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Beech Bend Press Confrence Photo TR

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Today was the press confrence to announce the name of the name of the new GCI woodie at Beech Bend. I arrived at about 12:00, at which time I met up with Scott (Scaparri) and Matt (MattyboiTN) and two of his friends. We all chatted a bit, wandered around and took some photos, then had a seat for the announcement. The crowd was really small...maybe 50 people or so. The owners of Beech Bend and their son and daughter spoke for a bit, and Jeff from GCI told us about the coaster and took questions. They announced that the name would be the Kentucky Rumbler, and then there were cheerleaders, and confetti and much celebration throughout the land.

After the announcement we went on a construction site tour, which was really cool, and very exciting. We got to ask detailed questions about the ride, and see parts of it up close that we won't be able to see when it opens. After the tour, we hit the refreshemnt table, then headed over for ERT on the Wild Mouse. I guess I got about 6 or 7 rides with various people in various seating configurations. At that point, Scott headed back to talk to Jeff some more, then was headed off to Kentucky Kingdom. But I, Matt and his friends made the obligatory TPR pit stop at McDonalds before heading back into Tennessee.

Overall I had a GREAT time, and would LOVE to be able to go to events like this more often. Onto the pics, because that's what you're really here for, right?


Being true coaster enthusiasts, of course we hit up the refreshment table next.


Yes Jeff, that's exactly what I'm going to do! That's Paul Drabek in the background laughing at me.


Wow, Jeff looks pretty pissed here. "First you sit on the loop of the Looping Star, then you make fun of 'The Purple'...I guess you're going to start standing all over my footers like that other guy now, huh?"


Here was a really obnoxious kid who kept kicking and playing with the gravel, and was just generally being very distracting. For Pete's sake, if your kids can't behave, don't bring them to something like this.


Here's Scott standing on a footer. Coolest footer stander I saw all day!


Sweet! Another absolutely KICK ASS photo!


Here is the view of the first turnaround after the lifthill as seen from the "dead man."


Here is Jeff from GCI standing on the "dead man", or the place where a lot of main supports come together. He said that some people request to get married on these supports, and we all agreed that that would be a very Robb and Elissa thing to do.


Next we started the construction tour. In true TPR fashion, Matt has also arrived with a camera...and a video camera at that!


Love it. This is the man who was setting off the fireworks. I snapped this just as the charge went off...you can even see the black firework still in the air. Best part is the ambulance. Can't Photoshop something this good!


It's the Kentucky Rumbler! That sign is klassy with a K.


Here is the Beech Bend owner speaking about the future of his park. His daughter said that the parents used their life savings to build the coaster instead of buying a beach house.


There was a team of junior high cheerleaders there too. This was their mascot..."The Purple." Yes, that's right, "The Purple."


I'm sorry, but this photo KICKS ASS!!!


Here is part of the looping star. It was for sale, but now they've decided to keep it, and it is just being moved about 100 feet to the right of where it has always been.


Scott came armed with a camera, as every good TPR member should!


And here is another view from inside the park.


This is part of the view that you see from inside the park.


Welcome to Bowling Green. Don't even look for directional signs pointing to the park because we don't have any!

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More photos


And Matt says "Whatever, I am *way* more adorable than you when *I* wear *my* Chicken Little crown."

Thanks for reading!


Julie says "I am *so* adorable when I wear this Chicken Little Crown"


I got the new premium grilled chicken sandwich. It was kinda weird and gross, so I don't recommend it. Stick with burgers and fries.


Yay! Obligatory "Stuffing your face at McDonald's" photo!


We were some of the last people to leave the event. Scott headed out to SFKK, and the rest of us went to McDonalds! I swear this is the most confusing road sign I have seen in my whole life. 31 West South? What?


I pray to the Lord above that they are getting a new panel for the Looping Star because you *know* this has sat in the rain at some point this week.


KICK ASS photo #3!!!


Lest we forget where we are, I present this photo of a keg holding the nuts and bolts of the Looping Star.


Matt takes a breather and has a seat on the Looping Star also.


