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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

P. 53: "Disney Enchanted Christmas" 2022 details announced!

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^It is rumored that this will be the Ratatouille themed area that was hinted at in leaked concept art over a year ago. Plus there is a themed "gateway" to an expansion pad yet unused in the park that is accessible from Toy Story Land--this area includes bridge that is themed to Parisian architecture and even had a cornerstone that featured Chef Gusteau's face (but was later covered by a temporary stone-looking piece).

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Disneyland Paris is turning 20 in a few months and you better believe they’ve got a special celebration in the works, including a new show with never-before-seen special effects. The team behind the new Disney Dreams Show told us that they’ve gathered the greatest technology from around the world to “wow” you and tell a story in a new way.


Take a look at the plans. Water streams and the Disneyland Paris castle will become a canvas for the story during the new after-dark Disney Dreams Show. It’s being created by Imagineer Steven Davison and it’ll include lasers and other special effects and technical tools that have never been combined before at Disney Parks.


Mickey and Minnie and some of your favorite Disney characters will also have redesigned costumes when they appear in the new Disney Magic on Parade! The parade will begin with a tribute to Disney Magic and include new music, floats and choreography. Here’s a look at what to expect when the celebrations begin on April 1, 2012.




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This photo was recently posted at http://www.DLRPmagic.com


Taken from the Parchute Drop at the Studios'

Toy Story Land. (Thankyou to them for posting it.)


Looks like dirt is moving - and a few more trees

have been uprooted, lol. Beside the Costume Bldg.


"Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity" looks like

it's going to be moving along, now.


And I/we will wait until late 2014, when it's supposed

to open. The new castle show looks nice, though.


And you can juuuust make out the archway (with the covered Chef Gusteau head) on the left there, connected to the Barrel Of Monkeys' bright blue...barrel. (o: Odd seeing the Dinotopia stuff from the tram tour...behind where R:KC will be.

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They covered the Gusteau head on the archway, but the benches that line that walkway have subtle Ratatouille engravings on them as well. I'm glad to see an expansion finally moving forward for this park, it really is in dire need of more attractions and more space for guests.

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And from http://www.dlp-guide.com/ (Thankyou!)


I found the permit for R:KC

that's been publically posted.


Sorry ~ don't want to take away

from the 20th Anniversary stuff, the castle show and all.

But I still feel that this was (going to be) a

part of it, too. Sadly, off by a couple of years.


"Toon Studio D" And that is quite a sizeable building for this attraction/restaurant/gift shop. Yum!

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Sounds Amazing!

Shame I just moved to Australia from Europe and cant just hop over. I will definitely miss this after seeing a preview of the one in Disney World Florida


Just checking here - which "the one" are you referring to?


The Ratatouille attraction is currently being built

only at WDS in Paris. Nowhere else - for now.


Do you mean the waterscreen show DLP is creating

for it's 20th Anniversary? Or the new parade?

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The Disney and More blog is reporting that the Space Mountain Mission 2 trains will be receiving the new Vekoma "vest"-style safety harnesses, but not until the end of the year.




This new hydraulic harness is totally different than the previous one and the head will be free, so no more knocks of the head. Last week, Vekoma came at DLP to test it and installed this new harness at the last row of one Space Mountain train. Then, they asked DLP cast members if they would like to test it. Several CM did try it and all were literally in heaven when the train came back at the boarding station. Basically, thanks to the new harness "it's night and day" from the previous one and the ride just become exhilarating again.


Does this mean that we could possibly look forward to seeing the harnesses on the Rock n' Roller Coasters? I personally think that Hollywood Studios' coaster is bearable, but who knows?

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I know of four installments so far - Carolina Cobra @ Carowinds, Sidewinder @ Hersheypark, Speed of Sound @ Walibi Holland, and Magic Mountain @ Gardaland. They all were fitted with completely new trains though, and not just a restraint installation like what's being talked about for Space Mountain.

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Battlestar Galactica also uses the new 'vest style' softer Vekoma Restraints.


This is FABULOUS news for Space Mountain!!!!


That ride was rated one of my worst steel coasters on the planet after my last ride, and I won't ride it again until the change happens.

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http://www.lefigaro.fr/societes/2012/03/13/20005-20120313ARTFIG00679-disneyland-paris-a-appris-de-ses-erreurs.php (Translated via Google)


Are you satisfied with the performance of Euro Disney, twenty years after the park opened?


Philippe GAS. - The park is a success, although we can not say we met the economic performance of the company. Disneyland Paris has attracted 250 million visitors in twenty years. This is the destination with the most echo in Europe, the pay site's most visited France to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. We hope this year to mark our 20th anniversary, exceeding the 15.7 million tourists in 2011, a record level of attendance, despite the difficult economic environment in Europe. This anniversary is for us a true commercial lever, with a show Dreams, the first show of its kind in the world Disney.


For small shareholders of Euro Disney, this anniversary is rather sad. Was it a mistake to rate the company?


It was a willingness of the government of the time to rate Euro Disney. By investing, small investors bought a share in the dream. Certainly they have lost money, but they keep a very emotional attachment to society. I can assure our 68,000 individual shareholders that the company value will increase. Recently, institutional investors, mostly British, are interested in value. This is a positive sign.


