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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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Heres my story for my first ride.


I went to IOA and was to scared to ride Hulk and my family wanted to get me on a looping coaster, so I walked with them around the park and we get to DD. I say okay well atleast its not as bad as Hulk and found myself waiting in a skull filled line to get on this ride. I get on and start panicking as we reach the top we drop and go through the fire side of the ride. Eventually riding Hulk later and finding that DD Fire was worse in scaryness ratings.


So Dueling Dragons Fire.


Extra add on story about my friend...


He would ride DD all the time and the line was short and it was about six o clock so we were like the only ones on, we raced back through the re ride doors (when they still had them) and kept going on and on, he said okay well I think Im ready for Hulk because his adrenaline was pumping, I said awesome, and we ran across the park, he almost chickened out in line and there was no line for front row, and we went and wow the look on his face after it was holy cow lets ride again, and we ended up riding four more times until he got me on Dr. Doom for the first time~!

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Hmm... I faintly remember going on the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure, when I was seven years old (around 1997-1998). I remember looking out to the right of me and seeing the world rotate around on the first loop. It was one of the best moments of my life. The memory was renewed when I went on The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure in 2006. Feeling the wind blow in my face and being pushed into and out of my seat was exhilarating.

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Mind Bender SFOG! I was about 12?! I was a chicken and it took all I had to ride it for the first time and had to ride it alone! That was a revelation for me. I was like whoa! That was the coolest thing ever. So of course MB is like one of my fav coasters. It is like so old... but still kicks arse!

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