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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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Last two years were fun.... Let's do it again!


80's movies and cartoons

70's - 80's music

Shirt size XL

Thrill Rides

TPR stuff and Legos

CocaCola stuff

Silly and Strange toys and gadgets

Anything odd or off-the-wall

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FYI - Plenty of people are signing up, just not everyone is posting here and that's fine.

Yeah, not sure where the rumor came from that this years gift exchange will be a lot smaller than previous years. We already have almost as many people signed up as last year and there are still eight days left to sign up! Some people just need to mind their own business.

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I pretty sure I posted this earlier, but I will shamelessly post this again.


I'm easy. Zombie and Stripper related stuff. Zombie strippers, even better!


Oh! And I have a thing for HOT GINGERS! Think Kim Possible, Jessica Rabbit type Gingers.


Seriously, a Zombie Stripper Kim Possible or Jessica Rabbit could possiby make me explode!


You all wanna see me explode right?

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I'm in for another year!


I like odd and unique things. Anything weird or totally random is cool for me. I like anything Disney, theme park related, Food of course, Domo, and my shirt size is Large (I miss Medium ) Even random fun things from Dollar Stores can be amazing!

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I'm in. This is my first time doing anything like this with people I don't know but sounds like it could be fun. I love Secret Santa!


Some things that I like:


I like the color Blue

Size M

iPhone 5 accessories

Anything from ThinkGeek.com

Winter related clothing or accessories (hat, scarf, etc.)

Board Games

Random Stuff is always fun too

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I'm so in again this year! Hopefully Canada Post will have their act together this year, and I will receive my surprise BEFORE Christmas (although it was fun to extend the gift opening to almost New Year's Eve).


Bring it on TPR! Whatever you want to send me, I'll gratefully receive - but I do really love Disney (especially Ariel!)

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