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The adventure of Lil' Robby Robb

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Drew ended up in first aid after riding Legend...seriously! He caught his ribs on the side of the train during one of the turns and it knocked the wind out of him for awhile.


Also...your Terrance character is by far the best one yet! Tomi you totally manage to capture all the awesomeness of the trip in your comics, great job!


Shawn "is waiting for a Terrance statue credit comic" Goode...aka Matt Damon.

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Heheh, thanks guys! ^__^ That makes me real happy to hear(Assuming, of course, you were coughing up a lung from laughter, Terrance)


^^you're gonna have a different wacky getup at every park. If you look closely enough on the video I made while you're getting your "drew credit" you can see what I made you wear in Kennywood.


^Whoa! Seriously?! When I asked if Max and me were the only ones who needed surgery after riding legend it was a joke! Also, the first Terrance statue credit has already been posted in the Coney Island bit. You just can't see Terrance in it.

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^^Heheh, yeah, but I had to do some karate chopa ction before the dang thing would work.


^In the back row it is. It's horrible. Worst ride ever. In the front row during night time, possibly one of the best rides out there. Go figure!



Superman Ultimate Flight is pure hell in the back row but great in front, so i don't know what the cause of that is.

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