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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tastu Media Day Camp Out

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Little off topic, but does anyone know the cheapest gas around the park?

Not sure around the park, but I gather it'd be relatively expensive.


If you don't mind stopping for gas in Orange County, you can try that and probably find cheaper gas.


And if you're going up the 5, there's an ARCO at the 5 and Carmenita Rd (a little after the 91 if you're going north) that's consistently been one of the cheaper stations I've seen around LA. Gimme a call if you need anything.

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I don't really know anyone from here aside from the Alveys & even then spending an hour or so doesn't exactly constitute "knowing" someone. So I'm looking forward to meeting all of you & I hope no one kills me for wearing my Visions Fantastic shirt!


-- Peoplemover "T-minus 3 hours and counting!!" Matt

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Now it might have been asked in this topic already, but i couldnt find it! Can people just camp out and not be with a group? I know im gonna get fried for asking that question!!! But i have to know! Me and my friends are heading down there right now! I got real lucky!!!

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