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Poll: Favorite Inversion?

What is your favorite inversion?  

668 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite inversion?

    • Loop
    • Zero G Roll
    • Top Hat
    • Flatspin/Corkscrew
    • Cobra Roll
    • Batwing/Boomerang
    • Sea Serpent
    • Immelmann/Dive Loop
    • Raven Turn
    • Inline Twist
    • Other

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Zero G rolls, followed by B&M corkscrews. Two very unique, and enjoyable, elements.


Loops are also pretty good, depending on how they're executed. Some of the better ones I can think of include the Edmonton Mindbender's "greyout-inducing" loops, as well as the amazing loop, zero-G loop combination on BTR clones.

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This is a tough one because there's no cut and dry answer. Generally vertical loops don't do a ton for me but if it's a Schwarzkopf loop it's an awesome element. Generally I wouldn't say cobra rolls but if it's Kumba or Raptor then that all changes... I can't really answer this without naming specific elements on specific rides.


When asked what my favorite inversion is on any coaster though there's no hesitation... Kumba's zero g roll. It's ridiculous, it's so great it's almost euphoric.


Honorable mentions go to the loop on Montezoomas Revenge and the Pretzel on Montu. I have no idea how it takes that element at that insane speed with that kind of snap all while being glass smooth. In the back seat you're basically convinced you're about to die. God I miss that B&M. I want that B&M back.


Oh and I realized I just mentioned 2 rides in the same park but it's hard not to when they have a B&M lineup like that.

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