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Lewa Happy World Discussion Thread

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The turnaround on the far left:




If the loop ends up being as circular as the concept art for the layout makes it look, well, I feel sorry for anyone who rides this.


Pretty sure I trust Mack one of the best designers in the world to know what they are doing


That spinner still has me confused though. Can't find anything else on it or where it fits into the park at all. Nice looking layout though. Looks similar to Turbulence in style.

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The loop is designed like that to provide hangtime at the top. Take a look at Full Throttle's loop, it's at least as circular as that one. And yeah, Mack has some of the best engineers in the industry, so I have faith it will be an amazing ride.

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^I've never been a fan of hangtime and I feel that looks aren't "meant to" provide it. I like how B&M shapes their big loops so that you feel weightless/nearly weightless at the top. Having said that, I haven't tried one of these "hangtimish" loops, so I should wait until I do so have my final answer.

Interesting how they also went for that "different" track style for the turn. As mentioned already, probably to save supports.

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