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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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Count me in again. It's always fun to see what comes in the mail and also somewhat a challenge because last year the person I got didn't leave any clue as to what were their likes and dislikes. I had spend a few hours in the random forum seeing what topics they posted in to figure out what they might a fan of (other than theme parks or course)

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I'm in!


I like Jigsaws and puzzles, big huge park t shirts, holidays, little gadgets and theme park tat.


(note that I'm not expecting a holiday from santa, I just thought you'd like to know!)


chocolates (including Peanut butter m and ms) are always appreciated, but not too many as I'm diabetic

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I'm not all that familiar with the folks here (despite lurking for a while, and posting more than ever).


But yeah, I'd like to participate.


LOL. if you give me someone from the "gay" thread, I'll likely do better, as I know those folks a little better than most


(NO -- not in *that* way, you pervs).


I've only ever been to the "main" parks in Florida & West Coast (and never out of the US), so I'd love any kind of Park Maps/flyers . . basically a TPR bag o crap would make my holiday


other things about me.

I like all music other than top40 or Country. Paticularly late 70's-80's bands (favorite bands KISS & Goblin)

I like Horror movies, and still watch TONS of DVDs (favorite Movies: "Demons" & "Return of the Living Dead")

I like Broadway shows, and am salivating over the new Deluxe original cast recording of Wicked (tho my partner will likely buy that for me).


but yes, I'm in!




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Sign me up! Excited to give this a shot!


As for me, I like


-airplanes (airlines)


-anything sick puppies

-iphone accessories

-wooden roller coasters (loser I know)

-size 2x

-photography (nikon guy)


-surprise me!


Mmm Australia or Ambe?


Think I know that answer

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Had a lot of fun with this last year, so I'm in for this year.


I have a lot of likes and interests. I love football (GB Packers). I like cooking/baking, reading, all types of music and anything 80's. Some of my favorite TV shows include Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, The Following, Torchwood. Two of my all time favorite movie series are Star Wars and Indiana Jones (hate that last Indiana Jones movie - just a terrible ending and don't get me started on Star Wars Episodes 1-3). I also have a thing for reality TV (Shahs of Sunset start soon!!!!)

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For once, I'll give it a shot. I'll PM my stuff in a sec.


I'm not sure what to give hints for... I am in need of a baseball cap to wear pretty often. Any from an amusement park (or amusement ride company of ANY kind) would make me very, very happy! Of course, that is a stupidly specific request. Otherwise, anything along the lines of...

-baseball caps (no sports teams though)

-a random gift item from any amusement park

-t-shirt (size large)

-any canon t3i accessory (within the price range limit)

-small plushie

or just a surprise gift!

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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just got caught up on the messages. I still see several folks who have posted in here that they want to participate but have not sent me their mailing addresses yet. You have to send me your address by this Friday, Nov. 8! Also, I've had several people give me their address but not their real name. If you don't have a banner in your signature with your name on it then please tell me your real name!


Friday's the deadline, folks!

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I'm in first timer


things I like are


anything to do with model cars


Anything to do with Kings Island or Cedar Point especially the gatekeeper


anything to do with Mine craft


anything to do with drawing and sketching stuff


Sharpie Permanent Markers Fine Point or Sharpie Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Point


Basically anything to do with roller coasters


Anything to do with the walking dead


anything to do with the band skillet


size medium

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Oooh! Oooh! Me too! Me too!


I like Peanuts and Snoopy, aaaand Peanuts and Snoopy. I also have a large collection of vintage amusement park souvenirs, so I am totally open to (gently) used souvenirs. I usually find a lot of those at local thrift shops. (hint...) My shirt size is large.


Merry ChrisHanKwanSivus!



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I think this is so awesome and fun! I missed out last year so count me in this year!


Things I enjoy:

Football, especially the Chicago Bears!

Beer/beer merchandise

coffee mugs

travel books, books about local areas, touristy books- I don't always have much of an opportunity to travel, so I like to read about different places. Right now, my 7 year old daughter and I are having fun reading through a US Atlas that was made for kids. It has a lot of fun tidbits about each state and different cities.

Hello Kitty

Magnets- theme park related especially.


Should you want to know, shirt size is XL


I'm so looking forward to having fun trying to pick out a gift for someone!

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^ That is slightly disturbing.


We are currently up to 73 participants! I'll get started sorting everything out tomorrow using a random number generator. We have more than enough people who volunteered for international shipping, so not everyone who agreed to ship international will get international. I'll start sending messages out on Monday with your names, and I'll post in here to remind you to check your inboxes!

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Hi all looking forward to participating for the first time!


Here is a bit about me.


I am really big into Haunted Houses and Horror films... pretty much anything Halloween. Also I am of course big into theme parks otherwise I wouldn't be here. Some of my other hobbies are Video Games, Movies, Drinking, Football, and Hockey.


I collect pretty much any item related to Haunted Houses and Theme Parks but I am looking forward to what ever randomness my santa can conjure up!


Shirt size XL just incase.

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