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  1. Have you ever visited Showcase of Citrus in Clermont? Also a quirky, fun place to spend a couple of hours.
  2. Definitely bummed, but also definitely the right decision. We do the frequent fear pass for this event every year but I really couldn't see it working this year even if they scaled back attendance. You still have the scare actors in close proximity to the guests. My son and his friend have a haunt they started two years ago in central Pennsylvania. I'm not sure if they will be able to open this year or not. Hoping they are able to ride it out if they can't. As much as you are comfortable doing, please support your local businesses and parks etc. and be considerate of others health and wear a mask!! If you are not comfortable with a mask, stay home.
  3. Happy Birthday Chuck!! Mine is the following day, 17th. Great trip report as always...looking forward to the rest.
  4. It's so good to see Jaws alive and well in other parts of the world. Sigh....just wish it was still in Orlando. Great TR!!!
  5. It definitely looks like a neat experience! Unfortunately, the minute basketball skills I had left me, ohhhh some 25+ years ago. But hey, looks like I can possibly flourish virtually!! Or live vicariously through those, hmmm,mmmm, much younger folks enjoying the experience.
  6. What the FUCK is your problem??? Here's a review for you: I can't stand you. There. Now maybe everyone else on the site will hate you, too... That's probably one of the most enlightening, enjoyable reviews I have ever read!
  7. Nobody does theming like Disney! The attention to detail is incredible. Looks absolutely amazing! Glad you got to see it.
  8. Nice report Robb!! Can't wait to head over to Disney Springs and check out the new layout and additions. Always such a fun store to visit.
  9. I love the boardwalk amusement piers. Grew up going to Wildwood NJ, (yay I got to experience Hunts Pier in it's heyday). Have you ever had a chance to ride the Zoom Phlume in Wildwood? Nice layout and kinda long-ish. Nice report and great pics!
  10. Wow, amazing tour!!! Thank you so much for showing us some behind the scenes that most of us would never have the opportunity to see!
  11. OMG, can't wait to try this pizza our next visit to Disney Springs! So hard to find really good pizza in Bradenton/Sarasota.
  12. Sorry, happens to the best of us!! To quote Dirty Harry, "a man's got to know his limitations"!
  13. That Olaf moment was beyond cute....I'm sure you'll cherish it. Funny thing about rides and getting to "that age". I'll never forget taking my kids on one spinning ride after another at Knoebels, then finding myself in the bathroom blowing chunks. "What in the world happened?" The year before, I was fine, no problem at all...following year, and beyond, no can do! Awesome reports, really enjoying them!
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