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Best Theme Park Show You Have Seen.

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i have been to a few parks and seen many of the shows. here are some of my favorites

bgw Irish thunder

ioa poseidon

ush water world

sea world Orlando shamu

bgw pet show. the others were good too that would be sea world sandiego and Orlando

shrek both ush and usf

the tiki room dlr/wdw


opps almost forgot t2 3d.

shows i miss.


haunts of the old country, the first 4d movie in the globe theater at bgw.

batman in side sfgadv

country bear jamboree

usf the old stunt show in the lagoon.


how about the rest of you??

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All of my favorites have been at the Disney theme parks. But I haven't been to any of them since 1999. I remember one Indiana Jones show or something similar. There was one show at MGM studios that starts at dusk. It was like a long parade of floats on some river. And there were also fireworks. Those are the most memorible ones.

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^^ Ahh, you must've caught "Bad Fantasmic!" It's much better at Disneyland (if you can get a spot!).


Busch shows are always really good. Even though I hate animals (inside joke) I always enjoy their shows much more than I think I'm going to.


My favorite show from recent years was "Dr. Cleaver's" show at haunt 2004. All the songs were good, the dancing was awesome, the jokes were funny ass hell (PG-13!), and during the pole dancing part one of the dancers nipples kept popping out! Go Knotts!!


-Don "Sorry Stitch, it was a female dancer!" Garrison

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As far as conventional shows go, the best one I've seen would have to be Aladdin at DCA. Sure the dialogue is a bit cheesy and the story doesn't quite flow as well as is should, but the sets and choreography are amazing, and the singing (especially Jasmin....... rowrrrrrrr) is nothing short of spectacular. I haven't seen enough of the more special-effects focused shows, like T2, to have an opinion . From the ones I have seen, Captain EO is pretty high on my list.

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I always loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame at Disney-MGM Studios. It's sad that the theater is being used for storage now. Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom is another favourite. Mickey's Philharmagic is my favourite 3D show.


And although there's lass and less of it as time goes on, the live entertainment in World Showcase at Epcot has always been great, especially the Living Statues in France, The World Showcase Players in UK, and Off Kilter in Canada.



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The best show I've ever seen at an amusement park was the first show I ever saw at an amusement park: "Rockin' the Boat" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 1999. I loved it! Some of the songs they sang still get stuck in my head today.

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Funny that the only person replying to this thread that I agree with is Kevin

But yeah, Hunchback of Notre Dame at Disney-MGM Stuidos was definitely my favorite ever, with Doug Live coming in a very close second.

And Scott...I thought Summer Spectacular SUCKED! Whoever thought putting a 9/11 montage into a theme park night time show was a good idea is off their rocker. It did have it's good moments though, like the Time Warp!



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Pretty much anything that's not senseless nationalistic patriotic garbage. If I have to sit through one more salute to "heros" I'm going to choke somebody! Because really, anybody can put out fires. It takes a real hero to come and pick up my garbage every week!!


Oh, I'd like to second Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Gold team baby! Best park show ever! Even if your not a show person...you must see this one!!



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I'm not a big show person but I can think of a few.


T2 at Universal Orlando is a must do everytime.

The First 2 thirds of Earthquake is a show right?

I like that new Fear Factor show.

When I went to Universal Hollywood other then the Tour I did

Waterworld which was amazing

and Spider-Man which I wish had replaced The Wild West show here.

Posideon and Sinbad are cool at IOA.

MGM use to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show that I loved.

At least it still has the great Indy Show.

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I've seen many of the Orlando shows mentioned...


I'm not sure if it's the "best" but my favorite has always been Epic (or the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" for those who were never a Disney Cast Member.)


The show is virtually unchanged since it originally opened (89? 90? Somewhere around there.)

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