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The Sickness Thread


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I don't know about you guys, but I like to tell stories of endurance to my collegues. And so, I created this thread about sicknesses.


Here are the illnesses I've gotten myself:


-Jaundice a couple days after birth, had to be put under UV light as it was fairly serious Mom said.

-Roseola when I was 2.

-Hypothermia when I was 6.

-Chicken pox when I was 8.

-Scarlet fever when I was 9 (I was luckier than Helen Keller, thank god).

-Head lice when I was 11 (Got it from a baseball helmet I believe, had to use a special shampoo to get rid of them ).


And just like everyone, at various ages I've gotten the typical common stuff: colds, flus, food poisoning, etc.


My illness rate, BTW, has decreased significantly in recent years.


Other than those listed above I've never really gotten anything particularly dangerous that's worth bragging about (I think the highest fever I've ever gotten was something like 104), but maybe some of the other people here have. Post 'em here!

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I've had the usual types of sicknesses.


The only bad one was blood poisoning when I was in kinder garten. My dog bit me, it got infected, which landed me in the hospital for quite awhile.


It spread from my hand to my shoulder before they managed to stop it.

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Chronic asthma

chronic bronchitis

herniated disc in my back

bursitus in my shoulder


insomnia (single parent, I am allowed to be)

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I tore the tissue in my left leg. You don't want to know how bad that hurts.


I also got food Poisoning from Mc Donalds. I was throwing up non stop for like 5 days!


Hmm, what else...

i had a heart mumur when i was born? Is that interesting to anyone?

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i'm a solid rock of immunity sucks for you guys but the worst i had was chicken pox when i was 8 but i played with trains for a week and lived at my aunts cause only my dad and grandmom were immune and i had my little brother born while i was sick so i couldn't see him at the beginning i saw him 4 days later but yeah.

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last year i got some infection that my eyes them prone to scratching, and i scartached the outer layer of my cornias. it caused a weeks-long lingering ppain that was the worst i had EVER experienced. AND my vision got so bad i was legally blind!! Oh, and the eyedrops. they STUNG LIKE HELL.


other then that, just some pnemonia and some other not serious stuff.

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