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Twister II

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Just got this today. I already had the butterfly and flower and added the coaster. It's not done yet as there will be some color in the sky and I'm planning to frame the image with more colorful foliage, more flowers, a tree, etc. so all the gaps should be filled and make up an entire half of my leg.


See if you can guess the coaster. This was my first coaster (the one that started it all) and my first inversion.



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I have a few tattoos. Here are my favorite:image.thumb.jpeg.7fa22aa7f5c7684c92016f28dd632e74.jpeg

The Big Sur, CA coastline with a cypress tree at sunset! blackline style.



A Kraken in watercolor style.


I would love a roller coaster tattoo to express my connection to coasters, but I have yet to see or come up with a design that I would want.

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^^Those are gorgeous! Same artist?


I never posted the finale of my coaster/flowers/butterfly.IMG_2981.thumb.jpg.95657a5d5bfe9c83be550c2155427b44.jpgIMG_2979.thumb.jpg.61fe7dbebf770fcd4dfab4581fe32069.jpg

Pictures are from when it was new because I've been too lazy to photograph the healed. It still looks just as vibrant though. If you don't understand it, that's okay. Most people don't understand me I might add onto it more in the future, but for now i'm very satisfied with it.

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Here is my sternum moth from October. It lost a bit of ink in the antennae, but otherwise looks about the same as this fresh photo.



Just for fun, I thought I'd do the survey from the very beginning of this thread.


1. Pain level of your tattoo, 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain possible.


In the moment, I pegged it as ranging from a 3-5 or maybe a 4-6. In hindsight, it was possibly more like a 2-4. The vibration over bone is extremely uncomfortable, and the shading was particularly "chompy" (artist's quite accurate wording). Outlining really does feel like a cat scratching a sunburn, as many say.


2. How long did it take? To outline? To fill in? To completely heal?


I wasn't keeping track, but judging by the price it was probably finished in 2 hours, with one short break.


3. Is there anything to numb the area, before getting stabbed to death?


This exists but is not widely recommended. Other pain-reducing measures (such as OTC pain relievers or alcohol) are recommended against or forbidden as well, until after everything's all finished, that is!


4. Are you happy with your results? Regrets?


Yes. I'm no expert in judging technical qualities, so what could be a slight flaw may also be perfectly normal or an inherent limitation. If not, that's okay, too. I only regret that Harry Styles has almost the same one.


5. Cost?


Don't expect more than a general idea for pricing in most cases (until you're given your quote), as there are many variables at play both between and within shops. Mine was $250 including tip.


6. How do I know the right place to get it?


The Internet. But take advice with a grain of salt, as you can easily be misled or miss helpful information. Current and anticipated work requirements, interest in showing it off, ease of seeing it yourself, effort you're willing to take to hide it if needed, and possible longevity issues may all affect you long-term. It's up to you whether you want to factor in the expected pain level, but I'd say not to make that the top priority, myself. It helps to consider how your design fits and possibly complements different areas of your body, and a good artist can add input on this as well. And make sure your idea is your top choice for that particular spot!


7. Did you have any excessive redness/infections/irritation?


I was afraid I was the kind of person who might, but I didn't.

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Let me just love on my latest two.



Above: literary running collie from about a week ago. The artist, David Stein from Grizzly Tattoo, did a fantastic job copying the design. As it was one of my first serious ideas, it feels like I've had it way longer!




From last June, one of my favorite houses in Portland, based on a line drawing I happened to acquire. You might expect a more elaborate design and perhaps a "haunted house" look, but I like the contrast between the simplicity of the linework and the ornateness of the actual home. It also lends some mystery as often people can't pin down what it is (tattoos should generally be easily identifiable from a decent distance, but that's not the issue here--it looks pretty sharp, just a bit cryptic). Note that any imperfections are due to my skin/body or limitations of my design choice, as I saw an award-winning artist at a great shop.



Placement context.

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