Some believe that from the outset, the project was set up to Euro Disney can not make money ...


This is false. This is part of the conspiracy theory of the wicked Americans, long invoked. However, we did a lot of effort. We never stopped investing during the crisis, we never touched employment. Last year, our salaries were up 4.5%.


Disney, however, has made money with this park ...


Of course, Disney has made money. But our parent waived his his royalties and management fees from 1994 to 1999, and only took 50% between 1999 and 2003. The real beneficiary of Disneyland Paris, is France. In twenty years, 7 billion was invested by the private, 15,000 direct jobs and 55,000 indirect jobs were created each year. Disneyland Paris has generated 59 billion in tourism revenue for France.


The beginning was very disappointing. How did you do to get back on track?


Disneyland Paris was the first park opened outside the United States by Disney. We sin of arrogance. At the time, the French had no culture of amusement park, they did not know the product, they expected close to the Foire du Trone. We had a learning curve, but we learned from our mistakes. For fifteen years, we target all families with children. We lost a lot of energy talking to them indiscriminately regardless of their nationality and their profiles. Since 2006, we segment our offers and our communication. Thanks to record promotions on full board that we offer with our local partner, the chain store Corte Ingles, the Spanish and continue to come despite the crisis. And the English come since we launched a year ago, including transport packages.


Are you not obliged to do promotions all the time?


Since 2009, we live in a difficult economic environment. The English, who reserved a year in advance, decide two months before departure. The French almost overnight. Price is key, but our promotion policy is much finer than before. It allows us to better smooth attendance throughout the year. And paradoxically, the average cost of a visitor in our hotels has never been higher. It is 226 euros.


What will you do to avoid saturation of the park?


Knowing that a customer is satisfied when at least six attractions in the day, we estimate our maximum capacity to 17 million visitors annually. So we still have room for improvement, but we must grow. In January, our banks have given us 150 million new funding to build two new attractions, which should open in 2014 in our second park, Walt Disney Studios. In 2010, we also obtained the agreement of the State to build a third park. We see it very seriously, even if the decision will be made during 2020. We also build new hotels, restaurants and shops.




This officially stands as unconfirmed information but sources, including one speaking directly to DLRP Today, have reported this evening that Captain EO will close once and for all at Disneyland Paris on 2nd April 2012. The final day of operation for the reborn Discoveryland 3-D cinema attraction will reportedly be Sunday, 1st April 2012 — ironically also the first day of the 20th Anniversary celebrations. News of the closure was apparently revealed to Cast Members at the attraction today, with no announcement of an imminent replacement.


Captain EO, a 1986 3-D film with special effects starring Michael Jackson, re-opened in its original locations at Epcot, Disneyland, Disneyland Park in Paris and Tokyo Disneyland throughout 2010 as a “tribute” to the musical star himself. It also provided a welcome stop-gap to replace the ageing Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, but its reopening was greeted more enthusiastically in some parts of the globe than others. Returning to Disneyland Paris on 12th June 2010, it enjoyed a welcome reception from a minority of fans but perhaps failed to ignite the interest of regular guests here as strongly as the American parks, where it had become much more a thing of pop culture legend.


A somewhat out-of-the-way location and a similarly dated neighbour in the original Star Tours, which remains in operation at Disneyland Paris, can’t have helped its success.


We noted last September that the attraction, already operating limited daily opening hours, was even beginning to remain closed completely on some quieter off-season days, as attendance clearly failed to meet requirements. Another potential factor in a closure could be the problems faced by its sponsor, Kodak, with Eastman Kodak Company having filed for bankruptcy in January, though the company remains an official partner and is ever-present at various other locations.


If the attraction’s Cast Members were hoping for a boost in attendance, they’ll surely get it on the weekend of 1st April, when fans and Annual Passholders will descend on the resort for the premiere of Disney Dreams! and — if confirmed — a grand, final farewell to Captain EO…

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No loss when Captain EO closes!


ShushHHHH!!! I LOVE Captain EO. It's a HUGE loss when it closes!!!


(Actually, in all honesty, I could care less if they close it in Paris. But when they decide to axe it at Disneyland California it's going to be a sad, sad day for me.)

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No loss when Captain EO closes!


It has no success anymore, the waiting line is always short & the cinema is somewhat more than half empty.


Captain EO used to be a great ride, however the technology they used in that movie is, nowadays, considered as obsolete, they really need something new ...

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I have read in some Disney-related sites, that the company's probably not calling the restaurant connected to the new Ratatouille ride, a second attraction in the complex.


So - has anybody heard anything about the second attraction, yet?


Rumors include an updated redone tram tour; something to replace "Armaggedon", though the building footprint is pretty small; "Animagique" out and "Mickey's PhilharMagic" in; "Soarin' Around France/The World", in it's own spot...


That's a few I have read about.

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^The Soarin' concept with a new more worldly film has been a rumor at several Disney Parks. If it goes anywhere I think it should go to Disney Sea, seems like it would fit in beautifully there and they'd somehow make it actually fly or teleport you to the places knowing Tokyo Disney!

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