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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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Thanks for posting the pic of the train Coasterking, pretty sweet lookin (no doubt).


I do have one question: Why would you put side windows on a coaster train? WTF


Thats the only thing I don't particularly care for, but what's more important is how it rides! Can't wait to see some testing videos.

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I think the "guessed consensus" is that those windows are there to keep hands inside of the train...


I hope that is why because if they did it to only make it look like a car window they would have failed almost as much as the Carowinds Intimidator cars.

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Looking at this pic:


The pullout from the overbank seems to be sorta hanging out in the air with no support under it. Maybe just the angle of the photo.


Also, there is extra, unused support structure on the lift hill just sticking up there and not really doing anything. I like it! It's kinda like the skeleton of the old Giant - I hope they leave the old wood (there are other portions of the ride with similar excess structure) on it for aesthetics.

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^ I agree that I think that the RMC boys have got allot of work leftover to do... It seems like they mainly focused on completing track-work...


See anything wrong with this picture?




Which is probably why they haven't started testing yet.



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^ I agree that I think that the RMC boys have got allot of work leftover to do... It seems like they mainly focused on completing track-work...


See anything wrong with this picture?




Which is probably why they haven't started testing yet.




Look, they're taking the term Headchopper and making it their own. I for one applaud their efforts to stand out amongst the other designers.




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Which is probably why they haven't started testing yet.




Among a few other things. A close look at those http://coastercon.com/html/giant-album.html pics and you can see quite a bit still needs done. Such as...



Zoom in


This is the gap Houstonthrills referred to that you can see from Titan's lift, and the railroad if you know where to look.


and another shot of...


another bit needing adjustment.


one more look


there is that little gap again

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Sorry I'm double posting, but I'm moving to a new (BIG) batch of photos. A few days ago I mentioned that Chaparral Cars were looking as if they were getting a new platform so that it's current queue can be used for Texas Giant next year. Here is what I discovered. These are probably a lot more photos than necessary but oh well.975746098_Giantqueuediagram.png.5753b7554522a3cc9b42253f75f4bc29.png

For people who may not have seen this before, here are the areas in the photos below.


Riding along on the Chaparral cars and you will come along this fresh conrete.


It then hops the fence a becomes what looks to be a new platform for the cars.


It continues around the bend a little ways...


and then runs out behind some vending machines on the midway.


that path runs into the back of the circled machine here. I'm not sure if that will be the exit or entrance for the ride, but I would think if they want to build switchbacks for the Chaparral Cars then this little structure (which has tons of misters on in the summer) would be an ideal spot (without the misters).


A couple shots of Chap's queue house and platform.


It's kind of a quaint little building.


Here is the interior of the queue house


While the queue house itself doesn't look to house many switchbacks , combined with the paths leading to and from it and it is long enough to add a lot of guests to Giant's line. Giant's current queue is circled in the backround at left.


Now out on the midway you can see these fences where they poured the new conrete.



Here is the other side of that path leading to the back of the vending machines.


And here is the path on the midwayside of the fence for Chaps. Not sure if this would be the entrance or exit for the ride. It would make a very short entrance but quite a long exit.


one last look


and in a bit of other news, Tony Hawk is fading away from Big Spin here in Arlington now.


Not sure why this had to go as it was just a silhouette of a skateboarder




and after. As of Sunday, this was the only car to have the decals removed. That's all folks!!

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I am going to suspect that they will tear down the old chaps queue house and build a new one using the whole chaps platform+ entrance and exit of the chaps, It also raises the question if they will move the giants entrance all together over to the chaps current entrance/exit, but yes they will most likely be moving the chaparral cars platform and reuse the queue house, but will the chaps maintenance area stay the same?

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I was kind of hoping the Chaps queue would stay since it's been there sooooo long but it is a tad cramped for today's crowds and No I'm not making a fat joke here at all. It's just too closed up and intimate for what most public spaces are these days. Im sure it will get a makeover though or at least connect to the giant queue without having to go out on the midway. Unless this chaps thing is a temporary move. I just hope they put up some kind of nice structure for both rides.

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Am I missing something here?


Why are people pointing out all the little faults of the track? The article I read said that the ride won't open until the 2011 season (May). This is a huge project and Im very sure that Six Flags or Rockey Mountain won't let the ride operate until everything is perfect. These guys are professionals and they know what they are doing and are very sure of where the track doesn't fit correctly. Testing a ride (I heard) is 50 hours of operation without a fault, say the projected opening date is memorial day - testing could not start til April.


If Im missing something, please let me know.

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^Yes. You are missing something. Everyone wants to know when they are going to start testing. They (Rocky Mountain) said it will be in early January, but people think that because the track is up it could happen during Holiday in the Park. It has been confirmed it will not happen while the park is open. I am not picking the project apart. Just pointing out that the track isn't ready for cycling yet. The first part of my post, when you read it, is just in response saying that the photos are to show why they aren't cycling yet for the inquiring posts. I think that's what you missed.

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