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The Youtube Thread


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This is Casey Ride's kiddie coaster. This exact same one comes to my county fair every year, and it's quite scary to actually watch the thing make its way around the track. The wheels literally bounce side-to-side along the last turn, and the dragon's head on the front of the train bucks back-and-forth throughout the entire circuit.

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I used to ride one of these at the local fair when I was a kid, and I loved it. Not a credit though, since if I remember right it is powered throughout by some pole or wire that goes around the circuit. As you can tell, it's been a while.

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Alright, I here is a curve ball for this thread, but since it came from a movie I feel like it belongs here. I was watching the Sheikra video that Busch sells and I watched all the clips and then I got to the multi angle off ride shots and I came across an interesting image. In the video you clearly see the train stop on the holding brakes, and then get released and on the way down the camera obviously has to film part of the lift, and on the lift there is a train going up! Why is this? I know there are brakes on top that would count as a block, or I think they would at least, but why would they dispatch a train just to have to stop it on top? (being a ride operator too, though I have never worked a beemer, I feel like that would fault the ride with a dispatch cycle that narrow. So, anyone want to explain what is going on in the screen shot of the video?


I am not making this up either, I would post the video but I am sure it is illegal.

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