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Twister II

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This is my first tattoo. I wanted to do something with roller coasters, and I had a cartoon t-shirt with Magnum on it, so my artist at Old Town Tattoo in Saginaw, MI came up with this. I requested the characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Squidward, Aeropostal Monkey, George Jetson and Steagle Cobeagle the Eagle (I am a Saginaw Spirit OHL hockey fan). My tattoo artist suggested the chain around it to look like a lift chain. My girlfriend got the same tattoo except reversed and on the opposite leg as mine. I am trying to figure something else coaster related for my next tat.


My First Tattoo

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So I've finally taken a picture of my tattoo.


I've always been a bit of a geek but I used to hide this from people, worried what they would think. As I got older I realised that I shouldn't be embarrassed about myself and this tattoo serves as a reminder to always be me and not to be worried what people think.



I know this has nothing to do with the tattoo, but I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!

Queen is my favorite band. And Night At the Opera (Which I'm guessing is the album your shirt is based after) is my favorite album.



Nice tattoo also, I like them simple and sweet.



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I know this has nothing to do with the tattoo, but I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!

Queen is my favorite band. And Night At the Opera (Which I'm guessing is the album your shirt is based after) is my favorite album.


It's my favourite Queen album as well! I got the shirt from HMV but they only do one size online:



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This is my first tattoo that I got done today. It's above my right ankle on my leg.

It's for my cat Sophie that had to get put down last year, to remember her and how much I love and miss her

My name also begins with an S and I love cats, so I guess it can have a double meaning, but its mainly for Sophie.


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Here's my fifth tat, and most recent addition (only one week old today!!). I've gone through a lot lately, dealing with a pretty hard break-up with my former fiance... Only in the past month or so have I been able to realize the importance of being at peace with oneself (and with others and the world, if we want to dig that deep!). I've learned that my happiness relies pretty heavily on my ability to make peace with my situation, and so when I saw this dove by Picasso at an art exhibit I went to see recently, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. This, Picasso's Peace Dove, is my reminder to be at peace with myself and others - and to enjoy being a free bird!


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I got this yesterday from the awesome "Bullseye Tattoo Studio" in Staten Island, by the owner Victor Modafferi.



Compare to the image it was based on



I've always loved spiders growing up, I used to catch them and play with them, and what better way to show that, then to get a giant black widow that's the length of my forearm.




Be sure to check them out on "BIG ANG" this Sunday at 9pm on VH1!!!

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I've got a bunch of em. . but no longer recall how much I paid for em (yeah. .it's about time to get some additional ones, as it's been over 10 years since my last one).


I can tell you they are addictive (it's hard to stop at just 1).


as to "pain level". . eh. . minor. feels like a bee sting to get, and feels like a sunburn when healing. so not bad at all, tho as you go towards your extremities, it does tend to be a bit more painful.


anyways, here's my first one: a flaming Yin & Yang (that matched a ring I wore back then).

I'm considering getting a cover-up on this one, but have decided yet as to what.



here's my name in Hieroglyphics (done at the Houston International Festival back in the early 90's)



I'm a huge comic fan, and my favorite characters are the Metal Men (robots made of metal, duh!). here's the "symbols" for my favorite 3: Gold, Mercury, and Iron (and also because I'm precious, ever-changing, and bull-headed):



and finally, a tribal Piranha (on the bikini line)

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Time to bring back a half dead thread!! I have two shots of my newer tattoos that I wanted to share with you guys!! These tattoos are part of one large tattoo that will when finished reach from my heart, around my side, across my back, and down my arm. The reason behind these tattoos is not just because its a "good song" but the lyrics have so much more personal meaning. So after careful thought and planning I went ahead with it, can NOT wait till it is a finished product!!



--Not sure why the photos are so huge... I have them resized on my computer, and they are small when I open them, but then when I upload them they are GIANT!


By far my favorite tattoo so far!


LOVE this phrase!

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Yay I get to bump a dead thread.


Here's some of the tats I've got..


My Tiger:



Nickname's been Tiger all my life. My tattoo artist/best friend decided to draw this one up for me!



My Scott!:



Scott Pilgrim represents everything that's important to me. Love, Music, and Video Games. Too bad he never went to a theme park in any of the comics.


The cover to my favorite band Halcali's first single:



Halcali: I DARE you to watch and not fall in love with these girls.





My Bunch of Baby Ducks from Regular Show:





Aaaaaand my Mickey <3:




Thinking of finishing up my Fantasia sleeve at some point. Also thinking about getting a Bloodface tattoo somewhere because he is my hero.

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Well, here are my 3 latest additions. Last August I posted my Peace Dove, and I decided to even things out and get another Picasso dove on my other shoulder.

I also got my Cayman Turtles on my right foot. The sharks on my left I've had for a while now... I'm not sure if I had posted a photo of them or not. Anyways, I grew up in Grand Cayman and the turtles are close to my heart. These are two of my favourite animals and, naturally, two of the most endangered

Finally, my "love" tattoo on my wrist. This one means a whole lot to me, but no matter who asks me or how hard I try, I just cannot quite sum it up in words properly. It's the only word, the only one to describe my core values and beliefs. I'm just a hippie!


This was taken when it was fresh! About 8 weeks ago, now.


Fact: tattooing sea creatures on your feet makes you a better swimmer.


"... is all you need"

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^How painful are getting tattoos on top of the foot?

I have 4 tattoos and my foot was the most painful of all. The black ink hurt wayyyy more than the blue ink and the more bony parts of my foot hurt more too. But so worth it IMO!


My whale right after it was tattooed

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^How painful are getting tattoos on top of the foot?


The top of the foot was the worst for me! After I got my sharks done I swore I would never do it again and 2 years later got the turtles on the other foot, after forgetting how much it hurt the first time lol! But yeah, I have my ribs and side done, my wrist, ankle, shoulders, and feet, and the feet were definitely the most painful of them all.

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