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  1. So, not that anybody really cares, but who won? I saw a TV commercial for another "marathon" they're planning to do on halloween. Something about 3 teams of 4 riders, 5 rides on the most popular coasters and theres a CASH PRIZE!!! A big one too for 1st place. Anybody want to conjure a team with me? I'd be totally fine with ditching work for a day if I can earn a couple weeks pay in one fell swoop! I guess PM if anybody is interested.
  2. The farthest I have travelled has been from LA to Cedar Point. But I admit the trip was for other reasons, just happened to be close enough to make a stop at the park worthwhile. The original question is somewhat quirky to answer. I could probably travel to japan or europe to ride a coaster but then be broke when I got back . The farthest I would drive with the sole purpose to ride a coaster maybe 8 hours (including stops). And only if its a flippin awesome ride.
  3. When you go "Wiiiii.... AIRTIME!!!" when driving over hills When you know the answer to a random question and you EMAIL DAN!!!
  4. Please add me to the mailing list for the midwest trip. I'd like to learn more as soon as the details are confirmed Thanky!
  5. Theres a PA system at the top of Dr. Dooms Freefall (drop tower) at Islands of Adventure and as we reached the top the op said in an evil voice: "OK, we're going to countdown until you plunge to your death. 13, 12, 11, 10, 9" *at this point the ride drops* What I've never heard but would never want to hear waiting for a flat launch coaster: "I wonder what would happen if we turned the power to maximum... has anybody here ever gone 200 MPH outside of an airplane or bullet train?" Or on a spinning ride: "If at any time you feel nauseous, place one hand over your mouth and another hand in the air. This way you will puke more on yourself than anybody else and other riders can prepare for when you spew, since theres no way in hell I'm stopping this ride."
  6. Wanna see a DONKEY SHOW?!!! "Spam is best when eaten" - Ancient ACEr Proverb
  7. Blasphemy! You have a pass and are yet to ride dragon? You are coming and you are riding in the back row of tatsu bright and early in the morning whether you like it or not PS: can you say "it hurts so good"? how about "breakfast brain scramble with a side of salted pretzel loop"
  8. ^ Wow, very cool. Thank you for taking the time to count them all! You heard the man, vote early and vote frequently or some like that
  9. In that case would you care to join me for a BASE jump off the sky tower? Then we can do the ultimate pound... the GROUND pound! *my head is pounding already* OK enough of that... Thanks to all thus far who hath shown thy love for one of mine. I truly appreciate all your votes (its the thought that counts, not the win in my opinion). And also a huge thanks to anyone voting in this thread at all. You guys are MUCH cooler than those lamers who arn't even showing up to vote. That is all for now edit: did I just kill this thread?
  10. ^^Not "getting on" anybody specific (although that sounds fun ). Vote for who you want, don't change it unless it makes YOU happy. If you think yours are the only good ones then thats how it is.
  11. So what if you vote for own entry. Is it not acceptable to have some pride in your own work? Is that too arrogant for this contest? Granted, agreeing with Robb, voting for yourself 3 times when 3 total entries were allowed is foolhardy. People running for president get to vote in their own election, and I wonder who they give the nod to....
  12. 1. 5y|\|43$7h37|c (myself for those not 1337 enough) #2 b/c that was the only one of mine that was worth a I even matched the font...... 2. angry_gumball Entry #3 <--- classic 3. cllins Entry #1 wow, awesome work and the lensflare isn't cheesy, sweet! Recognition: WillMontu Entry #1 can't go wrong with engrish. Weetopia Entry #1 nice main title retouch, was that drawn? tinhead Entry #1 Edit: Wouldn't people be able to change their votes if they edit a post? I assure everyone I didn't actually do this but realized it was possible. Sounds like this is a voting system congress would vote into place for national erec.... errr.... elections
  13. ^^ There was a Godfather videogame Man, someones keeping me out of the loop. That would be the best flying ride ever! Now where will we find an enormous yet docile version of Robb?!
  14. Theres a reason the thread is called "Photoshop Contest". I'm not saying that you have to use a paid-for copy OKzorz, jeez. If you can't figure it out it seems nobody's going to help....
  15. You might want to get comfy. It could take awhile I should really keep working on my last entry..... Has a deadline been arbitrarily decided yet?
