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  1. They're gonna mess up the collosus treatment for next year somehow. I swear.
  2. ^its great to hear an employee at six flags loving their job and trying to make sure everyone has a great day. Bravo!
  3. ^thats right... And I am having a great time on the TPR forums
  4. FL looks decent, and I will enjoy it by all means, but its just that they could have done so much more with the ride! Although I am at least thankful that they added a ride at all
  5. ^ill know it when I try it... Sorry if I sound mad, but I am just so FRUSTRATED that this ride could have been so much more than it really is...
  6. SFMM is just trying to get the GP get excited and go to the park so THEY get money and build a lame ride next year... duh, they always do that...
  7. ^^^^^Sorry if I sounded harsh... lol, I am wrong ALL of the time so I could be very well wrong too
  8. ^^Well sorry, I just assumed it was, because during fright fest, you "race" the other train AND the tracks are side by side... As for Full Throttle, I think EVERYBODY is waiting for the second half of the ride to be released...
  9. XYZ, you know I am just looking on the bright side of life, and just being sarcastic, right? ^^ Congrats, you have won a trip to Cedar Point, and you have to PAY for it!
  10. Well if it was mirrored, then it wouldn't be a racing coaster anymore, would it.
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