Julie says "Look at me, I'm cool, I'm touching coaster track." Then reason gets the best of her and she says "Eww, it's dirty and rusty! Get your hands off of that and go get a tetanus shot!"


While e-stopped at the higest point of the ride, Matt thinks "Ahh, I'm hanging all the way over the edge! Get me down!" and Julie thinks "Ahh! Why does my face look so fat in e-stop pictures?!?!"


Then something happened that I've never had happen on a coaster before...it e-stopped!


The Discovery Channel crew even took a couple of laps on the mouse.


Me and Matt on the Wild Mouse. Once again, best caption I got.


Me and Scott on the Wild Mouse. Yep, that's the best caption I got.


Here are Matt and his friends riding "The Purple." Matt looks truly terrified going over those bunny hops, no?


Next was ERT time, so we headed over to the Wid Mouse. Scott's all "Yay, a new credit!"

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LOL! GREAT Photos!!!! I loved this: "Eww, it's dirty and rusty! Get your hands off of that and go get a tetanus shot!" I feel exactly the same way whenever we end up doing a walkback somewhere! "Oh, how cool..." then immediatly followed by "Dammit, I got this crap all over my hands!"



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Thanks for the photos!


I want to hate the name so much, but I can't. Something about it is quirky and just... interesting.


BTW, it looks like your friend's face is rejecting his eye brow ring. This happens often with hoops. They are awkwardly shaped so the body sometimes gradually works them out of the skin. If he switches to a barbell, that should solve the problem. Happened to me. Then, again, his piercer could have pierced it shallowly and that's what I'm looking at. I dunno.


Thanks again!

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Yeah, it was a great time today. This coaster is the real deal folks. Jeff did an incredible job designing it. There are a lot of things about the ride that photos and artwork don't catch very well. Most of the hills and turns are still fairly low to the ground and there are some other features that are really going to catch people off guard. I get a strong feeling, though half the size, this is going to give The Voyage a run for it's money. It was an awesome day though. Lots of fun.

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^Yeah, these guys are pretty much a less glorified, Kentucky version of the Kochs. They are incredibly nice people that thank you for coming to their park and they talk to strangers like they've known them for years. I really hope the Rumbler does great things for the park. It's small, but it's got character. And like many of you, I too for some reason really like the name Kentucky Rumbler. Now, I'm going to add just a couple of my pics from today. Awesome pics Julie! Sorry I missed the Mickey D's!


When I got home, I discovered my TPR hoodie awaiting me. Too bad I didn't get to sport it today and shwo everybody what we're representing.


Yeah, see that tiny bump there? There are more!


Yeah, did I mention it's kind of rural? Don't let that scare you away though. I bet this place is a lot of fun when it's open. Can't wait to go next summer!


The Purple rides a coaster! I can't help but wonder who came up with the brilliant idea to name the school the Purples.


I am a self-picture taking master


The TPR gang


Can't wait to see this when it's done.


Yeah, it's going to be pretty freakin' sweet. Jeff Pike had a lot of fun describing the drop.


This place makes Holiday World look urban. I still like the place a lot though.

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I only live about an hour and a half away from Beech Bend, but I've never really cared much about going there until seeing these pictures. Maybe I will be able to convince my mom to take me there on the way to Holiday World this summer.


It doesn't look like that bad of a park, with a Power Surge, Pinfari Looper, Spinning Mouse, and now this really awesome looking woodie, though I personally think that the park owner should have spent his life savings on some nice landscaping to improve the park atmosphere. I'm guessing he thinks this new coaster will boost park attendance way up and then he can afford to make the place look nicer.


Will you still have to pay for each ride individually like at a carnival? I think the park should just have one flat admission fee.

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Hey guys that was a great trip i had a blast and the photos i have seen so far are great i guess its my turn to post a few



click that for my photos


im also editing my videos from the trip and ill have those

open for view soon


i hope we all can meet up again for the opening cause its going to be a great ride!



my eyebrow ring isnt growing out of my head i have had it for over 6 years its just the loop and because my alergies were all kinds of messed up and made my eye swell

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