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  1. So, not that anybody really cares, but who won? I saw a TV commercial for another "marathon" they're planning to do on halloween. Something about 3 teams of 4 riders, 5 rides on the most popular coasters and theres a CASH PRIZE!!! A big one too for 1st place. Anybody want to conjure a team with me? I'd be totally fine with ditching work for a day if I can earn a couple weeks pay in one fell swoop! I guess PM if anybody is interested.
  2. The farthest I have travelled has been from LA to Cedar Point. But I admit the trip was for other reasons, just happened to be close enough to make a stop at the park worthwhile. The original question is somewhat quirky to answer. I could probably travel to japan or europe to ride a coaster but then be broke when I got back . The farthest I would drive with the sole purpose to ride a coaster maybe 8 hours (including stops). And only if its a flippin awesome ride.
  3. When you go "Wiiiii.... AIRTIME!!!" when driving over hills When you know the answer to a random question and you EMAIL DAN!!!
  4. Please add me to the mailing list for the midwest trip. I'd like to learn more as soon as the details are confirmed Thanky!
  5. Theres a PA system at the top of Dr. Dooms Freefall (drop tower) at Islands of Adventure and as we reached the top the op said in an evil voice: "OK, we're going to countdown until you plunge to your death. 13, 12, 11, 10, 9" *at this point the ride drops* What I've never heard but would never want to hear waiting for a flat launch coaster: "I wonder what would happen if we turned the power to maximum... has anybody here ever gone 200 MPH outside of an airplane or bullet train?" Or on a spinning ride: "If at any time you feel nauseous, place one hand over your mouth and another hand in the air. This way you will puke more on yourself than anybody else and other riders can prepare for when you spew, since theres no way in hell I'm stopping this ride."
  6. Wanna see a DONKEY SHOW?!!! "Spam is best when eaten" - Ancient ACEr Proverb
  7. Blasphemy! You have a pass and are yet to ride dragon? You are coming and you are riding in the back row of tatsu bright and early in the morning whether you like it or not PS: can you say "it hurts so good"? how about "breakfast brain scramble with a side of salted pretzel loop"
  8. ^ Wow, very cool. Thank you for taking the time to count them all! You heard the man, vote early and vote frequently or some like that
  9. In that case would you care to join me for a BASE jump off the sky tower? Then we can do the ultimate pound... the GROUND pound! *my head is pounding already* OK enough of that... Thanks to all thus far who hath shown thy love for one of mine. I truly appreciate all your votes (its the thought that counts, not the win in my opinion). And also a huge thanks to anyone voting in this thread at all. You guys are MUCH cooler than those lamers who arn't even showing up to vote. That is all for now edit: did I just kill this thread?
  10. ^^Not "getting on" anybody specific (although that sounds fun ). Vote for who you want, don't change it unless it makes YOU happy. If you think yours are the only good ones then thats how it is.
  11. So what if you vote for own entry. Is it not acceptable to have some pride in your own work? Is that too arrogant for this contest? Granted, agreeing with Robb, voting for yourself 3 times when 3 total entries were allowed is foolhardy. People running for president get to vote in their own election, and I wonder who they give the nod to....
  12. 1. 5y|\|43$7h37|c (myself for those not 1337 enough) #2 b/c that was the only one of mine that was worth a I even matched the font...... 2. angry_gumball Entry #3 <--- classic 3. cllins Entry #1 wow, awesome work and the lensflare isn't cheesy, sweet! Recognition: WillMontu Entry #1 can't go wrong with engrish. Weetopia Entry #1 nice main title retouch, was that drawn? tinhead Entry #1 Edit: Wouldn't people be able to change their votes if they edit a post? I assure everyone I didn't actually do this but realized it was possible. Sounds like this is a voting system congress would vote into place for national erec.... errr.... elections
  13. ^^ There was a Godfather videogame Man, someones keeping me out of the loop. That would be the best flying ride ever! Now where will we find an enormous yet docile version of Robb?!
  14. Theres a reason the thread is called "Photoshop Contest". I'm not saying that you have to use a paid-for copy OKzorz, jeez. If you can't figure it out it seems nobody's going to help....
  15. You might want to get comfy. It could take awhile I should really keep working on my last entry..... Has a deadline been arbitrarily decided yet?
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