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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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That's awful for the big parks to get a ride like that! I can understand the smaller ones, but SFGADV or SFOG! These 2 big parks are known to get big thrill rides not carnival rides. Maybe if they made it a 100ft super loop with 2 next to each other.

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I just think it's ridiculous because Hammerhead shark is the exact same ride experience.


Yeah it's definitely verrrry similar to Hammerhead, I don't get this move either. Especially when what this park lacks the most is a) a drop ride (150 ft double shot themed to Bizarro), b) a dark ride, and c) a really cool log ride that goes through animal areas somehow

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I just think it's ridiculous because Hammerhead shark is the exact same ride experience.


Exactly, and a more thrilling one at that given you are hanging by your OTSR! I'll take Hammerhead over a shuttle loop any day of the week. Even when I'm on my period.


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It doesn't help that Superman is basically just a taller fancier Super Loop.



Have you ever been on S:UF? While I guess you could say it sort of looks like a "taller fancier Super Loop," the ride experience is incredibly different.

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New Dare Devil Chaos Coaster Coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2015


Link: https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/attractions/dare-devil-chaos/overview


VALLEJO, Calif. ― August 28, 2014 ― What goes around, comes around, and in the case of the new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster opening at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, guests will find an exciting new thrill ride guaranteed to get their adrenaline pumping.


Dare Devil Chaos Coaster is a single looping coaster that builds anticipation as riders seated back to back travel backwards and forwards until momentum takes them at top speed revolutions, only to stop upside down at 70 feet high and reverse direction.


“This is a great new addition to our line-up of world class rides and attractions, and is sure to be fun for all," said Don McCoy, park president. “What appears to be a simple track is really complex and riders will have a great time anticipating the inversion they know is coming."


Dare Devil Chaos Coaster features:


24 seats set in true face-off fashion, with guests seated back to back and face to face

360 degree revolutions

7 stories in height

Inverted hang time with riders suspended upside down


The new ride brings the number of coasters at the park to nine along with Medusa, Roar, V2, Kong, Boomerang, Cobra, Road Runner Express and SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight. Dare Devil is expected to open in spring 2015.





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^Well Hammerhead is old, they could take it out any day now. Maybe that'll be the site of the next new ride?


I don't like that they're calling this a coaster, I definitely won't be counting it as one.


I'm willing to suspend judgement for now until this thing opens. Maybe it'll be a good addition to the park. Looks like it's going over behind V2? Seems like a good place for another ride.

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I'm curious to see where this goes. From the video, it looks like you can see the vertical spike of V2 in the background. So are they getting rid of the dolphin pool or one of the other animal exhibits near here? I can't see them taking out the go kart track, as that's a moneymaker for them.


While we all expected this announcement based on the rumors, I still can't help but be disappointed. I always enjoy the Ring of Fire when I go to a fair, and I'll probably enjoy this ride, but as has been said, the ride experience is very similar to Hammerhead. I just don't understand why we can't get a drop ride of some sort or a dark ride at this park. Neither of those would be huge investments, and they are both desperately needed. Sadly, with 2 new rides in the last 2 years, my guess is we don't even see a new ride for 2016, and I'm stuck waiting until 2017 for one of these

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