicked Twister


Blue Streak


The rest


For anyone who's ridden a Wing Rider, any thoughts on where Gate Keeper would fit in? Based on Swarm, I'd put a wing rider either before or after Raptor.

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For anyone who's ridden a Wing Rider, any thoughts on where Gate Keeper would fit in? Based on Swarm, I'd put a wing rider either before or after Raptor.


Based on X-Flight, I would imagine Gate Keeper falls somewhere in the Wicked Twister/Blue Streak/Dragster cluster- although probably in front of Dragster. I would be surprised if it rode better than one of the earliest inverted coaster designs.



Millennium Force




Wicked Twister

Blue Streak

Top Thrill Dragster


Iron Dragon

Mean Streak



Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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^^My list is above, and I imagine I'd put it no higher than #5, after Maverick, TTD, Millennium Force, and Raptor. I have ridden Wild Eagle, which was fun, a bit forceful in parts, but nothing amazing. If Gatekeeper is especially tame I could see it ranking a few spots lower, but as for now I can see myself as at least a casual fan.

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My rankings for Cedar Point's coasters, for whatever it's worth.


1. Maverick

2. Millennium Force

3. Magnum

4. Raptor

5. Wicked Twister

6. Top Thrill Dragster

7. Gemini

8. Mantis

9. Blue Streak

10. Corkscrew

11. Wildcat

12. Disaster Transport

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Iron Dragon

15. Mean Streak

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Maverick

2. Magnum X-L 200

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Top Thrill Dragster

6. Blue Streak

7. Gemini

8. Wicked Twister

9. Iron Dragon

10. Corkscrew

11. Mantis

12. Mean Streak

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride



Towards the bottom, all the coasters start to get kinda even.

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While I will ride every coaster when I visit, these are really the only 5 worth re-rides.


1a.Top Thrill Dragster-top 15 worthy

1b.Millennium Force-top 15 worthy

1c.Maverick-top 15 worthy

2a.Raptor-top 50

2b.Blue Streak- top 25 (woodie)


The rest are average at best.

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I'm really hurt by all the people who are putting corkscrew and jr. Gemini before Iron Dragon


Anyway, here is my rating




3.Millennium force



6.Iron Dragon

7.Wicked Twister

8.Blue Streak

9.Cedar Creek mine ride

10. Woodstock express

11.Mean Streak



14.Jr. Gemini

15.Top Thrill(broken all 3 times ive been)

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  • 3 months later...

1. Maverick (9.7)

2. Magnum XL-200 (9.5)

3. Wicked Twister (9.4)

4. Millennium Force (9.0)

5. Blue Streak (8.9)

6. Corkscrew (8.8)

7. Top Thrill Dragster (8.7)

8. Raptor (8.1)

9. WildCat (8.1)

10. Gemini (8.0)

11. Iron Dragon (8.0)

12. Disaster Transport (8.0)

13. Mantis (7.8)

14. Mean Streak (5.0)


I also rode Cedar Creek Mine Ride, but I don't remember that one at all.

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