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Your Dream Lineup

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Giga: I305

Hyper: Bizarro sfne

Hybrid: HMM, just for the future and storm chaser

Invert: Raptor CP

Woodie #1: El Toro Sfgad

Woodie #2: Shivering Timbers

Launched: Maverick


Anything #1: Lightning Run

Anything #2: After Burn

Anything #3: Fury 325

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Millennium Force


Wicked Cyclone


Gold Striker

El Toro




Laff Trakk


I wanted to balance everything, from airtime with El Toro, Dimondback, and WC; to speed and intensity with Gold Striker, Maverick, Millennium, and Skyrush. Then comes the loopers, with Banshee and Kraken, finishing with a family coaster, Laff Trakk.

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I'm wondering what you're dream coaster line up would be?


Maybe I am in the minority here but my dream coaster line up already exist... It's called Cedar Point. They have everything I could want... Minus maybe an RMC... But I am sure that is coming soon!

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I'm wondering what you're dream coaster line up would be?


Maybe I am in the minority here but my dream coaster line up already exist... It's called Cedar Point. They have everything I could want... Minus maybe an RMC... But I am sure that is coming soon!

sure i would trade cp for both va parks if i could. i love cp but im happy to have what i have in va too

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Fury 325


Twisted Colossus


Outlaw Run, Goliath


Expedition GeForce, Renegade, El Toro


I haven't been on some of these, but I've heard some of them are just fantastic.

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I'll use this to create a lineup with a variety of experiences I could see at an actual park. Using only coasters I've ridden:


Giga: Millennium Force

Hyper: Skyrush (I know both are Intamin, but the experiences are nothing alike)

Hybrid: Twisted Colossus

Invert: Raptor

Wooden 1: Boulder Dash

Wooden 2: Phoenix

Launched: Revenge of The Mummy

Anything 1: Kumba

Anything 2: Thunderation

Anything 3: Mind Bender (SFOG)

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Wood coasters:

1. El Toro (only with a modified ending that actually provides good airtime on the final hills)

2. Any top-tier RMC

3. Phoenix

4. A good wood coaster from the 1930's or earlier


Steel coasters:

1. An Intamin Mega-Lite

2. An Intamin Blitz

3. I305

4. A Mack hyper with lots of ejector air (I would really love to see them build a hyper)

5. A coaster with the same layout as Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, except made by Mack and without any usage of the MCBR's.


Less intense coasters:

1. California Screamin

2. Thunder Mountain (Paris version)

3. Space Mountain (Orlando version layout, but with the effects and lighting of the newer versions)

4. A smaller GCI like White Lightning


Kiddie coasters:

1. A small Gravity Group wood coaster like Roar-a-Saurus

2. Something like Dragon at Legoland

3. A Vekoma junior invert (with the newer restraints, of course)


That puts my coaster count at 12. Fewer than some parks out there, but it would be the best lineup in the world if it existed.

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Well, since it's a dream, a lot of these are ones I've never ridden but would very much like to.


Giga: Millennium Force

Hyper: Skyrush

Hybrid: Iron Rattler

Invert: Nemesis

Wooden 1: El Toro

Wooden 2: Voyage

Launched: Thunderbird

Anything 1: Outlaw Run

Anything 2: Mammoth

Anything 3: Expedition GeForce

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Giga- Millennium Force

Hyper- Raging Bull

Hybird- Twisted Colossus

Invert- Montu

Wood- El Toro and American Eagle (blue side backwards)

Launch- Helix

Anything 1- Expedition GeForce

Anything 2- Maverick (with heartline roll)

Anything 3- Medusa(SFDK)

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Giga: Millenium Force (Bucket List)

Hyper: Skyrush

Hybrid: Wicked Cyclone (soon to be my only one ridden)

Invert: Montu

Woodie 1: El Toro

Woodie 2: Boulder Dash

Launched: StormRunner

Anything 1: Atlantis Adventure (Bucket List)

