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Twister II

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^ and ^^


I've always had a special place in my black and bitter heart for the villans and Maleficent has always been my favorite! I figured I'd get the tat before the new movie came out so I could be a "Maleficent Hipster" and tell people I liked her before it was cool .

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The chest tattoo is going to get covered up, it has a lot of meaning for me but it won't match the quality of the rest of my tattoos. (Plus I want a pectoral/half sleeve where it currently resides.) I'm going to get a nautical piece done in its current spot in reference to my raising in Florida. I'm waiting to go to Miami to get it done when I move back to Orlando in September.


The floral piece was just done up here in Louisville, KY about a week and a half ago. It's almost completely healed and I need to go back to get it touched up just a tad as my blood is rather thin so its hard to tattoo me, but the artist agreed. I absolutely love it. It set in a little more "dull/gray red" which I absolutely love!


(Sorry about the large photos, I don't have photoshop installed yet on this computer to resize it as I just bought this laptop yesterday.)



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Thought I would post my Tats on here also. All of my Tats are over 10 years old except my Barbwire around my Ankle, I got it about 3 years ago.


The Pink Tribal Triangle was my first. The Barbwire around my Ankle was my 8th and last, so far.


My Lion Face was my 3rd


This was my 7th Tat. These are the Tiger Eyes, from Kingda Ka, I love Tigers


This is my Bull blowing smoke, he was my 4th. I wanted him down lower, so it had a " Ring" through it's nose. But they said the nipple wouldn't hold the ink, so I had it moved up.


Bam Bam was my 5th Tat


Tigger, although he has faded, was my 6th. The Tribal Triangle was my 2nd, got it the same time as my first.

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I have often heard that foot tattoos are incredibly painful. My first one was placed there, and I didn't find it to be bad at all. Then again, it was just script, so I don't imagine that would hurt nearly as bad as one with lots of color/fill-in.


Anyway, my first one is the beginning and ending lines of a song, in an effort to encompass the entire set of lyrics on one body part. My second one (on my left side/ribs) is an Anjunabeats "A" logo with lyrics from two separate songs. I thought it would be cool to incorporate the symbol into the sentence, since it is technically an "a" anyway. This piece was far more painful that the foot, and not just because of the placement. The healing process really sucked, as all the areas with multi-layer color formed gross volcanic peaks before they peeled. Not a big deal though, the whole thing turned out great and looks as fresh now as it ever has.


Both encapsulate a ton of meaning for me, and each have somewhat lengthy back stories. Perhaps one day I will get one that's just a piece of artwork... Maybe something I design and draw myself. For now, however, these two are all I've got.


My first one...


And my second one!

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^What is the significance of the crossed arms?


Is that a copyright violation? They did a good job on Mickey!


My friend wanted to do a skull and crossbones with Mickey ears. I liked the idea but what they had drawn up was hideous, so I asked the guy to do Mickey with the bones. The bones didn't work so i had him change it to his hands and feet. I think it came out great. No real significance, just fun. A bunch of cast members loved it at Disneyland when I was there a few weeks ago, though it kinda made me feel like they thought I was a Mice Chatter... ugh.

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