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Six Flags 2006 Poster Map Exchange

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I have some extra SFGAm posters. PM me if you have another poster so we can trade.


Basically, I'm looking for ALL posters except a SFGAm one (duh!)


I REALLY want a SFMM poster and a SFOG one... but I'm open for all others!

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I would love to get a set of those collector maps from any of the Six Flags parks who sell them. If someone is willing to pick me up a set, please PM me!


Thanks....I still have a few SF America maps, but I would just like to get the whole set at once.


Thanks again!

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Six Flags St. Louis does not have the whole map collection (I'll be surprised if they get it now, with only weekends starting soon), I only know of about half the 13 parks that are selling the entire set.


I still need SFOT, SFFT, SFGAm., SFDL, SFNE and SFKK, if anybody has these and want to trade for a SFSL map let me know.

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You guys, I still really want to get ya'll SFFT maps, but theres no way for me to get them at the park because I get dropped off, and I don't have the money to buy them. I was going to try and email the park, but I don't know where to find an email adress. Does anyone have any ideas?


Snail Mail them...


Six Flags Fiesta Texas

17000 IH-10 West

San Antonio, TX 78257

Martin Bozer, General Manager

Park Information (210) 697-5050

Guest Relations (210) 697-5050


Depends on how nice the park generally is. If the manager is like the Elitch Gardens one, they would send you a normal park map and not the poster. If the manager is like the SFOG one, they'd be nice enough to send you one.


Give it a try and be patient!


<-Also took advantage of the SFEG price error, a complete set for $10!? Schweet!

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I went to SFA today to get the Giant map. The coasters, other than Wild One and Two Face this time, weren't too great. My day was made though when upon leaving I was looking to purchase an extra SFA to use as trade material. I didn't think they had the collector set but I asked. The clerk helped me find the last available set. It was open so we did a visual inspection. 12 of the 13 maps were there. It was missing a SFOT one but I already have that one. I was able to work the clerk for an extra SFA one to replace the missing SFOT one and got the set. I think it was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment; finding the Golden Ticket. I still have an extra SFMW and SFGADV to help in the trade.

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