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TPR at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2017!

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If you've been reading TPR for any time at all, you should know that Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has been an annual tradition for many years! It is our favorite of all the Halloween events in Orlando, and this is actually our third visit this year alone! And like last year where we all dressed up as the "different countries of Epcot" this year the group decided to take on a similar but different theme...


MNSSHP_2017_000.thumb.jpg.50f49e28cb89e7dfba2807b365f11e11.jpgHere we are in our 2017 group costume!


MNSSHP_2017_001.thumb.jpg.ee2e0ac3ceb449833eac31584b343501.jpgAnd if you wanted to take a slightly closer look so you can figure out what we are (it's not that difficult, really...)


Tonight our cast of characters included...


MNSSHP_2017_005.thumb.jpg.9cfa2a8b9ae7ca78bb5849f378c93ac7.jpgA bride...


MNSSHP_2017_002.thumb.jpg.415b1ab606a82b68e54104728fa5a556.jpgA princess.


MNSSHP_2017_003.thumb.jpg.d4c35713a8e6185501e3bb237bb2bff5.jpgA ringmaster...


MNSSHP_2017_004.thumb.jpg.4fb868ebd7f72c1abaa56ef6557676cf.jpgThe townspeople...


MNSSHP_2017_006.thumb.jpg.5c280d25b204d06b30dbd34be30b9af2.jpgA miner...


MNSSHP_2017_007.thumb.jpg.f9d561e24b2f63179006161a17dc81b6.jpgAn engineer...


MNSSHP_2017_008.thumb.jpg.8dbd9a75470dc95d44d53bc46a5ea39b.jpgA high-tech grandma...


MNSSHP_2017_009.thumb.jpg.4077c5926b30db6b4249ae8c7b98de23.jpgA pirate...


MNSSHP_2017_010.thumb.jpg.e4910653aec4c38619d1bd8c116e34b9.jpgAnd of course a castle!


MNSSHP_2017_011.thumb.jpg.c9607fe5469007ef6cce520e7b66b144.jpgThe girls are all very excited to get into the park!


MNSSHP_2017_012.thumb.jpg.75894a21b0a233d08f274b097eaec338.jpgJust in case you weren't sure if Megan was a male or female...


MNSSHP_2017_013.thumb.jpg.09f303c9a87de211be5c9718c6b2d118.jpgHere we are ready for MIckey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!


MNSSHP_2017_014.thumb.jpg.305ba6d845cd54d9fecb002ef427c5f7.jpgSince the party is all about Trick or Treats and in order to get those treats you need bags, here is the first thing you get!


MNSSHP_2017_015.thumb.jpg.43ed75ad4e850e34ab85b802b80d8850.jpgMegan was really popular tonight...which is a stark contrast to her normal life!


MNSSHP_2017_018.thumb.jpg.4e83a69ed91eeb9bc9445e5af9c3458d.jpgThe bride never smiled...


MNSSHP_2017_019.thumb.jpg.fe9d420b2fa3b12bb29d385e7721234b.jpgThe castle has an.... um... "drawbridge?"


MNSSHP_2017_020.thumb.jpg.b8411989cf370cbe767d5b5d7391a899.jpgLet's hear it in support of the women! (and no, Elissa's costume is not the Mary Poppins mother, she's one of the Main Street townspeople!)


MNSSHP_2017_021.thumb.jpg.b9b52b3effbef29579636a8b73568f7b.jpgRepresenting Liberty Square...


MNSSHP_2017_022.thumb.jpg.a88aecfed96b35b5fd933f88c07729a2.jpgDallas would make a much better president than our current one, however so would a sponge, so that's not saying much I guess!


MNSSHP_2017_023.thumb.jpg.d9108680a2ec98fc34831600d9353723.jpgDallas is NOT upset at all about Hall of Presidents still being closed!


MNSSHP_2017_024.thumb.jpg.c9bcc031b697e32fa47ff6e92757d443.jpgI thought those 999 haunts were supposed to be happy?


MNSSHP_2017_025.thumb.jpg.cff27a02a009cfcad63ce4f7df4e9411.jpgTangled Toilets back in her natural habitat!


MNSSHP_2017_026.thumb.jpg.b08ef8e013c77736a7ae4a136313ae7d.jpg"Welcome to my home!"


MNSSHP_2017_027.thumb.jpg.32adf7fc2d1a450aff65cfe1b47e5072.jpgOf course Flynn Rider would find Tangled Toilets hanging out at her house!


MNSSHP_2017_028.thumb.jpg.4d98da0d0f4141cb9312003b659eafbb.jpg"The real throne is up in the tower!"


MNSSHP_2017_029.thumb.jpg.6bac6787da7487d78a93277c6c569d7b.jpgKristen has found some fellow haunts to hang out with.