  16. Ok, here's my last entry. Didn't come out quite how I wanted it to, but my grief was overcome by my nostalgia of this game and its cheesy retro ambiance. I think I may vomit.... human faces don't translate well into dog faces
  17. Reon, your avatar makes me want to stand up for your rights. lovin it
  18. a tribute to the best park ever! Edit: made some improvements, home made from scratch, just for Reon. enjoy! politically incorrect? you decide UPDATE: now with enhanced PinC and roman numeral karate chop action!
  19. YOU WIN!!! ^and waterviper, you're goofy in the early mornin. I usually spout silly babble really late at night.
  20. my submission has something slightly off with it, bonus points if you can guess what... edit: put a tad more work into this one. If I don't win the main prize perhaps recognition for worksmanship or maybe the nostalgia prize will be in order ah yes, 2-bit goodness EDIT: spent a little more time cleaning it up than I wanted to last night. Detail is everything with PS.
  21. heres a couple of the better ones. yes they were taken with a cameraphone edit: after trying to manage several attachments and comments I now see why photo tr's take so much time to compile. Theres got to be a better way... ON TO THE PHOTOHACK CONTEST!!!11!!! The line for a traditional all american activity on the 4th: getting fat. Err, I mean funnel cakes. We gonna inspect like its 1999. Safety is for wusses *flexes rippeley muscles*. Glad I saw this on the way down not the way up BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM the finale was quite loud If you follow the horizon line between this one and the last one you can get an idea of where we were. The launch site was in the hills behind roaring rapids and out of view of the rest of the park. But not us!! We could see the launch site from up in the tower. Theres a 'work leavin the tube on the right.
  22. The fireworks were good. Definately nowhere near Disney but it was fine. (Edit: I have pictures and video I can put up if anybody wants.) I think that it helped that I couldn't hear the soundtrack they played over the PA since I was up in the Sky Tower and there are no speakers up there. I think Robb mentioned that they were playing Kenny G or yodeling or something awful with the fireworks. The Batman returns show is running too, which I have to admit is my favorite show SFMM has ever put on. Again, no Disney, but you gotta love the batmobile. "Its like a flat Hummer!" - Kim "A flat Hummer that hops, and gets more than 2 MPG" - Me ^ That explains a lot, didn't know about that statistic
  23. You havn't been to Miami. You've never experienced bad driving until you experience it combined with road rage.
  24. havn't posted in awhile, gotta get back on the forums Robb, you were right that picture in the sky tower elevator was horrible. The first time in years my attempt at a goofy picture face backfired We decided to screw the flash passes for Tatsu since we had experienced the 4 riders at a time, 1 row flash pass experience before. Except that time, one of the people in the flash pass line cussed out the op and after returning the compliment with a blank stare, the op opened up two rows. Great, double capacity. Of course one of the trains broke so we ended up waiting about an hour and a half anyway. It wasn't a big deal since we didn't go to ride on the 4th anyway, just wanted to see the fireworks really. But the Tatsu crew had it together during opening. Now they were having conversations over the mics and poking fun at eachother instead of working on loading the trains constantly. Needless to say: lame. I think the number of sensors that ride has drives the Tatsu ops nuts because if 1 sensor is stubborn, the train ain't going anywhere. This is probably the reason for most breakdowns (stuck sensors) since it seems like maintenance techs never fiddle with the trains, they just press some buttons on the control board and voila! In other news.... watching the fireworks from the skytower was awesome. I've never seen fireworks at nearly eye level before. The huge bangs at the finale shook the hell out of the skytower windows and made multiple babies cry. The only downside was between the small skytower elevator and everybody trying to leave the park all at once, we didn't get back to I-5 until almosst midnight, two hours after park closing. And then I had another 60 miles to drive... Also, I havn't gotten the picture off my phone yet (i'll post it soon), but has anybody noticed that the OSHA permit on the skytower is 6 years expired? It expired sometime in 2000, the last time the tower was open. I would think that you're supposed to get it inspected BEFORE re-opening it, not a few months after. Or was the new paint job good enough to meet all the safety requirements??!!!?
  25. Hey! I'm in one of those pics (the one where he says "Its early, theyre all waiting for the ride"). Shweet! Edit: 69th post *giggle*
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