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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Going to be at the park tomorrow and Thursday nights. I'm hoping it'll be back up, but I'm not holding my breath.


Can you check and see if the cars and or supports holding the cars on windseeker are gone?


Why would they be gone already. IF WindSeeker is indeed being removed, I don't think we would see any sort of dismantling until after the park makes an announcment.

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IF they were to remove Boomerang, which CF park would be most likely to recieve it?


My money would be on Michigan's Adventure. Another Vekoma. It wouldn't be a bad fit, Thunderhawk did very well up there and still is. But, whichever park makes the most sense business wise. Is Boomerang rumored to be leaving too now?


The WindSeeker deal makes perfect sense to me. It's not worth fighting on it anymore. Moving it to another park is cheaper than ordering a new one for that park (and that park rumored is Worlds of Fun)

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Anybody who's visited Knott's the past few days see anything new or got any update on Xcelerator? WCB is fast approaching and I'm still crossing my fingers they get it running by then.


Someone over at knott's network has spotted the replacement cable in the station. Cedar Fair has got to be tired of that damned cable by now, lol

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So I was at the park last night. I got there around 7:30 and was there till close at 10. The park was basically dead. The longest I waited was 20min for Ghost Rider. I was able to hit all 8 of the operating coasters (plus a 2nd ride on Monte & a go on the log ride). My general impression from the park is that most of the coasters are fairly mild and good for families, but they could stand to add some more intense rides.


It looked like they were getting all geared up to swap out the cable on Xcelerator, but I didn't see anyone actively working when I went by (~9PM). I took a bunch of pictures:




























I also went by & looked at Windseeker. Not sure what I was supposed to be looking for, but here are some photos:














I'm hoping to make it back to the park tonight. I'll update if I notice any changes.

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At the park now. Looks like Xcelerator's cable has been swapped out. The spools in the station either have rope on them or are empty. I took some pictures that I'll upload when I get back to my hotel.


Also, is Monte's ride cycle always a full 3min?

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At the park now. Looks like Xcelerator's cable has been swapped out. The spools in the station either have rope on them or are empty. I took some pictures that I'll upload when I get back to my hotel.


Guest Services said they thought it would be back up by the weekend (pending some kind of safety inspection). Not sure how accurate that is, but I'd like to think that they'll be doing test runs tomorrow and maybe open it to riders Saturday. If it re-opens, I may try to work some magic with my schedule Sunday morning before I fly back to Atlanta so I can swing by the park and try to get a couple of rides in during early admission & then hurry to the airport to catch my flight.


Here are the pictures I took:











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That's a rope not the used cable.



Does anyone know how close this most recent failed cable was to its scheduled replacement interval?


The manufacturer of the cable states 18 months however the park replaces all 3 cables during XCs annual rehab. The "18 months" portion of the cable life can vary due to the amount of cycles the cable has and obviously with more cycles the cable would need to be replaced before the 18 month expected life cycle is up thus why it's replaced every 12 months.

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So I went to Knott's today and I have sone good news and bad news. First the good news is I can confirm that xcelerator cable has been installed and is ready to. Both trains are on the track and ready to go. No mesd is left in the station. I talked to one of the night dhift workers as I was leaving and they are to commence testing tonight and hopefully open tommorow. The bad news is over the entirity of the day I asked over 25 employees and 18 of 25 said windseeker will be removed starting january/feburary.The other 7 said they did not know or can't say. I can aldo report that the door to the inside of the tower was open.

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My Manager talked to me today and said I won't be going to Monte and will be getting cross trained to Ghost Town. She says most likely I'll be going to Silver Bullet. Sadly, this means I won't get to operate Monte for you guys at WCB, but i'll try to get the close friends I know who operate the ride and know that you guys are enthusiasts that day to take the ERT shift so that it goes as best as possible . Not sure if I'll be trained in time to operate Silver Bullet for WCB, but hopefully it'll happen soon.

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