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Six Flags 2006 Poster Map Exchange

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Love to be a part of this!


I will be going to SFAmerica in May and will try to snag a few maps. 'Til then, I will just wait until I have some to trade. I got one a few weeks ago from SFOG but only got the one.


Great idea!

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^Yes, but Red, those maps cost some "mucho dinero"... I would much rather get an 06 map for free than pay a sum of money for a vintage poster map.


With this system it only costs about $1.65 each for mailing.


I would worry about giving my address too, but I don't think I'd trade with anyone who isn't a regular on the boards. No one should do anything they don't feel comfortable about doing.


I'm really happy about this...I've got SFStl and SFOG coming to me so far!


I am going to collect a bunch, put them in a cardboard tube and run through Kings Island like they were architectural drawings.


^Quoted for very Brady reference!

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Very cool idea! I'll be a part of this as well as we just need more things to hang up in our office (it's a bit Cedar Fair-ized in here, with all the poster calendars from the parks ).


Don't have any to trade right now, but SFoG in less than two weeks, SFMM and SFMW in three weeks, and also SFNE, SFGAd, SFDL in June/July. I'm gonna be needing some of you Texans and Midwesterners soon!


Joe C.

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So, instead of giving your address to some schmoe on a forum, you could always snail mail Six Flags yourself. Patience is the key, it took nearly 2 weeks, but thats snail mail for ya...


Heres a pic for those who don't know what one of these things look like. A different cartoonish styling to it than the original park map.


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