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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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To tie all that back in to the Giant, I'm nervous to see what Gerslauer has in store with their trains. They better be like nothing they have made in the past.

I will say that the Mammut trains were just fine. Very different from the box-shaped trains with the U-bars we've seen in the past. If indeed they are similar to Mammut's trains I'd say you have little to worry about.


Now if they are thinking about taking some old Megazeph or Twisted Sister trains and putting them on this, retro-fitted with different wheels, then that's a different story!


But the Mammut trains - they were great!



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I'm so confused. I see very large bolt heads sticking up from the topsides of these red metal *tracks*. There has got to be something else getting placed on top of that big red rail.


Was the first thing I noticed too. I was thinking this new track would place wheels in the precise place, like tubular steel coasters do. Maybe it won't have any give from side-to-side as a wood track, the bolts seem to be on the outsides of the rail, so the wheel would roll inside them. Totally confused.

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Gee, I hadn't been paying close enough attention to this project... and didn't realize Gerstlauer trains were part of the deal. I'm still really, really psyched to see how this all turns out, but, boy, do I have some awful Villain memories...


But as others have said, thanks so much for keeping a close eye on the progress!


(Also, I wish to hell they'd rename this coaster to "The Iron Giant" and get Brad Bird on board with re-theme...)

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I apparently went to SFOT on saturday and took some photos too. Well, didn't want the photos to go to waste so I will post them anyway. Hope you guys like them. I will also take a lot of pics over the summer for you guys. Hope the ride gets on its way.


Just a general overview of the lift hill


Construction sign greatness


Bottom of first turn and old and new stuff


First turn looks like it will have some speed


The old helix is almost completly gone



Notice the bolts on the top of the track, so we know that this isn't the final track.


The same old control panel


Under the station


The number 13, big bolts and spare parts! What more can you get?


I miss the old sign



Wonder what's under there...


Old and New


Anyone up there?


New Structure... yum


For you wooden switch track enthusiast


They had some pictures of the original construction



They're even pimping it out with a lowrider!

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If the wheels on the new trains are coated in a polyurethane material, then I think that this could very well be the final track. There is a nice and neat little slot of which the wheels could run through. Plus it wouldn't make any sense to prefab the track, install, and add material on top. As it is right now, the thickness of the lip appears to be the same dimensions as the wood track.tg.thumb.jpg.859b7079045fcb63d0a4f7e2f548fdec.jpg

Old track. You can see the "lip" on the inside of the rail.


The "lip" on the new rail (the rail on the inside of the curve).


Just my two cents, but we won't know for sure.

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Well this weekend brought plenty of bad weather, and large crowds on Saturday, but Sunday was dead. On a good note Shockwave was up and running at last! Just a few pics for the Giant and the latest graphic to share with everyone. I wasn't able to get up the Oil Derrick this weekend with the weather but not much new to see from there anyways. Here we go!


Looking a bit sad today. The last bunny hill is trackless now, and they have removed more track from the first drop and more structure from the drop before the midcourse.


Pile of old track in the infield


The "helix" on the station side is on its way out


A look at the area. They have removed a substantial length of the track from the lift his week.


Here is the latest graphic update

well this graphic is actually wrong and it won't update on here for some reason.


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A whole week and no talking in here? Well, ready or not here is another update.


The entire lift and crown are trackless


No more track in the station,


or in the brake run as far as I could see


It's getting pretty ugly in here


The station side of the helix is nearly gone


Quite a bit of track is gone along these two turns. All


I took some time to go into the Music Mill as it was open for some music awards ceremony and grab this angle as well.


Now for the sad showing of the overall progress, I'd say maybe 50 to 60 percent of the track is gone.

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Theory points to the idea that the first turn after the first drop will be the overbank. I don't know where else they would put it, but you never know. With the ride being taller after this I can't help but wonder if they will be raising the block brake as well. I'm willing to bet we will see magnetic brakes used on the ride too, however hopefully not for trim purposes. I'm hoping this redo will let the trains run free as they did back in 1990.

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Texas Giant track removal surpasses halfway mark


The massive $10 million overhaul of the Texas Giant wooden coaster at Six Flags Over Texas reached another milestone late last week when construction crews reached the halfway mark on the removal of the wooden track. A new and innovative I-Box Steel track system is being added on the ride, with the first curved section having been installed between the transfer track and base of the lift hill. Rocky Mountain Construction of Hayden, Idaho is overseeing the coaster's makeover. When the ride opens next season it will also feature a new and innovative train design from Germany's Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH. The park is describing the new coaster as a 'super hybrid'.







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That is a weird looking track. Not sure if I like how the red steel on top of the wooden supports. But the thing that really looks odd is that they have those bolts sticking up on the top of the track. I'm sure the train wheels are going to run between the bolts, but it still looks really odd.

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