MNSSHP_2017_030.thumb.jpg.de9406cd1637e10282cd00683823ba79.jpgRepresenting Frontierland!


MNSSHP_2017_031.thumb.jpg.77ed7df78c7d0cd2f3947c5815ddb00a.jpgChuck has that "mean grizzled miner" look down!


MNSSHP_2017_032.thumb.jpg.ed2ac6e6930dea8303bb48d2226b5799.jpgBrer Bear, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bethany.


MNSSHP_2017_033.thumb.jpg.0d0749f227a240a8467a05d73c67de91.jpgRepresenting Adventureland!


MNSSHP_2017_034.thumb.jpg.e72f3478f2ef03e8768dab760e4482c9.jpgYo, ho! Wait...that didn't sound right...


MNSSHP_2017_035.thumb.jpg.c2b8e021843f7c280e887ab53dba8d6a.jpgIt's not a night at Magic Kingdom until you ride the Peoplemover! (Suck it, California!)


MNSSHP_2017_036.thumb.jpg.30f3f7e0154f61414cfa136fe50ebe5a.jpgYes, we are all about to ride Space Mountain!


MNSSHP_2017_036a.thumb.jpg.87b1dc771128976484715c7ce7b5bb5c.jpgThese may be the best onride photos we've ever taken on Space Mountain!




MNSSHP_2017_039a.thumb.jpg.72deea6bf53054ca2bf0ce24c190a676.jpg"Hey Universal... no lockers needed here!"


MNSSHP_2017_039b.thumb.jpg.7e9222c75ac0954197989615fca5b248.jpgRemember when you see this sign...


MNSSHP_2017_040.thumb.jpg.812a066bcc0a69568fe7b27eb942c6fb.jpgYou can get candy!


MNSSHP_2017_041.thumb.jpg.efc7327769baf1ece02f237dc80cdfab.jpgLots of candy!


MNSSHP_2017_041b.thumb.jpg.7809401c26120a48869cf2c95ef8a9f7.jpgAs much candy as you can possibly take home! (Seriously!)


MNSSHP_2017_041c.thumb.jpg.67986c38a50bd97fb243c028ae00d2e4.jpgProTip! Always "double bag" when you go to the candy stations! We already had 5 bags full by 9pm!


MNSSHP_2017_043.thumb.jpg.f9eb03a36a44f7af8cee5543c2d0bf11.jpgGarbles castle had some challenges throughout the night!


MNSSHP_2017_044.thumb.jpg.bfd2df455cda6898b77203344bee1d18.jpg"it's ok...I can just limbo all night long!"


MNSSHP_2017_048.thumb.jpg.48cf2c0a70838f5325ff4c32b76f8c38.jpgHalloWishes is still one of the best fireworks shows at Walt Disney World!


MNSSHP_2017_049.thumb.jpg.fea35800ab10a86206b4c0ed71e99b14.jpgThe costumes & makeup that the Haunted Mansion "Ghost Hosts" get to wear are awesome!


MNSSHP_2017_049b.thumb.JPG.713d5eb99eccd85cc6a66d8ac30ec752.JPGKristen has found a new friend.


MNSSHP_2017_050.thumb.jpg.cf2b4a9ed6b577d17b7e7f44fa320544.jpg"This here is the WIIIIIIILDEST hat in the wilderness!"


MNSSHP_2017_051.thumb.jpg.32ccd786b117f3823cac670a1844205a.jpg"Grrr....I dug all these tunnels by myself!"


MNSSHP_2017_052.thumb.jpg.198c14f2c10675016bdfa32665614e26.jpgThe Headless Horseman rides just before the Boo To You parade starts!


MNSSHP_2017_052a.thumb.jpg.a52ac50c4038665223c7f7e6d27bade5.jpgBoo To You is still my all-time favorite Disney parade!


MNSSHP_2017_052b.thumb.jpg.58b0cfd9d3a4eefcd4fc9fd49b9e0245.jpgWhile Mickey and his friends are all in the parade...


MNSSHP_2017_052c.thumb.jpg.041f00cf0dfd233e549ed1f288137ec7.jpgThe Haunted Mansion grave diggers always steal the show!


MNSSHP_2017_053.thumb.jpg.c89ca4cbd9c11aecccacc9f3bafb04ec.jpgAfter the parade we went to the Big Top Candy Stations...


MNSSHP_2017_054.thumb.jpg.1b619e2c527cd6362ac0e6dcc2d06550.jpgThe candy girls here are always the best!!!


MNSSHP_2017_055.thumb.jpg.792939ba3c15d190769ffc4d6e107c68.jpgOMG!!! SOOOO MUCH CANDY!!!


MNSSHP_2017_056.thumb.jpg.23ac99f5838915c09eea2bd3ed1958a6.jpgThe ringmaster has found her home! "We've got magic to do...just for you..."


