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The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

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We're off to HKDL now. We'll be back this afternoon with a full photo update and...something I'm sure you'll all like...Space Mountain POV with the LIGHTS ON!!!! Yay!


That update will be here first thing tomorrow morning for most of you in the US!



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Another kiddy castle!!! To bad they didn't go with a big castle!!

But it seems like HKDL is trying to carbon copy from Disneyland's Magic Kingdom and not WDW's Magic Kindgom!!


Well, considering there really isn't a "Magic Kingdom" at DLR...


And also, HKDL has many differences from Disneyland, unfortunately, its castle isn't one of them.

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Hey all! We made a quick stop back at the hotel, no pics just yet, we'll do that later. But I will say that I like HKDL a lot more than I thought I would.


First off, let me put a few things to rest. We have not seen anyone:


- Peeing

- Spitting

- Fishing


In fact, I can now say that I've seen more people peeing in the bushes at Disneyland in California than I have in Hong Kong!


I just hate it when the media gets a hold of a news item like this and turns it into a stereotype. But all the "rumors" you've heard are absolutely NOT TRUE!


Overall, I really like everything I've seen at this park except these two things:


- The Caste: Why....WHY did they build the little castle???? *sigh*

- Tomorrowland: Looks really sparse. Space and Buzz are both GREAT, but the land itself leaves a lot to be desired.


I'll have TONS of photos later tonight and tomorrow! The next two days will be LOTS of HKDL photos!



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Just wanted to add in a few things:


-McDonalds rules!

-None of the stories I had heard about Hong Kong or Disney are true. The place is very clean, very little smoking, and higly efficient. Also food seems to be really cheap!

-Chip n Dale Souvenirs EVERYWHERE!!!!

-Jetlag sucks, I want to go to bed!

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Day Two: Hong Kong Disneyland!


If you're looking for the POV video of Space Mountain with LIGHTS ON, click here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=7

The video is for "Members Only." If you're not a member, resigter now, it's FREE!


Ok, onto our day......first off, as we've said before the "rumors" you've heard about the place are NOT TRUE! It's nice, it's clean, it's friendly, and the people visiting the park are 100x nicer than your typical Saturday clientelle at most So Cal parks!


Let me get the "downers" out of the way first, because to be honest there aren't many. Tomorrowland leaves a lot to be desired, IMO. It's not that the rides aren't good, because I think both Space Mountain and Buzz are better than the DL counterparts, it's just that the area is small and really doesn't "look" all that great.


The Castle - WTF??!?! The lamest Disney castle ever gets copied at HKDL. I just don't get it! And if that's not enough the natural mountains behind it dwarf it even more. Oh well, it just means MORE CASTLE JOKES!!!


The only other "downer" is that the park, at the moment, is missing a lot of Disney "Signature" rides, leaving not that much to do, especially if you're a seasoned Disney theme park visitor.


That being said, the park is REALLY nice. In fact, the entire resort by far exceeded my expectations.


I'm going to make this brief since we're at the hotel and need to be on a flight to Tokyo in about 3 hours, and I have about 100 photos to post (I'll do half today and half tomorrow) so here's a breakdown of what we did.


Space Mountain - For one, I had low expectations. I had heard it was a 'crappy version' of the new California version. What we got was a BETTER version than that! The ride is even smoother than the new "smooth" CA version. And it certainly "feels" a lot faster. There aren't any of those jolty tranisions, which I personally like and I think it adds speed, or at least the feeling of speed to the ride. You really do "whip" around some of those turns! And I really liked the added FX. The star field was much more pronounced, you flew past asteroids, there was what looked like a "hyperspace tunnel" during the "drop" and all the lift effects were "new", unlike the the revamped CA version which were just updated versions of "old" effects. The stataion was tiny, yes, and that was a downer, but what was there was at least "nice"


Buzz lightyear - Basically looked like a clone of the Tokyo version, which means it's also a clone of the CA version, but less "claustrophobic."


Jungle Cruise - It's like a souped up riverboat cruise with a "Catastrophe Canyon" ending. Fun ride. Very similar, but with more fire!


Mickey's Philharmagic - Fun 4D movie! This was the first time we had seen this, and other than Donald being the star (we're not big Donald fans!) the music, effects, and movie were pretty good. Not a "Muppets-beater" IMO, but fun!


Tarzan's Treehouse & Rafts - Picture Tarzan's Treehouse from DL on Tom Sawyer's Island and there you go!


Winnie the Pooh- WDW's Pooh. Which is WAY better than CA's dumpy version, but is NOTHING compared to Tokyo's orgasmic dark ride.


Other flats - Astro Orbitor, Tea Cups, Dumbo, Carousel - traditional Disney stuff. Looked nice, but you're familiar with these already.


Basically, as you can see, there's not a lot to do at the park, and that is the one major downer. But like I said, the park exceeded our expectations and I think as the expansions are built, this park will give the others a run for the money!


Click HERE for the Asia Update Main Page!


Here's our photos from today:


We had a great first day at HKDL. Time to head back to the hotel. Part two of these photos will come tomorrow! Don't forget to download the Space Mountain video! (link above!)


The fireworks were so cool they block out the castle!!! Then again, your average sparkler could block out the castle! =)


Why does it always snow ONLY on Main Street....weird!


The Orbitron looks cool at least.


Everyone Tomorrowland at night looks kind of "meh"


Have I mentioned....FUNNY!!!! LMAO!!!!


Have I mentioned....creepy?


I have to say the backdrop of the park looks just AWESOME!


No Rosie!!!! Please! Anything but that horrible creature!!!!


Tarzan's Treehouse. Complete with Rosie O' Donnel!


This dude reminds me of something from Animal Crossing!


Ahh, Jungle Cruise. This isn't much like any other version of the ride.....I don't remember FIRE on any other one!


Wow, the similarities to Disneyland are REALLY creepy!!!


Ugh, I thought we left L.A. for a reason!!!!




"They have Chip N Dale stuff which insantly makes this place better than any US Disney park!


Hooray! We've been rescued. This nice man came to "push the button" which made our train CRAWL back to the station!


Oooh!!!! Oooh!!!! Oooh!!! A staircase! I gotta get a picture of that!!!!!


Can you just imagine how giddy I was when those lights came on? =)


Cool, yes, but much better with the lights off and the stars whizzing by!


This is pretty freaking cool!


Yay! Lights come on!!!!


Here are the trains as they approach LIGHT SPEED!!!!


The station is very simple, but it looks nice!


Time for the one credit in the park!


Look familiar?


Time for a fastpass with lots of funny writing on it!


Buzz Lightyear, pretty much like all the other versions.


This is next year's new hotness!


At least tomorrowland has ONE BIG BALL!!!


Like many women drunk at a bar, it looks better in the dark! =)


Tomorrowland - Has some good rides, but the land overall is kind of "meh"


I feel like I've been here before!


"MARK!!!! Look out for that HUGE flesh eating castle behind you!!!!"


"If my head blocks out most of the Castle, imagine if an ACEr was standing here!"


Hey what's the spec of dust at the end of the street? Oh, it's just the castle!


There is something oddly familiar about this.....hmmm....OH!!! I know! It kind of looks like Nara Dreamland! =)


On our way back from Ocean Park, we saw this sign in the MTR station. I'm sure glad being resort guests we had tickets already!

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VERY nice


Park looks super clean, and the castle, super small, WHY?



anyway, awesome pics, and can't wait for the next update, I'm off to download the Space Mountian video, WEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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