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Poll: Favorite Inversion?

What is your favorite inversion?  

668 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite inversion?

    • Loop
    • Zero G Roll
    • Top Hat
    • Flatspin/Corkscrew
    • Cobra Roll
    • Batwing/Boomerang
    • Sea Serpent
    • Immelmann/Dive Loop
    • Raven Turn
    • Inline Twist
    • Other

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I went with zero-G roll. No matter the coaster type, zero-G rolls are incredible. The hang-time that they provide are amazing.


Some of the best zero-G rolls I've experienced are those on SFNE's Batman, Great Bear, Hydra, Dueling Dragons- Ice (sorry, Dragon Challenge), and Hulk.

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The loop and zero-G roll on Scream @ SFMM were radical, as was Tatsu's pretzel.


Loop: Largest inversion diameter outside of Texas.

Zero G: Airtime + flippy flippy =

Pretzel loop: The Gs at the bottom are intense. Plus, there are only 5 in existence, this being the largest.

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This, heartline rolls are amazing and the g's and head choppers on the diving part a beyond amazing, also I count it as one element despite it being two inversions.

Runner ups are Storm Runner's Cobra Loop, so messed up it's awesome, and zero-g rolls in outside seats on inverts and inside seats on most sit downs.

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Zero-g-roll is my choice. Loops are the classical inversion, which is great. I particularly like the big ones (like B&M's). I also love diving loops and immelmans: its awesome how you get more and more banked and then go upside down with a brief moment of weightlessness on diving loops.

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