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What would rides be like on the moon?

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how about this...."the end of the world" the ride. You are on the moon and you fly around at the speed of light getting a total of 30 mins of airtime when you watch the world getting invaded in the year 2012!


The ride will be at a Cedar Fair park and will have a no camera policy. Also, you better not want children because you will stapled in with a 100 horse power clamping system which will squash your balls.

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To quote Futurama: "One small step for man...one giant line for admission"


Still, put a launched coaster on the moon, and you would have extreme airtime from small bunny hops because a) Gravity won't slow you down as much, and b) Gravity won't counter the ejecter forces as much.

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Really! I think that the "war of the worlds" movie kinda exagerated the whole theory. I just think that in the year 2012, or around there, there will be a bunch of ships coming to earth and taking us all to there planet and examining us to see how far we have evolved since the start of the earth.


^:oops: I think thats a run-on


Don't you guys realize the world was taken over already, this is all just a simulation of 1999


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Ok about aliens and all the WORLD ending. First off, the chances of a meteor colliding with earth is 1:4,500,000, when you win the lottery please tell me. Next off, aliens have a whole different world than us. Our microrganisms may effect them, plus how do we know if they even breathe oxygen (it was on TV)? And last how would aliens travel so far and so fast? The next terrestrial planet is over 100 light years away. And PLUS there is no life on any of our other planets. The world will end someday, but I highly doubt it will be in our life time.

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^ But there really wouldn't be any ejector air time.

There would be no "take your stomach" out feeling, no intense postive G's,etc.

I really don't think it would be anything that exciting.

Well, if we're gonna get geeky with it... 8) ... it would be exactly 1/6th as exciting at typical earth speeds and hill radii. But you could increrase speed and/or decrease the radius to promote faster direction changes...


Now the one thing you could not compensate for is the feeling of the wind in your hair.

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Sorry, Ive gotta go off topic one more time. I do think the world will end. Its in my religion. However, also in my religion, it is said that no one will know the day or the time...possibly meaning we will be surprised. Honestly, I live every day knowing that a meteor could kill us, or a plague could break out, but that really doesnt effect my life-style. I think that this thread has been very entertaining and funny by the way .


As for a ride on the moon, I have often thought about it. When you watch clips of Neil Armstrong on the Moon, he is moving very slow.(lets not go off topic about how there never has been a man on the moon ) I would think you would get some major airtime on the Moon, but it would be so slow and gentle, it would be boring.

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Actually, Robert A Heinlein has a cool story about the Moon in "The Menace From Earth". The premise is that a large dome is built on the moon and that the gravity of the moon is low enough coupled with a higher pressure dome and some cutting edge engineering, that humans are able to fly with space-age designed wings...That man was brilliant...



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