MNSSHP_2017_064.thumb.jpg.8471214da3d5ff69ba6b96315b4f770a.jpgTangled Toilets got to meet Rapunzel!




MNSSHP_2017_065b.thumb.jpg.12b29e3bb4c9f3fb1c076e208785d029.jpgRapunzel loved our entire group!


MNSSHP_2017_065c.thumb.jpg.757842e1c6d53a1c5da6e25d5677845f.jpgAnd so did Tiana!


MNSSHP_2017_066a.thumb.jpg.658245405c1a8ee0eb4b572da091b915.jpgThe new "headless horseman" Photo Pass is AWESOME!!! Here's a few photos of our group...








MNSSHP_2017_072.thumb.jpg.146a492e1830bfe89fe0e18216e2676b.jpgAnother FANTASTIC night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!


MNSSHP_2017_073.thumb.jpg.567ea019315919458377dce0539f3a3b.jpgOh yes...the candy stash! We ended up with seven full bags of candy! Now the goal is to see if it will last until the NEXT Halloween Party!


Ok everyone! Now it's your turn! Be sure to POST YOUR COMMENTS!!! We took the time to write the report! The least you can do is say something somewhat nice about it!



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Awesome event, Robb! And so - much - candy! Maybe next year, one of you guys should go as a Candy Bag itself. Could work, lol.

Or each member of the group, could go as a different candy package, itself! Nice shout out to PIPPIN, too. And I repeat:

so - much - candy! That's also awesome that you didn't have to put up with using lo - ck - er - s. Disney Parks are great that way.

But - where did you put all - that - candy? I'm guessing one of you at certain times, became a "mobile bunnie with goo" and kept all those

candy bags, while the rest rode an attraction, etc.


Great tour of the evening, Robb. And "The Lands'" themeing was a great idea for group costumes.

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Love it!


looks like y'all had a great time (again).


LOL. some of the headgear looks like it wouldn't withstand some of the night, but very impressed that they not only made it on rides, but still looked great.


of course, my favorite is the un-smiling bride, but castle is a close second!

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That really is so awesome. Your group costumes are always so amazing and genius. I really loved everyone's thought going into each costume. Do they have other Photo Pass areas like the Headless Horseman? Is that something Disneyland offers or is that another reason why Disney World is so much better than California?


Jimmy "Jake's drawbridge is haunting my nightmares" Bo

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Must go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party..... must go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party....


Awesome report!I I'm pretty sure I wrote the exact same thing last year, but this event is sooooo high on my bucket list! I don't care much for all the 'proper scary stuff' that other parks do, but this just looks like so much fun which is exactly my cup of tea!


Love the onride photos! I can't believe Jake is riding Space Mountain with the castle hat on!

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It's a toss up between Tangled Toilets and Jake's Castle costume as my favorites this year! Everyone really went all out to dress up and I'm amazed at how creative the costumes were! Looks like a really fun event. Great pics and narrative as always, thanks for sharing your good time with us.

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Great Report!


Living in California, I so miss the People Mover! The track is still there at Disneyland to remind us of its former glory.


Disney goes all out on the candy, Twix, Snickers etc... not just a bunch of cheap junk like Smarties and gumballs etc...


Your candy haul should suffice for some time. : )

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Give it like another year and a group that size can probably pull off a "closed attractions" group costume theme

We actually saw a few people do this earlier in the year. The thing about it, though, stuff like that is usually done by people who are bitter and angry over "closed" attractions, and I sort of like to keep things moving forward and positive. Like I remember one of the guys was wearing a tombstone for "Wishes" and I was like "Do you really miss it with the new fireworks show being so good?" and he was just all crazy and angry saying back "YES! THE NEW FIREWORKS SHOW IS AWFUL. AWFUL!!!! I HATE IT! AND I HATE THAT EVERYONE ELSE LOVES IT!!!!"


I was all "Ooooookaaaaaay! You need therapy!" lol

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Yeah I meant in like more in a playful fun way paying homage to the attractions, not in a negative and angry manner.

Yeah I know what you mean. The sad part is though, even if YOU mean it in a fun, playful way, other people who are in the park will undoubtedly come up to you and be all "Yeah, I can't believe Disney took out Great Movie Ride! What a bunch of dicks!" and there really is no way to avoid that.

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Hmmm. Somebody(ies) goes as Skittles; somebody(ies) go as TWIX; Oh! Henry!; Mars Bar; M&Ms; 3 Muskateers...


Candy Costumes! Disney-fied! (Just a suggestion.)


I must say that the Tangled Toilet is genius.

And that castle.....I'm surprised he didn't have an overlay for the BOO season, LOL!


Great to go through again, and enjoy the details in some of the pics, Robb.

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