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Statistics Are Back!!!

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I was curious to check out - if everybody from CANADA, would put that after their city, instead of the province? Like I did, see Avatar? What would happen to that "where TPR peeps live" list? Hmmm...


I am sure there are alot of us Canucks out here, and there. But, from the looks of the recent stats - less than.... 6??????




Just an observe.

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^ I thought the same thing about the UK. There are X amount of members listed under "UK" and then another amount next to "England", so for the people like myself that listed a city and then England, are we counted? And then you've got people such as Chrissie who are in Scotland, which may or may not be counted in the member list for UK... :?

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^ I agree. I don't remember where I saw this, but on RCPro I only averaged 3-5 posts per day. I mean, literally, that is 10-15 minutes of time before I go to sleep, while on other days, I might hang around the forums for hours. It just depends on whats going on. Like right now, I've got a lot of free time

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^ Yeah, I have a ridiculous number of posts for the last couple of months... Combine being out of work with a week of being ill, with the fact that I've only slept two or three hours a night these last few months, and you get a LOT more time online than I'd usually have. Ah well, at least I'm on a leaderboard for once in my life!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been 'looking in' on the Stats listings, and have come to a (IMO) opinion about one of the them...


Where TPR members are from doesn't really show, accurately, where indeed we all come from.


With those of you in the USA, of course it's somewhat obvious to break it down, state by state. And only that.


But here in Canada... well, there just aren't enough of us to warrant separation of provinces, hmmm? And add to that, the other parts of the world, where countries only, and not continents, should count.


I mean, for example, why are people listing the UK as their final place of living, when it is actually broken into England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, yes? No? I don't list North America which is the UK equivalent, right?


So why not list yourself with just city,country last in your profile?


Just an observation and personal opinion, at worst.


(oh and Post #777 here.....whoop)

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Yeah, the location one doesn't really work and I'm thinking about just removing that module. It's based on what people put into their profile and since you can put in ANYTHING is creates false data.


In fact, now that you've mentioned it, I think I'll just remove it because until PHPBB offers a 'choice' of location rather than an input box, it will never work quite right.



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I do want to point out that, although the statistics are back, it's not the best thing to post for posting sake just to make it on the list.


If you are creating good content, post as much as you'd like! But posting just to increase your post count is not something that is looked very highly of.


--Robb "Just wanted to throw that out there." Alvey

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