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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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This really made me face-palm...


In my art class, some kids where talking about the upcoming choir trip to Six Flags Great America, and then one of them asked someone at my table,


"Do you know where the carousel is?"


I know that the GP won't have the park memorized, but cmon, the carousel is the first thing you see when you walk in, and it's not even hidden away or anything, its the parks centerpiece!

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I hate it when schools visit parks. They always think "OMG!! I'm so cool I'm totally going to vandelize this park and do a whole bunch of funny crap in it because I'm so funny and hilarious." Really, all the ever do is make the parks atmosphere more ghetto. Kids that would never ever othersiwse go into a theme park (for the most part) attend these trips. Particularly MS kids. God, I hate it.

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Unbelievable as it is, this is actually true(and it does make my 80th post).The craziest thing I heard would have to be what this sophomore once said to me...

Sophomore: "Cedar Point is better than Magic Mountain"

Me: "Why? Magic Mountain will soon have the most coasters than any other theme park."

Sophomore: "Because Cedar Point has Kingdom Ka."

Me: "Kingdom Ka?"

Shocked at how ridiculous this is I tried reasoning with him...

Me: "Hold on, Cedar Point has Top Thrill Dragster, which is still slightly smaller than Six Flags Great Adventurer's Kingda Ka, not Kingdom Ka, and both are way slower than Formula Rossa at Ferrari World."

Which really didn't work cause he's think he's on a "higher level" than everyone else. Oh well just might as well stop arguing with him and make him look like the idiot, which he is.

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On super man ultimate flight at six flags great adventure, right when the ride was over, the guy siting next to me said:

"I thought you were dead, you didn't make a sound!"

Me: "Well, Ive been on a taller and faster flying coaster called tatsu, which made the ride kind of boring"

Guy: " Were is that?"

Me: "Six Flags Magic Mountain, in California"

Guy: "Well, that ride has to be scary if its named after a mountain!"


How can that guy get the name of the ride, mixed up with the name of the park if I just the what they were less then a minute ago?


In line for V2 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:


Guy in line next me " You know, this ride used to twist up but they had to change it.." At this point I was kind of happy because I though he was going to tell the truth about that and not the " The engineers messed up the ride" story, but then he finished his sentence.


"..because some one fell out"


Oh boy...


In line for Goliath a Six Flags Magic Mountain:


Lady with small child: " Does this ride go up side down? Because do not want my son going on a ride that goes up side down!"


But yet you will let him go on a 255ft, 85 mph hyper coaster?

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I just remembered a few more-


Girl on a tram at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:


"Man, we should of gone to Great America! I think their rides are taller and faster and its cheaper to!"


In line for in Invertigo at California's Great America-


Kid1: "This ride is the same a the boomerang at Six Flags only your not hanging."

Kid2: "I think Six Flags Copied"

Me: "Six Flags didn't copy, these ride are made by the same people."

Kid2: "Yeah but they still copied"


Walking around at CGA-


Person1: "Did you see all those rides they are powered by tires?!"

Person2: "Yeah, that's so stupid, they probably have to replaces them like, every day!

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July 3rd, 2010. SFMM. Revolution.


Me and my friend were up to ride soon as the next train came back. While the people in front of us were loading, there was this kid who was WAAAAAAYYYY under the height limit! The employee measured him and said "Whatever let him ride " everyone cheered and I was laughing. Then I heard this guy next to me say "Watch that train come back and noone in the seat". Apparently a lot of people heard him say that cuz when the OTHER train came back, that specific seat was empty! Everyone was like "Wait...wasn't that where the kid was sitting?"


I quickly told the employee "Hey wheres that kid? " she then laughed quietly and SCREAMED when she saw the empty seat! Everyone was so scared it was awesome!



Wow, that might be the coolest prank Ive ever heard! lol!

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My sister works at Thorpe Park and she told me about two guys she overhead queuing for Stealth.


Guy one: "I heard if the train rolls back you get a free t-shirt with "I survived Stealth backward" written on it".

Guy two: "The train can roll back? If that happens I would sue".

Guy one: "Maybe that's why they give out t-shirts. To stop people suing".


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I have heard a few things that I don't believe would be annoying if I heard them once or twice. However, after hearing these multiple times, it really gets quite annoying.


One of them is calling a coaster train a 'car'. Everyone seems to do this, and, once, I even had a person correct me saying it was a 'car' and not a train!

The second misconception is when I try to explain the concept of ERT. People say "I've had that before! There is this thing at Disneyland called 'Extra Magic Hours'..."


One person who gave this same previous reply insisted I was over-exaggerating the awesomeness of WCB, that there was "no way you could wait only 10 minutes for X2." Well, I guess you have to be there to believe it!

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One of them is calling a coaster train a 'car'. Everyone seems to do this, and, once, I even had a person correct me saying it was a 'car' and not a train!

That's not as annoying as when they call it a "cart".

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In the Q of Saw (can't remember the exact words but it was something like this):

A: "I once was in a german theme park and rode this coaster built by a german company which name I can't remember and it was not safe at all, that's why you would never find a german ride in the UK"

B: "Fortunatelly not, I wouldn't trust or go on one in a million years ..."


As I said ... that was in the queue of the Saw the ride!

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(At Six Flags Great America-earlier this week):


How come they're not running more trains on this ride?


Which sounds okay until I realized that I was in line for Vertical Velocity......

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