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  1. Makes me wonder why they went with LSMs for this ride. After seeing what Intamin went through with Superman at SFMM, it seems to me that LIMs are the better choice these days.
  2. What about the Extreme Passes with free parking and flash passes included? I didn't see those on sale yet.
  3. Well, here it is Monday morning, and I got to see my co-worker for the first time since taking her home Friday night after the Colossus marathon. I'm happy to report that she is doing just fine, and despite a few bruises is not really in any pain this morning. On Saturday, the day after, she was pretty sore, but the next day she was fine, and today she seems like her normal self. She said that it was her competitive nature (READ: stubbornness ) that got her all the way through it, she was not about to let a bunch of 20 year olds beat her! Oh, and she made me promise to correct her age, she's only 52. She only looked 65 that day. Even though doing a marthon like this was a life long dream of hers, she said she never wanted to do it again as we left the park Friday night. Today though, she says she'd be willing to do another one, as long as it's not wooden! Especially if it's Tatsu (which btw she still has not been on, but will be soon!).
  4. The Psyclone trains have head restraints, that's why they have to use them.
  5. Is this her? That's my co-worker! She made it all 13 hours, and yeah we'll see how well she's doing Monday morning...
  6. 15 people made it all 13 hours! My co-worker was one of them. So for all you guys that said you couldn't take it, you just lost to a 52 year old woman!!!
  7. My co-worker was able to get on the list for this event, and she's out there now. For those who were thinking 13 hours on Colossus backwards was too extreme, well they get a 15 minute break every hour. So it's 45 minutes on, 15 minutes off. That can't be that extreme...
  8. I assume that applies only to new spam threads, not if they reply to an existing thread. Do we need to grind an existing discussion to a halt until an admin deletes the spam?
  9. Has anyone actually been able to sign up for this yet? My co-worker called the morning I got the email, and the recording said to leave contact information, which she did, but hasn't heard anything else since.
  10. Great! I was just about to ask again about Xcelerator, since I was planning a trip to Knotts right after Ghostrider came out of rehab (according to the schedule on the Knotts website). I thought about cancelling the trip when I heard Xcelerator was down as well, but now it sounds like I might go.
  11. Dispatch times of 4 minutes for two trains, 6 minutes for one? That doesn't sound much better than X. Sounds like the dropping floor isn't speeding things up that much. Then again, maybe the ops haven't quite mastered everything yet.
  12. I was just thinking to myself today how this must have been a terrible day to be out at Magic Mountain, since it was so hot here in SoCal today. Did you shoot the photos today (Saturday) or yesterday (Friday)? Was anyone out there today in this record breaking heat?
  13. Given how low to the ground those supports are and how they are banked, can we officially rule out a wing walker? It seems to me that the lower side of the train on that curve would be scraping the ground at that point.
  14. I sure hope that one day X will do this. There are supposedly 3 X trains as well, but only 2 are at SFMM right now. It sucks when one breaks down, because then it drops to single train op, which totally sucks! I don't know what to think about the full-full. Watching it in the videos makes me think it might not be that great, only because of the way you always seem to be right side up. Then again, you can't tell what the forces are going to be like from a video. I didn't know what kind of crazy forces I would be feeling on Tatsu's pretzl loop, but as it turned out it was a very simple force: Plastered against the back of my seat! Anyway, I think that if I ever get to ride this, the part that I think looks the coolest is that backflip during the first raven turn.
  15. Don't use Movie Maker!! I hate it! Stick with mpg, or better yet XviD. That's what I use. What format does it come off your camera as? If it is a DV camcorder, you could even MPEG2 compress it and use interlaced mode. Mmmmmm....... 60fps goodness. If that is too big, XviD should be much smaller in size, and still excellent quality. But yes, dump Movie Maker, and say hello to my friend VirtualDub! Matt
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