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  1. I would worry about the heat more than the crowds
  2. The torch in front of the Varsity was bought an put there by a man who felt the real olympic torch was ugly and did not represent the city well, kind of like a torch in protest (thats the story I have read about it.) The real torch is on the main street that takes you to Turner Field
  3. I hope this thread shows the people who never experienced the old Knotts how great of a place it really was, and the reasons why we complain about its current state. It may not be a bad park for the people who never experienced it like we did, but trust us when we say how bad it is compared to 20-40 yrs ago. Every yr my parents let us open one present on christmas eve and it was always Knotts tickets for us to go to the day after Christmas. We always rode the log ride first and had some of the best times of my childhood. Now that I have a family of my own and I live on the east coast I flew my family out to So Cal last summer and only had one day to do a park, we went to Disneyland instead of Knotts, something that I never did growing up, I always chose Knotts first. My wife asked me why Disney and not Knotts since I have told her about all my memories of the place, and I told her that I choose to remember it for what it was and not what it has become. Thanks for all of the great pics of the old days. I actually have a lot of them packed in an attic somewhere also. It was fun
  4. things to improve knotts 1. Bring back soap box racers 2. Bring back the gasoline alley cars 3. Bring back the parachutes 4. Bring back the haunted shack 5. Bring back greased lightning 6. Bring back xk1 7. Bring back the tumblers 8 Return the lake and the church to the way they were. 9 Bring back the beary tale or dinosaur ride i really dont care which i enjyed both. Even the carnival rides that were their like whirlpool, cool whip, and the propeller spin had their own special little place there
  5. The old Knotts was really a special place to be. I guess it is hard to explain unless you experienced it first hand. Knotts was one of the few parks i have been to where i really enjoyed the flat rides as much as the coasters. Remember the tumblers, xk1, whirlpool, greased lightning, they were mostly typical flat rides but they had their own charm. Also the soap box racers was my favorite ride as a kid, and who could forget the haunted shack.
  6. I loved the old sarejvo bobsleds ride at magic mountain, for the short time they were there
  7. Wow great memories thanks for that. I was 6 yrs old and my grandpa bribed me with 5 dollars and an ice cream to ride the corkscrew. i really miss the old Knotts. We use to always get nervous riding the train and the stagecoach because of the robbers, and always rode the log ride first no mater when we went. My favorite rides were the soap box racers, greased lightning, xk1, and the tumblers. Its a shame that all 4 of them are all gone now. By the way anybody notice the free parking at sea world
  8. Knotts started going downhill when they got rid of the soap box racers, and at least 5 other family type attractions, that the majority of familys enjoyed
  9. I think dollywood is open till end of the year on select days
  10. MLB Dodgers NFL Chargers, Falcons NHL Kings, Thrashers NCAA USC NBA Lakers, Hawks
  11. Loved the pic of the parachute drop with the coaster in the background. It kind of reminded me of knotts circa 1983
  12. There is nothing like this fair it is a true all day experience. I was in SD this year and was there opening day. It was just as good as all of the years i lived there
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