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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

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Wow, it took them until just now to start vertical construction on this ride? I know about them trying to move the ride so that it didn't interfere with Skycabin, but did it really take that long?


Well, I live on the opposite side of the country from them, so my answer may not be correct. Should be a good ride for the park, however!


In my video of the Windseeker Construction Tour from WCB, they mentioned that the additional delay besides moving the ride from the old location was encountered.


After the earthquake in Japan, the earthquake standards were in limbo for CA. With a structure as large as Windseeker's, they had to review the plans for the ride, and how deep the foundations would be. After the plans were reviewed, the ride went back to being built, but it caused about a month of lost time I believe.


Glad to see the ride going vertical! I hope they can indeed get it open by the 4th Of July Weekend!

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Knott's Berry Farm has sent us a press release regarding the upcoming summer season.


Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate the summer season with new shows and a breathtaking new attraction, WindSeeker.


Making its debut high above Orange County this summer is WindSeeker. Rising over 300 feet in the air, WindSeeker will take 64 passengers to new heights as it ascends above the theme park and then spins riders for a 60 second ride at a speed of 30 miles per hour. WindSeeker is slated to open in July.


Starting May 28, “Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular” returns for its second season and is bigger and brighter than ever. When darkness falls over Knott’s Berry Farm, Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular brings Camp Snoopy to life with a continuous light show filled with Peanuts’ figures, themed music, sound effects, and colorful projections. In “Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular” guests will see their favorite characters in scenes that personify them – Lucy’s dream of being a Hollywood starlet, Schroeder’s musical genius, even Woodstock gets into the act as he and Snoopy go on a camping adventure. “Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular” will run every evening the park is open after 8:00 p.m.


Over at the Charles M. Schulz Theatre, Knott’s Berry Farm is proud to present “Happiness is….Snoopy” (dark Wednesdays) an exciting ice show debuting June 18. In this musical extravaganza you will fall in love with Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang as they share the simple joys of life with the help of world-class ice skaters in a show that will delight the entire family. Catchy tunes, elaborate costumes, special effects and show-stopping choreography make this production a not-to-miss experience.


Back by popular demand, Knott’s “All Wheels Extreme” returns to the Calico Stage on June 18. Guests will be amazed by the skills of gravity defying BMX bikers, in-line skaters, a trials rider, gymnasts and even a skateboarding canine in a fast paced, action packed production.


For the younger set, “Hooray for Hollywood” tells the story of the Peanuts® Gang as they try to make it big in Tinseltown. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and their friend JT pay homage to the golden days of Hollywood in a show that’s sure to delight kids of all ages.


At twilight the Calico Square Stage becomes the place to learn the latest dances at “Country Dancin’ U.S.A.” (selected dates) with Knott’s line dancing aficionados, J.T. and Dusty.


The summer really heats up with “Fiesta Folklorico.” Guests in Fiesta Village will be treated to beautifully costumed dancers as they present culturally-rich performances filled with intricate choreography.


Weekends were made for BBQs and Knott’s is firing up the grill May 21-22, 28-30, June 4-5 then daily through September 5. For just $43.99 for Regular, $32.99 for Juniors and Seniors (62+), guests receive admission into Knott’s Berry Farm as well as an All-You-Can-Eat BBQ served from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.


One of the best reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm during the summer is that Knott’s is open late, and guests can get in after 4 p.m. for only $28.50 for Regular admission and $24.99 for Juniors (3-11) and Seniors (62 years and older). All-day tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm are $56.99 for Regular admission and $24.99 for Juniors (ages 3-11) and Seniors (62+). Children under three are free. Discount tickets to Knott’s will be available at Ralphs stores starting June 8 through September 6 and are valid through October 31 (excludes Knott’s Halloween Haunt).


Just across the street from Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Soak City is ready for another fun-filled season. Cool off in Tidal Wave Bay or take a ride on Pacific Spin, Soak City’s newest ride. Pacific Spin riders are blasted down into a 132-foot long tunnel, then drop a stomach-churning 63 feet into the mouth of a six story funnel. This thrilling escapade culminates in a waterfall splash that deposits riders into a cool catch pool. Tickets to Knott’s Soak City Regular admission is $31.99, Juniors (3-11) and Seniors are just $21.99. Discount tickets are available at knotts.com.


Knott’s Soak City Orange County will be open May 21 and 22, then daily May 28 through September 5, then weekends only September 10 through 18.

Knott’s Soak City San Diego will be open May 21 and 22, then daily May 25 through September 5, then weekends only September 10 through 25.

Knott’s Soak City Palm Springs is open weekends now until May 27 when it will be open daily through September 5 and then weekends through October 2.


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Was there today and was IMO a mixed bag. Best: Xcelerator and Montezooma's Revenge: Moderate (Xcelerator) to Short waits. So-So: Silver-Bullet: Only one train- that was bad! Bad: Goldrusher: Loooong line and mostly malfunctioning.


Sad to say: Next to Goldrusher also the Giant-Flume was mostly down- Euro-Engineering is more reliaable...

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Sad to say: Next to Goldrusher also the Giant-Flume was mostly down- Euro-Engineering is more reliaable...


Perhaps you should head up to SFMM, for there is no Goldrusher at Knott's. I believe you might mean Calico Mine Ride though. And the ride was built back in 1960. That's 50 yrs ago. Euro-engineering. Hurlbut's rolling in his grave

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It was SUCH A FUN DAY yesterday! Thanks to TPR, Knott's, Travel Channel, Bert's Crew, and Bert for making it possible.


I think "Broccoli Robb" and "Zooooooom!" were the themes of the day hehe.


Oh, and Bert struck some manly poses! I'll try to upload more pics from the shoot later today if I get some free time.



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^Knott's has had that cup for over a year.


^^Bert the Conquerer was an awesome guy, I will probably give the show a little more credit knowing what a hilarious guy Bert is. I also, gotta say that Tony Sarigusa was funny as hell, and huge. The shoot was an awesome time, got some rides in and a meal too.

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Although I like the other color scheme better, I'm glad Knott's was atleast a bit original and went their own way with the paint job... The ride won't seem as generic now and should fit in that section of the park a bit better now.


Still hoping for one of these at KD next year.

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Beautiful. I am really excited to ride this thing. This will be the tallest structure in the park, correct?


I think the color scheme fits into Fiesta Village, but I wish they kept the K on the top.


Edit- I think the colors remind me of the old Sky Cabin colors.


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I figured once the tower started going up it wouldn't take long. Looks like they put in 4 (maybe 5) full sections since Wednesday.


But why does it look like there is a gap of something between the blue and yellow sections?


EDIT: Looks like there is a gap between all of the sections (need my eyes checked). I'm assuming the rest of the mechanism will be added on those sections later.

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Yeah you guys beat me to it. They sure did put those sections of the tower up pretty quickly. Also, I can already tell this will be massive because even from far away you can already see it. Yep, this will make the Knotts skyline forever changed now...

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I visited the park for a few hours today...

- Nice to see Windseeker going vertical.

- Perilous Plunge is now open!

- New Angry Birds game is going in between Boomerang and the Plunge.

- Pony Express and the Bullet still have only one train running.

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Windseeker is either one section close to being topped off or is awaiting that funky looking UFO-type thing for the top of the tower. Its just about the height of Supreme Scream now. Also, they have been assembling the "catch car" that takes everyone up the tower over near the fire station. Not too much longer now and everything will be complete.

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