Anything 2: Maverick (Bucket List)

Anything 3: Griffin

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Giga: I305

Hyper: Skyrush

Hybrid: Wicked Cyclone

Invert: Afterburn

Wooden: El Toro

Wooden 2: Boulder Dash

Launched: Taron (Not built yet, I know). If not, then Maverick (with a retrofitted/fixed heartline roll)


Anything 1: Kingda Ka

Anything 2: Kumba

Anything 3: S:ROS [sFNE] (NOT BIZARRO)

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Hi - I'm new here this is my second post. My first post was kindly closed by larrygator who I want to thank so much for letting me know that I should post that on this thread. Now, being new and having been on other forums where they frown upon people posting to an open thread with a seemingly new topic I didn't realize that was the approved, sanctioned policy for this form so again I want to thank larrygator for helping me out.


So my thread was locked and since larrygator told me to post here I'll gladly do that very thing. Oh, and in case there's any confusion or other questions I'll also post larrygator's statement telling me to post here and I do want to thank everyone for helping to make new members feel so welcome.


Complete Lineup Essentials

Postby Aptz » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:41 am


What are the essentials for a coaster lineup and park so no one is left out and no one goes home feeling something was missing? There is no maximum limit to the ride count, but the goal is to be efficient by minimizing cost/count. Also, choices need to be currently existing models/types. I'm thinking of a park that's at least a reasonably sized regional.


Mine would likely include:



Height - Giga or Hyper or Dive Machine

Launch - single or multi


Smooth - B & M

Wood - a Headliner to semi-Headliner (possibly substituted by an RMC?) and possibly a second wooden coaster like an out 'n bout

Family (2-3) - Wild Mouse, Mine Train, Suspended/other Family



Possible Choices to also include:

Sit Down Looper - if inversions are missing from above

A Mistake Coaster - a boomerang comes to mind judging by many folk's opinion

Wing Coaster? - is this an essential coaster, if not will it become an essential?



Flat Rides:

Thrilling - Drop Tower, 2 or 3 others (could also include an extra charge ride)

Water Rides - Log Flume, Ragging Rapids

Dark Ride - interactive Shooter and maybe a classic haunted house

Family - Carousel, Bumper Cars, Vintage Cars, Scrambler/Tea Cups, Tilt-a-Whirl, Pirate Ship, Ferris Wheel/Observation Tower?

Kiddie - Some cool ones like Bumper Boats, Frog Hopper, Kiddle Ferris Wheel, and also some kiddie circular rides

(I find it interesting there are more iconic family flat rides, like the carousel and bumper cars than thrilling ones.)



Shows/Games - some good ones, uncertain as to how many

Food and Other Accommodations - spread out around the park, nice menu and serving style variety (at least one sit down restaurant)


Reasonable Prices

Landscaping and/or Scenery - nicely done and well kept

Friendly & Effective Staff


I think this hits most of the highlights. I'm curious to hear if you agree with my choices? What would you do differently? Have I overlooked anything?




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Re: Complete Lineup Essentials

Postby larrygator » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:48 am


You overlooked using the search function. They are various similar threads already in existence that can be utilized to continue your discussion.






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I'm gonna limit it to coasters I've been on.


Fury 325

Apollo's Chariot OR Nitro

I'd choose Wicked Cyclone but Gemini is the only hybrid I've been on


El Toro

Lightning Racer




Mystery Mine OR I305 if I'm allowed 2 gigas


Just to add to the fun...

Dark Ride- Haunted Mansion WDW

Drop Tower- Drop Zone at KD

Indoor Coaster- Rock N' Roller Coaster

Family Coaster- Verbolten

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I'm only going to put the coasters I've ridden here.


Giga- Fury 325

Hyper- SkyRush

Hybrid- Twisted Colossus

Invert- Banshee

Launched- Maverick

Woodies- Boulder Dash & Phoenix

Other- La Ronde'a Goliath (technically not a hyper), Tatsu, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

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