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What coasters do you want to ride?

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For me:


1. Eagle's Fortress (The ultimate Arrow Suspended Coaster for someone who is a self-confessed Arrow Suspended Coaster Fanboy).


2. T-Express/Balder (As much as I like El Toro, I need to go ride these).


3. Expedition G-Force (As much as I like the Superman ones, I need to ride this as well).


4. Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain (This has been my most elusive credit so far. I had awesome luck riding the former ones that were at SFoG and SFGam. I have been to the Mountain three times now and still have yet to ride this one. While I will be at WCB this year, I know it will be closed yet again, heh. I still claim Deja Vu(s) to be the most frightening coasters I have ridden so far.)


5. Shockwave at SFoT (I will be finally getting to ride this one on the Texas trip. I am waiting to see if this one trumps Mindbender for me).


Its been nearly 3 years since this was taken. I am still 2 for 4 on the worldwide Vekoma GIB credits.

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Off the top of my head...



- All the coasters at Holiday World.

- All the coasters at Kenywood.


- X2

- Boulder Dash

- Ravine Flyer II


Around the globe:

- Eagle Fortress

- Balder

- Bandit

- Nemesis

- Expedition GeForce


Unfortunately the only coaster outside the US I've been on is Dragon @ Ocean Park in Hong Kong, so I could make a MUCH longer list for that...

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For me, I guess T-Express, Eagle's Fortress, Behemoth, Maverick, and the new Intamin mini-hypers top the list.


6. I know this sounds crazy, but I've always wanted to ride a TOGO Ultra Twister, just because I don't have the credit.


I rode two of these in Japan (Mitsui Greenland and Nagashima Spaland), and they're surprisingly good. I was quite amazed that I liked them.

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-The Hulk (I'm to scared to ride)

-Volcano (I love inverted roller coasters)

-Phaeton (Another sexy Inverted coaster)

-Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

-Millennium Force


-Wildfire (at Silver Dollar City)

-Powder Keg (at Silver Dollar City)

-X2 (maybe)

-Hydra (Dorney Park)

-Talon (Dorney Park)

And a bunch more in china.


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Since I'm rather a newbie coaster rider I have quite a long list but here is an abbreviated one:


Most of the coasters at Cedar Point though oddly I think I'm more looking forward to Raptor as opposed to Maverick or MF which everyone seems to rave about. I have an affection for b&m suspended coasters since it was because of one I started to really like coasters(Great Bear at Hershey)


-Nemesis at Alton Towers

-T-Express, Balder and anything that resembles El toro

-Phoenix at Kneobels

-Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland

-Diamond Back at King's island

-Voyage at Holiday World

-Tatsu at SFMM(although I keep thinking it looks more impressive than it actually is)

-Space Mountain at Disneyland in California

-Ravine Flyer II at Waldemeer park


That's my coaster wish list at the moment whether I actually get to experience all those in my life time might actually be a miracle.

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Balder and T-Express are currently taunting me!




Balder has been saying your a jolly yellow chicken and that you will be Balder's bitch if you ever show your face in Gothenberg.


I wonder if we'll get the same treatment as the last TPR group - welcome to Liesberg, have some booze and hammer nails into our coaster.


I want to ride Rita and Regina.

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  • 7 months later...

1. "Classic" wooden coasters

2. All the great wooden coasters

3. All the great steel coasters


Jack Rabbit


Boulder Dash

Ravine Flyer II

Cornball Express




Coaster (Playland)

Coney Island Cyclone


Wild Mouse (BPB)

El Toro



Millennium Force


ACE Coaster Classics

Dive Machine

Flying Coaster

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I'll just do a Top 10 for the U.S. (in no order) for now since it is not likely that I will make it to Europe/Asia in the next few years.


1. Bizarro (SFNE)

2. Boulder Dash

3. Dueling Dragons (Fire and Ice)

4. El Toro

5. Fahrenheit

6. Griffon/SheiKra

7. Intimidator 305 (yeah...already on here)

8. Montu

9. Storm Runner

10. Thunderhead

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