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Twister II

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I might get a tattoo when I'm 16 (wich is in about 1.5 months or so). I already know that I'll have it on the upperarm, but I haven't decided on what motive I should get. I have a couple of ideas, but since I'll have it my whole life, I want it to be something that I really want. Got any ideas for me? =P

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Well, it's been about 3 weeks so you know what that means!


Took about 2 hours and hurt way the hell less than my last one. See Jeremy, I'm not as big of a puss as you think I am! LOL!




Now I got me some hot ass pirate booty whenever I want. Woot!


BAM! There it is! Slightly changed to make it tattoo friendly.


Do you guys remember this?

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Cool tattoo, what will you do when you run out of body parts?


This is my tattoo, it is pretty much real life size in the picture, we lost our twins a few years back and i wanted to do something that would stay with me always. It didnt hurt what so ever only because i used that numbing cream on my skin before hand


i want another one done on my lower back but am really struggling to find one i like, i would like another cherub or something along that line (so if anyone has any ideas of web sites they know of that have a lot of good pics please let me know)


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I've got 2 so far with a third coming probably this Spring. The one I got near my shoulder blade didn't really hurt too bad, I'd say about a 5. Eventually, after the first 100 pokes, you really don't feel much, just numbness. The sound is kinda annoying. Total time to do it all was about 3 hours, stopping to take a soda break after outlining. I have no regrets at all about getting it. I was 18 at the time, and think I picked a good place to get it done. Being professional, you don't see my tattoo there, unless I'm shirtless, which really only happens at a waterpark or the beach. That one cost me about $180 I think. The redness lasted for about 3 days, but there was no infection.


The second tattoo I got the day my best friend (my turtle) died last February. The pain this time was less, probably about a 3 or 4. Total work time was about an hour, and again the location is good for my profession, though this is visible when I wear shorts. Redness lasted about a day, though there was scabbing, and I had to put lotion on it a lot for about 3 weeks (getting it done in the winter is harder because of dry skin). This one cost about $100.




i like you're 1st one

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Ok, so I'm too chicken to ever get a real tattoo, but here is my funny story.


My friends and I at work came up with a joke a long time ago that I am a shrimp. (seeing that I'm short and the smallest person at my work and I love fishies not eating, but having as pets fish) "Fish are friends, not food"


So on my last vacation, I got a fake tattoo of a dragon. Well, when I got back and showed it to my friends, they immediately said "OH MY GOD!!!! IT LOOKS LIKE A SHRIMP!!!" So, at that moment, I realized my fake tattoo reallly DID look like a shrimp. From that moment on, I have officially been the "shrimp" of my work. The tattoo is gone now, but I'm so getting it back in two weeks on vacation!


My shrimp :)

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First picture is my first and second tattoos. The first one is the one to the right, a Native American medicine wheel. I got it about nine months into my Navy career to commemorate the name I was given in ceremony about a year earlier, FourWinds (as in North, South, East, and West, hence my screenname). The four colors inside the wheel (clockwise from upper left) are black, red, yellow, and white, and represent the much-needed unity of the four races of man as one human race, and the eagle feather hanging down from it represents strength, wisdom, and foresight.


The second, the dragon, is obviously the Mortal Kombat dragon. It doesn't necessarily represent the game, but more so the time I spent deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Southern Watch and Iraqi No-Fly Zone enforcement. Being in the Navy, I was at sea for much of the time. Playing Mortal Kombat 3 fairly often during that time made being in a combat zone a little more bearable.


The two above are across my shoulders, the dragon being across my spine just below my neck.


The third tattoo is in the second photo. It came from Sydney Australia on my second deployment, and represents a blending of my love of Egyptian Mythology with the fact that the symbol itself often represents the sun, which is also a powerful deity in my own religion. It's on the outside of my right shoulder.


My fourth tattoo is an Inuit thunderbird, a mythological creature believed among many Native tribes to be responsible for thunderstorms and wind, particularly through the beating of its wings. The two heads represents the time in history when Russian explorers traveled through Inuit land. The story of how I got it is this: I took my wife for her first tattoo, and the person doing the work was a good friend of ours, a fellow Native American artist (his art happened to be tattoos). He only worked on a no-cash barter system, so we offered him a collection of pristine feathers from a particular sacred bird of prey. These feathers are very hard to come by, and he felt that one tattoo was not nearly worth what we were giving in return, so he offered to give me a tattoo if I had a design I liked. I looked through his notebook and this particular thunderbird "spoke" to me. It's on the outside of my upper left thigh.




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Since Wes linked to this thread, I'll go ahead and resurrect it.


This is the start of a 1/2 sleeve that was supposed to be finished already, but my artist keeps re-scheduling:




Then I have the original EPCOT Center logo on one calf, and snoopy hugging woodstock on the other. For now.

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Here are 3 of my tattoos.

I have 7 total. These are my 3 newest.

All we're custom drawn and tattooed by Chris Hornus @ Evolution Tattoo in Swartz Creek, MI.



P.S. If you steal them, I will hunt you down and skin them off of you!


I got this one on December 18th, 2008.

It's a memorial tattoo for my Dad that passed away last year. December 18th was the year anniversary of his passing.


I got this one on February 8th, 2008


I got this one on September 24th, 2005

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I have two so far, and one still needs probably 2 more sessions to complete it.


1. Pain level of your tattoo, 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain possible.


At the beginning I'd rate it a 5ish, but then you get used to it and it's not so bad, probably a 1-2. But anything close to bone is pretty rough.


2. How long did it take? To outline? To fill in? To completely heal?


My ribbon took 45 minutes of needle work total, for outline and coloring. It took a week to heal. The outline for my Nightmare one took 2 full hours, and a little over a week to heal. The second session was about 1.5 hours, and it's still healing.


3. Is there anything to numb the area, before getting stabbed to death?


I didn't use anything. The pain isn't that bad, it's mind over matter.


4. Are you happy with your results? Regrets?


I love my Nightmare one so far. I'll probably get my ribbon touched up at some point.


5. Cost?


Ribbon was $60...very cheap. You get the quality you pay for... My Nightmare tattoo is definately in the triple digits. Plus tips.


6. How do I know the right place to get it?


I saw a good tattoo I liked and I asked her where she got it. And I had heard of that shop before from other people, so I figured it was a good one. Note I got both my tattoos at 2 different shops.


7. Did you have any excessive redness/infections/irritation?

It's always going to be swollen and puffy and red right after. And I describe the day after being tattooed as just having a couple layers of skin grated off!



A couple of tips I could share may seem straight forward, but be sure to eat food and drink water before. You should bring a bottle of water to the shop with you even, because I always get light headed right at the beginning and need a 3 minute break, drink some water, then I can sit for 2 hours. Also, don't forget to breathe!


My first tattoo was a purple awareness ribbon, which represents Alzheimer's that my grandpa, and the pancreatic cancer which took my uncle. It's not a tattoo I got to show off. I got it for me, close to my heart, so I'll always remember them.


And my second, which is still in progress, is for Nightmare Before Christmas which is one of my favorite movies and I thought it would make a very neat tattoo.


P.S. - All those pics are right after I took the bandage off pretty much. The blood and extra ink did wash away.


And here's sort of where it's at now, after the second session.


Back view.


Side view.


After the first session, front view.


Here's the first..kind of hard to tell, but it is purple.

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