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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

P. 53: "Disney Enchanted Christmas" 2022 details announced!

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^ Agreed. When are we going back to Japan, again?


Just read at http://www.dlrpmagic.com that it was a journalist's ERROR that reported two attractions to be opening in 2014 at WDS. The Disney company has just contacted somebody and explained the error. "Une" became "Deaux" apparently, lol.


Ah well - it was a nice rumor while it lasted.

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^The Soarin' concept with a new more worldly film has been a rumor at several Disney Parks. If it goes anywhere I think it should go to Disney Sea, seems like it would fit in beautifully there and they'd somehow make it actually fly or teleport you to the places knowing Tokyo Disney!


That would be cool at DisneySea because they would do it right. This would be just another reason to go back to Japan as if any where needed.

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Sounds good to me.



I had thought, with that corner of the TDS property, they might create some kind of larger coaster ride, like "Expedition: Everest". But with "Raging Spirits" so close by in the same 'land'... probably not.

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I am such a sucked for these nighttime shows. The last twenty seconds of this one is just amazing!!


Been waiting for this new show for months now and totally agree the last minute of this just builds and builds and then 'bang' - lasers, fire, fireworks, fountains, music and water and castle projectors all going full on - not sure what else you could chuck in to the mix. Off to see this in person in a couple of months and counting the days down. Disney always put on a great show but this pulls together all of the lessons learned from World of Color etc. DLP have been so lucky to have the skills of Steve Davison and his team work on this new show and I'm sure as the seasons pass DLP will make full use of the new set up - can see both a Halloween and Christmas make-over working just a well. This definitely puts DLP on the must do list for this year. Happy 20th birthday DLP.

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Wow, that looks like a GREAT show! I'm especially impressed with the projections on the castle. Can't say the flow of the show is that great, but it still looks like a blast (of fire!) and sure to please the crowd, especially with that finale haha.

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Disneyland Paris opened the doors at 12 april 1992, this year it celebrates it's 20th anniversary and last weekend (31 march-1 april) there was a big Press Event.

I was invited being the webmaster of my Disneyland Paris website


Getting our press pass at Hotel New York


This was the desk, but we were early, so we had to wait, there was no one there at the moment :)


A display of some new merchandise for the 20th anniversary


The entrance to Disneyland Park got a new sign for the celebration


The press are setting up their equipment in the park


Getting ready for the opening ceremony


Time to cut that ribbon Mickey :)


Time to celebrate


and take lot's of picture with celebrities


Pluto having fun on his own


Hi Daisy


Meet Mickey is not open now, but will be in May 2012, we had a hard hat tour and weren't allowed to take pictures or make video.

This was a real stage and now still is, the seats are now gone and there is a sue line in front of the stage.

You will meet mickey in a real backstage, nicely decorated and you can get your picture taken with Mickey, it was very nice


Thanks to this imagineer, who is a story teller and took us on the hard hat tour of Meet Mickey


I also did an interview, with you can see at the bottom of this post, with imagineers about the parade, the anniversary train and the new show called Disney Dreams


A scale model of one of the new parade floats


Foto set for the celebrities and the press


Parade time











This parade is called Disney Magic on Parade





The 20th Anniversary Train




We also had a Dinner event for all the invites and celebrities and there I met Tony Baxter :)


Tony Baxter and Me


Then to the park for a speech of the CEO Philippe Gas



The CEO Philippe Gas


Then it was time for the show everyone was waiting for: Disney Dreams



water, fire, pyro and projections on the castle



After the show there was a party in Main Street, party time :)


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So essentially World Of Color, Fireworks, and the Magic Memories and you all had a lovechild! This is the first time I have ever seen a show that can possibly compete with Fantasmics... and I mean DL's... my personal favorite, which means I am a (little) more impressed with this than Tokyo's. This had Hunchback Tangled Princess and The Frog with Shadowman and used it's unique setting to use water, pyro, and the castle. Well done Disney... this is certainly amazing! Thanks for the video... I would love to see this in person sometime!


The Ghost

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Looks like a new crane has arrived at DLP to help with the building of the new Ratatouille dark ride




Really pleased this has got the green light now that DLP has the financial resources to further expand. Surprised that they haven't put this obviously French themed attraction in long before now. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

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Are you sure that crane isn't just there to protect the park from the Godzilla-sized Buzz Lightyear?


Good to see that there may be some progress on the Ratatouille ride.

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The flashmob looked fun.

A great way to kick off the birthday.

Sorry it won't be happening in 2014

when we get there for a visit.


But by then - Ratatouille should be open, woo hoo!

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Here is some interesting news from Paris, it sounds like some great new attractions are on the way!


Disneyland Paris ceo philippe gas unveils plans for future projects


Disneyland Paris CEO Philippe Gas unveils plans forfuture projectsUpdate : 18/04/12 - 19h51Published by François Mayné the 16 April 2012, Project. The Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.C.A., Philippe Gas, made a couple of announcements recently in the French weekly news magazine L'Express.


After it has obtained an additional standby revolving credit facility of €150 million (about $192 million) from The Walt Disney Company in January, the operator of Disneyland Paris, whose resort celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012, is currently looking at the future.


With a global investment capacity of €250 million (about $320 million), the company already stated that it plans a multi-year expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park which includes a new attraction set to open in 2014. Philippe Gas explains that the ride will be a world first, have a French theme and will be based on a famous Disney movie, which is another step before the official announcement of the long awaited Ratatouille dark ride.


Rats.jpg.5e30cebda3074b893b8d2c604f7bf29d.jpg Toys.jpg.100f7fd5884ca726f6c4e2e834d427bc.jpg


Philippe Gas also states that Disneyland Paris is currently considering the addition of an interactive attraction inspired by Toy Story Pixar/Disney movie, following the popular success of the Toy Story Playland area that opened in August 2010 in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Explaining that the ride will allow visitors to come back without having a feeling of repetition, he probably talks of Toy Story Mania, an interactive dark ride with shooting gallery's style games in 3-D.


Also announced in the article are the plans to introduce the awarded Star Tours 2 : The Adventures Continue replacing the current Star Tour ride that opened in 1992. In 2013, Disneyland Paris will be the only Disney theme park in the world to run the original version after Tokyo Disneyland decided to update its own ride that same year.


Considering the third theme park that will open before 2035 according to the agreement signed between the company and the French State in 2010, Philippe Gas adds that they will decide in 2020 if the concept is viable or not. If yes, this third theme park could be inaugurated in 2025.


Star.jpg.a6eb36756bb6f4c4dbe0b21ec02cb414.jpg Green.jpg.f0a0782230e2b52b2e48598017e230cb.jpg


Finally, Philippe Gas reminds that the new resort and water park (the biggest in Europe) Villages Nature is still scheduled to open in mid-2015. Famous Imagineer Joe Rohde, head design for Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, is currently working on the project that includes an artificial swimming lake heated by geothermal.


After the addition of the night show Disney Dreams!, Disneyland Paris will open in the coming months a new Meet & Greet location in Fantasyland (Meet Mickey) and a brand new retail store in Disney Village (World of Disney).


I really hope all this works out! Though I am a bit surprised that they would wait so long to consider adding Star Tours 2.


Credit to MiceChat

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Follow me this afternoon on Tweeter (Same.. Mickey1929) for a Dlp live TR. No characters , no parade.. I just would like to snapp all the small works, refurb' and others funny things. Waiting time. Magic picture (hopefully). And my meal at the Blue Lagoon..

Good afternoon!

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