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Lewa Happy World Discussion Thread

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One more thing I learned about that Shibaolai Boomerang, one of the supports actually BROKE during the safety assessment test! People, stay away from this thing!

If that's true, I can see these chinese knockoff's being a really bad thing for the amusement industry. If that had happened while riders were on it, and news got over to the west, it would probably scare many people from going to a theme park again.

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Looks like track is on site for the Mack Mega Coaster.


The shots below appeared on Weibo last night and show some track arriving. although it doesn't give location information this is the only Mack being built this year in China.


I think with the success of Helix this is probably the most exciting project this year anywhere in the world. Hyper style layout from Mack with the worlds tallest vertical loop to boot





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^Pretty much not. They technically can be approached with legal action but the knock-off companies are essentially protected by their business being isolated to China. They have been punished when they've tried to take part in the IAAPA Expo where they were removed from the expo due to copyright breaches, but besides that, not much has or can be done.

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We have a glimpse of a new ride from Mack coming in Asia, maybe it's this one?



It's tough to tell but it doesn't look like it lines up with the layout images we've seen



Interesting stuff if that means we have another Mack too look forwards to. We already have at least 1 more Blue Fire clone (Wanda Harbin) coming soon.

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That actually looks pretty spot on for Alpin Blitz at Nigloland.

At first glance, but it's different.


Anyway, that screenshot is from a French documentary about "amusement parks":



The Mack segment starts at 50:15, and in the offices, looking at that screen, the Mack guy says "It's for a client in Asia. It's about 10 million euro. It's a big coaster." A couple minutes later, they walk outside and you see red track, and again they say "It's for a client in Asia."

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Don't think its this ride. It doesn't tie in with the plans as far as I can tell. Although theres track at Lewa World now thats orange / red.

there was also red track at Macks factory with green supports. No one seems to know where thats going.


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