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What was the last game you played?


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Okie, since I play WOW continuously it'd be redundant to post it again. Last night I popped in a copy of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


This game is so much fun. Personally, I don't think the PS2 controller works as nicely as the Gamecube's did for POP, but it does the job. I love the Speed Kill option too. Too bad this is the last POP title we are gonna see, but a solid one, nonetheless.

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I have actually been playing my Dreamcast ALOT recently


I have both GREAT RPG's for the Dreamcast, Skies of Arcadia, which I have finished, a few times


and Grandia II, which for some reason I never sat and played


I'm about 10 hours in, and am loving it, AWESOME RPG, and after looking at the reviews, its funny, as the PS2 version is graphically inferior, due to the fact that its just a port to the PS2, and optimized for the Dreamcast, but I remember ALOt of complainers out thier, kinda reminds me of a certian box, that just came out



anyway, if you have a ps2, it still worth it, and if you have a dreamcast, Grandia is a must own


WOW, pretty graphics


the cover

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