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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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I'm glad they're getting rid of the Roaring' 20's theme. It wasn't a bad theme, but when walking through the beautifully-renovated Boardwalk, you question why the bumper car/theatre area is so...run-down. Hopefully they can fit Voyage in nicely and essentially extend the Boardwalk theme all the way to Pony Express.


Regardless, this looks like a fantastic addition to Knott's. Hopefully they will release some concept images (similar to what was "drawn" for the Boardwalk, Route 76, Gemini Midway, etc.). I'd like to see some more images!

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The old Roaring 20s and Roaring 20s Air Field were great themed areas, and I really liked them back in the 1970s. The theme was unique, and there was some great attractions (particularly the Wacky Soapbox Racers and Parachute Sky Jump).


But things change. At least the Boardwalk section looks fresher now (if a bit generic); plus, it just makes sense to change what's left of the Roaring 20s to match it.

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Well, the last piece of evidence that the Roaring 20's area once existed is now gone. I think. *sigh* However, it's a small sacrifice for a huge and awesome looking new ride!

I looked at your age and lol'd. It needed to go. The Roaring 20's has been dead since they ripped out the soap box racers. This will make theme and show more consistant (hopefully)

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Does anyone know they will add the FastPay system they tried at Dorney Park to Knott's next year?


Fastpay was supposed to come to Wonderland after Dorney......but that never happened. I don't think we will ever see FastPay become a chain wide thing.....just like Kings Island's Perk Awards program (or whatever they called it).

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Well, the last piece of evidence that the Roaring 20's area once existed is now gone. I think. *sigh* However, it's a small sacrifice for a huge and awesome looking new ride!

I looked at your age and lol'd. It needed to go. The Roaring 20's has been dead since they ripped out the soap box racers. This will make theme and show more consistant (hopefully)


I've heard that Knott's was an excellent family park back before Cedar Fair purchased the property, which is why I liked that old sign back in my last visit. The Boardwalk right now is a nice area. Xcelerator is just plain awesome, Coast Rider is fun, and the flats are all pretty great. However, I do have to agree that the area near the bumper cars was a bit strange. Pavement? That doesn't really scream "boardwalk".


The only thing that needs to go is Boomerang. Get rid of that piece of junk, and I'll be happy!

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I've heard that Knott's was an excellent family park back before Cedar Fair purchased the property, which is why I liked that old sign back in my last visit.


As someone who was there for the Wacky Soapbox Racers, Parachute drop and Kingdom of the Dinos days, I can tell you that Knott's is every bit the excellent family park today that it was then.



People too often look at the past more fondly than it really was. Sure Soapbox Racers and KOD were great rides that I had fun with my family on then. But to be perfectly and terribly honest here, I would not expect them 20+ years later to be just like they were then. The world changes too fast. The theme park industry changes too fast. Rides that last 20-30 years or longer are the exceptions and the exceptional. Just because those Knott's rides did not last that long in no way changes Knott's away from being an excellent family park then to now.



I just wish more people who have a fondness for any park's past would look at the past from then to now with more of a sense of "Hey, these rides were cool then, but look at the stuff we can have fun on right now today!" and just enjoy themselves. Camp Snoopy today is the best I have EVER seen it, and I used to be able to ride Huff n' Puff. I wish I could take my nephews on Wacky Soapbox Racers, but they will like Coast Rider. My sister and I rode the parachute drop back in the day, but we would have a great time on Supreme Scream. Any family that would have enjoyed Kingdom of the Dinos then will enjoy Voyage to the Iron Reef when it opens. Times change. Generations come and go. The important point is that through all that way, we can still come to parks like Knott's with family/friends and have a great time. Yes, the kids will have different memories than us, but that's how it ought to be. I would expect nothing less across the passage of time.

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Those are some great points there. This is a new Knott's, and I've loved this park ever since my first visit back in '09. It's a wonderful family style park, and it's better than Disney in my opinion. The new Calico Mine Ride looks gorgeous, and the Timber Mountain Log Ride is just plain fun. And, while I wish I was able to visit the old Knott's, today's version is probably just as great.

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I echo People Mover Matt's sentiments. The past was great in it's day, but seriously Knott's has stepped up its game so much the past couple years, the charm of the place is really starting to come back. It'd be cool to spend my teen years at knotts with the direction the park is headed in currently.

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The only things from KBF's past I wish would return are the parachutes (they could fit the boardwalk theme considering Coney Island was the home of the first one) and the mural that used to be painted on the tunnel under Grand Ave.


And more Haunt mazes, but I've already discussed that enough...

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I have to admit in my last few visits I haven't even gone to that part of the park. It's been a dead zone (to me anyways) for years. I'm VERY excited that the building is being repurposed into a dark ride, as it should be. When I was a kid, KOD was always our 'night capper' ride, so it's great to see some life again back there....and not in the form of a station for a hyper coaster going along the back of the park (remember that rumor?).

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I know this is late, but we had a blast at Knotts Scary Farm. We went on behind the scene tours of Voodoo and Tooth Fairy maze. It was a great event and an incredible time. I hope we can do this again next year!








Not running at the moment...we'll ride it tomorrow.


Need I say more?


Sierra Sidewinder wasn't running either!







Day 2!




Everything is running today.


Yes Jill, you are tall enough









Behind the scenes tours...






Tooth Fairy first..








Really weird maze....















The Tooth Fairy!


Voodoo maze












Smashed Penny overload!





Final day, all by myself!


ERT on Xcelerator!



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Knott's Network reported that there is a Starbucks coming to the Boardwalk.


I'm not shocked...Cedar Point added Starbucks recently and Kings Island is getting it next year, so it looks like they're putting them into all of their parks. Makes sense given that Disney and Universal have done this as well, having at least one Starbucks location in each of their U.S. parks.

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Starbucks? This seems, well, uninteresting. At least it's not Panda Express at the Ghost Town area.


I'm going to go out on limb by saying that I don't think they are trying to be interesting by adding a Starbucks...It's going to make them a fortune.

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