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A friend got me to watch anime again.. I really like some of the stuff he has!

There are two little-known series that I really enjoyed, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' and 'Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi'.


My friend sent me this video/song too. It really got me to wonder about anime somewhat. Maybe it's not so bad? I'm starting to like the whole Anime scene again. After a few rabid fangirls took what little liking for it away, I've started to grow an appreciation for it again.


Oh, and here's the theme song for EVA, as they call it.


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Lets see. I like:


Cowboy Bebop

FullMetal Alchemist

Neon Genesis Evangelion



Lupin The 3rd (shut up, thats so anime)

Samurai Champloo

Ghost in the Shell: The Stand Alone Complex


Thats really all I can think of right off the top of my head for now.

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^Cat Returns was one of the most disturbing psycho animes I've ever seen. We watched that last semester while I worked on my coaster stippling project.


I don't really watch anime but I do like drawing random anime people however.

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Thats the only anime I own and I love it!!

That song is awesome too!!


I like other animes aswell. There is something about anime that has this kick ass charm to it!! It's just so freekin sweet!!

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About two years ago I was OBSESSED with anime. Not just Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, but I was already downloading One Piece and Naruto with subtitles (the japanese versions of both are about a thousand times better than the english, btw.)


I still own my good anime/manga (Akira, Spirited Away, Endless Waltz, Samurai X, etc.) but I'm not nearly as into it as before.


And it's hard to get my friends to take good anime seriously. They always associate "japanimation" with big heads, sweat drops, crazy facial expressions, etc. when these stories are just as complex and intriuging as (or sometimes better than) live action movies.



Oops, I just relized that this topic is a repeat: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20279&start=0

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I think anime is dumb. The only anime I watched and liked was the Animatrix. I guess I just don't get the whole japanese thing.
Dude that is not anime and if it is that is the worst example of it in the world.


Anyways right now I am watching FMA for the 5th time I think (favorite anime) Then I also like chobits and naruto. I also love The first ghost in the shell hated the second and the shows are ok. Finally I love spirited away and howls moving castle but I still haven't seen the rest of his films and refuse to watch them dubbed.

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all I can say is never watched anything dubbed it sounds like crap looks like crap and they even change the peoples moods and change the words.

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Hmm, the 2 I like the most are of course, Evangelion (because it's so godly !) and Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Saikano, for short). People may call me weak or something, but Saikano made me cry because the story is so sad but good ! . I rarely do ever cry watching movies/anime but I had no choice with this anime, try it for yourself !

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Let's see, I like Evangelion,FMA and Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Spirited Away,Ushio and Tora, Wild Knights Gulkeeva(JP only, it's not in english) etc.


I really like anime's because they can have really good stroylines that kick the crap out of other animated shows.

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Well right now I kinda want to start getting one piece (yes that is anime) and I might start getting bleach. Does anyone know if the naruto filler episodes are over yet.

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Best animes are:

Spirited Away

The Cat Returns

Howl's Moving Castle

Castle in the Sky



One Piece


Being the hard-core anime fan that I am, I only watch anime in the original Japnese version with English subtitles.


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I love anime! I've got about 15 animes on my computer ;o


Tales of Phantasia

Azumanga Daioh (the best anime ever xD)



Guri guri


Love Hina

Naruto (Only 84 episodes)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pokémon (English voices... >.<)

Ragnarök the Animation

School Rumble

2x2 Shinobuden

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Tokyo Mew Mew

Nekoshiru, aka Cat Soup



I haven't seen like half of these animes xD I still keep on getting more ;o

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Evangelion isn't even close to "little-known"


I like anime, and cons, and cosplaying but some anime fans tend to get on my nerves a little, I guess.


I think my favorite series is probably Kodomo no Omocha (no, not Tokyo Mew Mew).

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japanese animes are kinda everythin' for okaku's everyday lives!

yeah lovin' anime so much is real good for sharin' these stuffs with

lotsa anime fans! they're not just little-known stuff but always open

to public stuffs! so happy the US people do love 'em!

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