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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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Does it matter terribly what the ride is classed as? My categories are fun rides and not fun rides. Much more simple.


The class isn't relevant, no. It's the fact that people are claiming that the support-work is what makes a ride and changes the experience. Now does that make sense?

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So from reading all the other posts so far, here's what I gather...


1.) There does need to be a new classification, but the definition of which is fuzzy. (I.E. El Toro IS a wooden coaster...but with modern technology and precision as opposed to Texas Giant, which is becoming a steel coaster *similar* to Gemini.)


2.) If a park starts messing with a "classic" be prepared for vitriolic debate, damn! (And yes, it's a word - go look it up)


Hey if this new concept works, awesome. We end up being the winners here. I still believe that Intamin got it right with the Plug and Play to keep the tradition of wood on wood (huh huh he said, "Wood") but still provided a new experience and lower operating costs.


You think people back in the day had these same arguments on ye olde Message Boards of the late 1800's when coasters first debuted upstops and lapbars?


"I say, Reginald, this newfangled upstop wheel is the bees knees!"


"Quite, but these pecular lap 'restraint' bars - they simply ruin my experience of cheating death."

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Thanks for the compliment. Lurked for awhile on the boards, so I had a ton of posting to get out there! That, and I'm really bored at work!


By the way, not that I really care but did ACE ever throw a plaque in front of the Texas Giant? I'm thinking if they did, there may be a few tears shed at ACE World Headquarters over this.

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Texas Giant is gonna look pretty freaky by the end of all this.


If all goes as planned, (Which I for some reason doubt), it will have a barely vertical drop, 95 Degree turns, and funny looking red steel tracks.

Do I sense a surprise Bizarro makeover in the future?


Texas Giant is probably going to be the most interesting coaster to watch over the next couple years.

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This whole discussion has gottem me thinking... Has anyone else noticed that the farther north you go, the better the wooden coasters get? Not all by any stretch, but in gereral. Perhaps this new technology will help with some of the Southern coasters that can desperately use it. Here in the South East there are high temperatures and obscene humidity to deal with - in Texas, "dry heat." Maybe this new hybrid track design will help maintain the coasters (be they wood or steel) and create less pain for us.


I could be way off base, and the coasters just require better maintenance, but I'm hopeful. As I posted earlier - TG was AWESOME when it was new. Just awesome.


Looking forward to what happens.

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^ I believe that the smaller individual parks (Holiday World for example), take care of their wooden coasters way better than the huge corporate chain parks! (SF,CF,Busch)


I agree. I think Hershey Park takes good care of their woodies too.

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^^Don't forget that smaller parks also have fewer rides to keep track of, and that makes it easier to keep up with wooden coasters (which take a lot of constant care and attention).


I think someone else also mentioned how woodies in the south tend to be rougher than ones in the north, that goes back to longer operating seasons (in some cases year round) and less rehab time for those coasters. The weather up north is just as harsh with all the cold and snow in the winter time, and that can take a toll on a wood structure just as easily as heat and humidity. The difference is, parks in the north have a lot more down time and have more time to repair and refurbish their coasters, whereas parks like BGA, SFMM, and KBF that are open year round may only have a few weeks or a month out of the year to rehab theirs.

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^^ Good point Steve. I hadn't thought about the longer "off season" at a lot of more northern parks.


I, too, would like to see SOB burn. I remember telling my other TPR friends after riding it that if I said I wanted to ride again, to just punch me in the face a few times to give me the same result without actually having to walk up the queue line.

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TG was my all-time favorite coaster for many years. As of last year, it was near the bottom of a list that has grown past the 500 mark. Sad.

I love the layout, the speed, the surprises... and if making it a steelie brings back that kind of fun AND makes the thing re-ridable again, then I'm all for it.

If the results are good enough that they can put Rattler back to its original layout, then even better. OMFG that first drop was not to be believed on opening day.


Besides, if all of this excitement means that Steve Martindale ends up on TV more often, then I'm down with it. Dude is HOT.

Just sayin'

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just visited the park today and a few things have changed since the season started.


^ The two turns going over the lift are now completely gone. I wonder if this is where the 95 degree banked turn will be?


^ The turn out of the station is being rebuilt from scratch.


^ I'm not sure how long these have been here but these are the connectors that connect the track to the support structure.


^ I used paint to draw a line to help estimate where the new height of the Texas Giant will be. It appears that it will be around 10 feet, just what the article said.


^ On another note, during the day, ACE was celebrating the Judge Roy Scream's 30th birthday, but according to RCDB, the Judge Roy Scream opened on the first of march, not the 28th. A train full of ACE members rode the ride for 30 minutes without stopping, then rode 30 laps in a row on it.

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Screamscape has posted an update w/ a "Color Code" diagram on the current status of the Texas Giant's rehab.


The key maps out:

- Track removed

- Track & structure removed

- Structure replaced

- New track installed




ADMIN EDIT: I have added the photo so people know what they are looking at.


Edited by jedimaster1227
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Hey! I just got on here to post that ^ graphic. I made it and plan on doing one for every week I go. I'll post the previous ones I did below here.




March 6th


March 13th


EDIT:March 27th I accidentally showed track and structure removal before that is still in tact. This is the correct image.


I missed March 20th because it was about 20 degrees all day, and snowing that night. Anyway plan on me doing this once a week on here.

Edited by Zingoman
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I can only PRAY it will boast the same intensity in the end that it used to. Being all steel track I fear it will take every ounce of wickedness away from the ride entirely, and become smooth and quiet. I can't agree with you more however that it was once the greatest woodie ever made. Not too many people out there share this opinion it seems. *sigh*

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