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Photo TR: Fantazy Land, Alexandria, Egypt.

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Just because everyone seems to have liked it so much, here are some photos I did not use in the main report.




Thats All Folks!






I was told I would have to pay extra for the Go Karts. these are the only ones I could find. I therefore assume you could just drive them round the park!


These were a group of school kids having a running race on the go kart track





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LOL I can't believe that those kids were having a running race on the Go Kart track! That's awesome.


Seriously, that looks sooo cool. Really post apocalyptic....Geez...just looking at it you wonder how on earth it could still be open!

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Wow just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, here comes the second set of photos!


So dubaidave, did you say you took a tour of a Theme Park in Egypt or the local dump??? I mean with all of the trash and used tires laying around, I can't tell.

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OK, that's definitely worse than my trip to Escape Theme Park in Singapore. At least ETP had a 60% operating rides percentage.


Is the coaster train missing an entire wheel assembly!?!


All those giant pieces of concrete look like broken riprap. (It's used to make breakwaters in ports.)


For those who like to complain about ANY park in the US, you can stop now.

Actually, there's lots of little parks outside the US, while not quite THIS bad, that are scary and sad.

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Puh-thetic, that place. And that is the most ghetto-looking monorail I've ever seen.


That one shot with the caption "Construction" might well have read "Destruction." At least it looked more like that.


But thanks for a great laugh, Dave.



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